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Srimad Bhagvatam chapters 52 and 53 and in the middle of chapter 52 there is pastime kidnapping of Rukmini. Rajo vaca King Pariksit was very inquisitive to know, Sukhdev Goswami has made brief mention of  “vaidarbhim bhismaka-sutam” (S.B 10.52.16) Rukmini is daughter of  King Bhismaka and as soon as topic of her marriage came King Pariksit became inquires to know please tell me more! “rucirananam” Rukmini very sweet faced “rucirananam”. “krsnasyamita-tejasah bhagvan srorum icchami”  (S.B 10.52.18) then the unlimited prowess of the Lord. Sukhdev Gosami begins narration “rajasid bhismako nama” so then once upon a time there was a King Bhismaka he was ruling state of kingdom called “vidarbhadhupatir mahantasya pancabhavan putrah” he had 5 sons “kanyaika ca varanana” (S.B 10.52.21). He had one very beautiful daughter, 5 brothers of Rukmini have been mentioned. Introduction to Rukmini “sopasrutya mukundasya rupa-virya-guna-sriyah” (S.B 10.52.23).

Rukmini she used to hear about rupa– form, beauty, virya, guna-qualities of Mukunda and result was “mene sadrsam patim” (S.B 10.52.23). I would like to have person like him as my husband. And then Krishna also had been hearing in Dwaraka about the intelligent Rukmini, the audarya – charitable, magnanimous personality of Rukmini, her beauty and her character and in Dwaraka Krishna also had made up his mind. I ever get wife I would like wife like this, the description that I had been hearing about Rukmini. So both of them were all set mind was set, mind was fixed. But there were difficulties; the eldest brother Rukmi was not in favour of this marriage. He was big stumbling block and Rukmini was thinking only Krishna could have solution. So she is “vicintyaptam dvijam kancit krsnaya prahinod drutam” (S.B 10.52.26).

She appointed, designated a confidential Brahman gave him a letter and send him to Dwaraka “dvarakam sa samabhyetya” (S.B 10.52.27). So he reached Dwaraka and he also entered
the quarters were Krishna was sitting there “kancanasane” His asana was golden made up of gold “drstra brahmanya-devas tam avaruhya nijasanat” (S.B 10.52.28). But when Brahman was at the door, arriving Krishna got up from his golden asana to receive the Brahman and he was well received, well fed, worshipped everything , everything was done appropriate as
if lord is called “ brahmanaya dev” Lord who worships Brahman or to whom Brahman is worship able, he is called “brahmanaya dev” he gets the name like that. So they how was the trip, how was everything all those formalities Krishna says “kim kaeyam karavamate” (S.B 10.52.35). Is there anything I could do for you sir dear Brahman? Brahman was not disclosing the purpose of his Dwaraka visit. And immediately he pulled out the letter of Rukmini , Rukimini uvacha and he read out the letter of Rukmini everything was in there self explanatory
and  several verses letter from Rukmini is here .

“sri-rukminy uvaca, srutava gunan bhuvana-sundara srnvatam te, nirvisya karna-vivarair harato nga tapam,rupam drsam drsimatam akhilartha-labhan, tvayy acyutanvisati cittam
apatrapam me”   (S.B 10.52.37)
. So these are words of Rukmini and anyone who hears “gunan” the qualities of you “bhuvansundar” as they enter the ears then “anga tapam” the whole fever of material existence “tapatraya” all goes down  and so like that who else is there in this world also equal you my Lord in vidya , knowledge wealth you are also of proper
sage , you  are Narshima , lion amongst men, “mano-bhiramam” you give pleasure to mind like that she goes on and yes she mentions my marriage is about to take place its matter of couple of days and you have to rush you have to come personally and take me away, get me out of here. And so 1st she has glorified Krishna and then made the proposal that he should accept her as his
wife for that he has to personally come, otherwise it will be too late. She also mentions there is a tradition in our family that the bride goes to “kuldevi yatra” there will be Kuldevi yatra and I will be going for dharshan of Kuldevi Ambika. So she is, Rukimini is so clever so smart and certainly not less intelligent like women are expected. That she also mentions yes please don’t visit are palace don’t enter the palace because there will be certainly fight bloodshed my brother is not going to spare you. So please find me so she is letting Krishna know as if Krishna can’t
think (laughs). But she also wants to say where could you meet me, meting point fixed designated meting point has to be there. So you meet me I will be going for dharshan of kuldevi ambika . After I am finished with pooja then on the way back to palace you catch me, you will find me and that is there you come take me away. Very smart right! Very smart she is again glorifying the Lord towards the end. So after Brahman had read that letter from Rukmini “brahmana uvaca, ity ete guhya-sandesa” (S.B 10.52.44).

