Reading Prabhupads books is like getting his association


Venue: ISKCON Nagpur
Dated: 14 June 2015

Hare Krishna
It’s good that all of you have come. If you would not be there, then there would not have been such a wonderful kirtan. When many devotees come together and chant that’s called as ‘sankirtan’. All of you were enjoying kirtan, I don’t have to tell it differently. ‘Ram naam ke hira moti loot sako to loot lo’. By seeing this Lord is happy and devotees like Narada Muni are also happy.

Once when in America there was kirtan going on, Narada muni came and he was very happy, Prabhupad told that to the devotees present there in that kirtan. Brahma does creation he is an engineer and the first Acharya in our sampradaya, Brahma-madhava-goudiya sampradaya. Brahmaji says ‘iti shodasakam namnam kali-kalmasha-nasanam’ Kali is full of dosha but one thing is the best- ‘kirtanad eva krsnasya mukta sanga param vrajet’. So inspite of so many faults Kali yuga has one quality by chanting one can attain perfection of life.
“asat-sanga-tyaga ei vaisnava-acara” (CC Madhya 22.87) so one has to satya from asatsanga and take association of devotees that’s vaishnav behavior.

In London, one person met a book distributor, he had some days back bought a book of Prabhupada and read it also and he got inspired and started chanting the holy name on a handmade. And started chanting and also learnt about the 4 regulative principles to be followed. Cricket also should not be played its waste of time. So he followed all regulative principles.

Srila Prabhupada used to do dictation in night and then his disciples would do transcription and tthen his books were printed and distributed the books are all powerful. Reading Prabhupad’s book that’s also sadhu-sanga through book. So this man got association of Prabhupada through his books.
Srila Prabhupada ki jai!! Reading Prabhupads books is like getting his association.

So this was one incident how a person got inspired. There are so many such incidents. Prabhupad used to write books and read his own books. Once somebody said Prabhupada you are reading your own books, Prabhupada said, “No no! Lord inspired me and I just wrote. These are books of Lord they are not mine.”

50 years back Prabhupad went to New York. So this year is golden jubilee of Prabhupad’s journey to New York. So that day will be a celebration day, I always say this- when a ‘Devaduta’ travelled in Jaladuta’, so Prabhupada went via Nagpur. Prabhupada went to Sri Lanka and said, “Very clean city like Puna”. Then Prabhupada went to Cochin and stayed for one day there in a house. So I went to that place with All India padayatra there and the lady there of that house told us, “I had cooked prasad for your gurudev when he had come to Cochin”.

So there will be celebration at Kolkata, Cochin on that special day. Then after one month boat reached at Boston, Prabhupada saw the people there were very busy. And Prabhupada was thinking I am sent by my gurudev to preach but people are so busy here, rat-race you can’t stop a rat. Hye! Wait shake hand but it will not wait he is busy running to his house. He has many houses he is busy making house. Then one day a snake comes and stays there and when the owner comes and Haribol, it becomes ‘Prasad’ for the snake. So like that we are also busy and one day Kal comes in form of death and end of the journey- yatra samapta.

So Prabhupada prayed to Lord

“nacao nacao prabhu nacao se-mate
kasthera puttali jatha nacao se-mate”
… Markine Bhagavata-dharma

When Prabhupada reached New York by boat nobody was there to receive him. He had his bag and a umbrella. Prabhupada did not know where to go, turn left or right nothing zero. In such conditions Prabhupada preached there. He was not alone Lord was with him and had wealth of Harinam with him, he had Bhagvatam with him, this is real wealth.

You all read Prabhupada Lilamrita, it’s time to read Prabhupada Lilamrita this year.
Prabhupada lilamrita ki………… jai. Buy if you don’t have, read it it’s available in many languages. We are in debt to Prabhupada. What he gave us? Krsna-consciousness, he gave Krsna to the whole world. There was deficiency of Krsna-consciousnes, so Prabhupada gave Krsna-consciousness to the whole world, because of his mercy there are many followers of Krsna consciousness all over the world.

In Durban few months back I was there, there was ratha yatra 10,000 devotees had come for the 4 days festival celebration. Haribol !! Prabhupad started ratha yatra now we have ratha yatra all over the world. All mercy of Harinam, one who says Hare Krsna he immediately comes in contact with the Lord. Janmastami also is celebrated all over, book distribution all over; every 2 second one book of Prabhupada is distributed. Haribol!

In Caitanya raj, Caitanya Empire every time in some place some arti is going on, every hour, round the clock full week. So after reading Prabhupad’s books there comes revolution on consciousnesses. So try to join as many as new people to our movement. That’s the perfection of life. Everybody is suffering so many bhoga and Roga. 6 crore people are suffering from diabetes. Lord says ‘yogi bhava’ but people are after becoming bhogi, bhogi bhava.

So yoga day is coming 21 June, you also preach about bhakti-yoga. 6th chapter of Gita, Lord tells about astanga-yoga. Yoga is for health and fitness. So on that yoga day you go and preach about Bhakti yoga-connecting atma with Parmatma so preach and give the Holy Name to everybody.

Nitai Gaur premanande Hari Haribol!

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