Rasa Dance concluded and a brief overview of Kamsa’s strategy to kills Krishna and Balarama


So this is the divine, the best, so there was best music,
best dance because the best dancers Radha and Krishna and gopis they were
involved, there was whole team.

upavrtte, vasudevanumoditah, anicchanto yayur gopyah, sva – grham
bhagavatt-priyah” (S.B 10.33.38)
brahma-ratra, brahma-ratra upavrtte as
long as the night of Brahma, this dance lasted, that long and then Lord brought
that to closer. Even then gopis anicchanto
gopis where not willing to go away. But vasudevanumoditah,
Lord was pushing them, now you go, you have to go now. So finally gopyah, sva – grham yayur they returned
to their respective, gopyah, sva – grham
The gopis are so dear to Bhagvan Sri Krishna Ghanshyam, Shyamsundar
so with great reluctance they returned to their homes. So we are also very soon,
I know you don’t want to go, the way you are sitting since, you are satisfied
just being here. So study this section of Bhagavtam also, what we said in the
beginning we also remind you at the end,
ritrogam so the disease  we have,
heart disease, are hearts are full of desires, anarthas, lust and this is one
of the best cures it counteracts. The kama, the lust is counteracted by Prem,
Love, Krishna Prem, that is love. What we say in this world, I love you and all
that business is not love, its lust.

Love is something divine, something great, something
transcendental, love is not of this world, lust is of this world. So that lust
is just a reflection, perverted reflection of that original love between. So
what is at the top in the spiritual sky it appears comes to the bottom of this
world, love at the top, lust at the bottom. Because this world is compared with
a tree, tree on the bank of a lake. So when you see the reflection of that tree
on the bank of the lake, you see that tree, you see the roots upwards and
branches going downwards. What is at the top of the tree on the bank of the
lake, that is at the bottom. Cure for lust is love, love of Radha and Krishna
between two of them and it’s all pure, so study this Prabhupad has kindly
provided Krishna book and there are
commentaries and purports of all these verses in Bhagavatam, its right here. So
please study and understand it’s very confidential this but if we could
understand that it, that’s the end of are stay in this material existence, if
we could understand this subject. So we have briefly introduced this , not that
you did not know before but we have again reminded you of those pastimes and
praying to the Supreme Lord that we all ripe the results, the benefits of this
particular pastime of the Lord called Rasa Dance Maharasa. Those children also
performed very beautiful (Maharaj asking the audience) you liked their presentation
(devotees replied) Haribol (round of applause). There were some older mataji’s
also who performed, so young and old everyone could participate.

Soul has nothing to
do with young and old, soul is neither young nor old, man or woman
infact we are all women that is also we could understand, there is so much to
understand in this topic. So only Purusha, only person, in the position of
enjoying is just one and we are all meant for his pleasure, so we are to be
enjoyed by him. Instead of taking the position of to be enjoyed we take the
position of enjoyer that is called Maya, that’s not our position it will not
work out. There is only one Purusha we are Prakriti, we are nature, parts and
parcels of the Lord, meant for his pleasure. A soul what we are talking about,
relationship with Purusha we are Prakriti. So we have completed 5 days, two
more days to go. So tomorrow our subject matter is we will be killing few more
demons ( Laughs). So Kamsa was informed by Narada Muni, Kamsa for 11 yrs he had
no clue where is this Krishna and Balarama, but he was just sending demons, his
reprentatives there. They were just going no one coming back; they were going
with one way ticket svaha! Finished (laughter). Kamsa was dispatching them but
they were not coming back (Maharaj laughs). So his stock was getting exhausted
and that was the purpose, infact Kamsa did great service to Lord because Lord
had appeared to annihilate the demons. So what Kamsa had done he had gone all over
the world and defeated so many stalwart demons
and kind of made them slaves or friends and brought all of them to his
capital Mathura, right!. So he made Krishna’s job easy, there was no need for
him to go looking for them all over. Kamsa was just making offerings ok!  this one now,  take care of this one, take care of this one

So for 11 yrs this went on and finally Narada Muni had to
inform Kamsa. You know this Nanada mMaharaj’s children Krishna and Balarama
they are the one, that’s the 7th and 8th child of Vasudeva baba you understand
and once he got that clue, that information then he gets ready he calls all his
different ministers he had whole strategy once he knew where they were. And one
of the strategy the main thing to get Krishna and Balarama over so the best
person was selected and that was Akura who was a devote of Krishna, he was with
Kamsa but his heart, he was devotee the servant of Krishna and Balarama. So he
goes to Vrindavan riding the chariot, so how Kamsa prepares how he gets things
ready for a big festival in Mathura, wrestling match, scarifies etc. he sends
Akrura how Akrura goes in what mood, what consciousness. So and then the next
day as he is coming with Krishna and Balarama about to live the resistant that
he has to met, the protest was there, because he was taking their Krishna and Balarama

So again the Gopis we will come across Gopis, their feeling.
So that we will deal tomorrow and then day after his Krishna and Balarama
entering Mathura and finally killing of kuvalayapid that big elephant and many
things he encounter, Kubja will be there , dobhi one washerman, he will not
give clothes so how Krishna dealt with him. And finally Krishna and Balarama
walked entered the wrestling arena, you know how they walked?  They were carrying the tusk of the elephant Kuvalyapid,
Krishna consciousness was meant to Krishna and Balarama, to crush them. So when
Kamsa saw Krishna and Balarama with tusk and he was shaking (ha……..) (Laughter)
and then so. So upto killing Kamsa both the days we will have nice drama.

So we thank for your participation.

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