You were asking me what you could do. What Lord could do? So now I suppose it’s clear to you, what you are expected to do as you are hearing this most confidential message letter
from Rukmini . “vaidarbhyahs as tu sandesam, nisamya yadu-nandanah” (S.B 10.53.1) so as Lord had heard message with rapt attention he might be hearing every single syllable letter of that letter, he had in hearing great interest . So after he had finished hearing immediately he
took the hands of Brahman in his hands both hands, that is American  culture, Vedic culture both hands means agreeing yes yes agreement there I am with you we  have same wavelength , we are together and I agree, I  am ready .  And Sri Bhagavan uvacha so he had still his hands he held the hands of Brahman then he is speaking he said you know “tathaham api tac-citto nidram ca na labhe” (S.B 10.53.2). Rukmini had mentioned in her letter that my “cittam” “cittam patram me” I am always going towards you, running to you. So Lord says something to correspond with that you know same trouble with me I am only thinking of Rukmini and no none else these days and you know may be littler embarrassing but I admit that I can’t sleep at night time , I am disturbed Iget up , I am lying down on the bed but I am only thinking of Rukmini “tam anayisya unmathya rajanya” (S.B 10.53.3).

He says I am ready something has to be done and he is giving indication that yes yes I am ready, I fully agree with the statement if you wish I could sign the agreement or treaty. Oh! Let’s not waste time doing that and immediately called him charioteer Daruka, “rathah samyjyatam
(S.B 10.53.4) quickly get my chariot ready and yes sir. So Daruka immediately he left the place to get everything ready then in few minutes time quickly he returned reporting to the Lord yes my dear Lord chariot is ready and even the names of the horses these are the names of the horses “saibya, sugriva, meghapuspa, balahaka” your chariot is equipped with thee 4 horses,
chariot that is equipped ready to be pulled by the horses 1,2,3,4. These horses it is ready my dear Lord. Pranjali folding hands he says “sammrsta-samsikta marga-rathya-catuspatham” (S.B 10.53.8) whole town was well decorated, yes ready to go “aruhya syandanam saurir dvijam aropya turna-gaih” (S.B 10.53.6) then Lord mounted the chariot along with the Brahman, two persons and the charioteer 3 persons are driving out, journey starts from Dwaraka “anartad eka-ratrena” (S.B 10.53.6). They left Dwaraka that time it was known as Anartadesh, Anarta like this was Vidrabha that was Anarta not anartha its anarta its name of a country where Dwraka was the capital. So Vidrabha “vidarbhan agamad dhayaih” (S.B 10.53.6).So left Dwaraka in the evening around sunset and when sun was rising in the east, Lord was already where in Vidrabha, he was here in one night. “raja sa kundina-patih, putra-sneha-vasanugah, sisupalaya svam kanyam dasyan karmany akarayat” (S.B10.53.7). So King Bhismak was getting ready for the marriage and he was doing so because he just couldn’t go against the wishes, the plan of his eldest son, Rukmi he was bit attached “putra-sneha-vasanugah”.Although we can’t compare Dhritrastra with this Bhismak, Dritrastra was attached to Duryodhana and Duryodhana lot no, no this is not right thing to do but he would end up doing so because he was attached to his son Duryodhana, same thing here.

He is Rukmini’s father so we don’t want to , he is a devotee he used to hear Narada Muni visiting, hearing about Krishna, Rukmini was hearing the remnants Mahaprasad, original Katha then Mahakatha, She is over hearing so he was a great devotee but unfortunately attached to his eldest son and then he was just going ahead preparing for the marriage and there is a  whole description how the town Kaundanyapur, everyone here knows this town as Kundanyapur. Bhagavatam says Kundinapur 5000 yrs, Kundinapur has become known as Kaundanyapur this happens with lots of names. So “sammrsta-marga-rathya-catuspatham” (S.B 10.53.8) so whole town was well decorated nicely cleansed like these ladies you see in India.  First  thing in the morning they do take care of their body little bit then they  clean front of the house, goshala, cowshed and lot of time they mix, in Maharashtra this tradition is also there, mix cow dung with the water make like a liquid, take one  bucket full of, after sweeping is done, they sprinkle that cow dung mixed with water, gives nice fragrance, after that is done they draw rangoli (maharaj asking the assembled devotees) you saw that decoration while you were taking Prasad yesterday that was called rangoli. So first sweeping then “sada” called in Marathi very common then rangoli then puja. Sp like that cleansed and King Bhismaka was not using ordinary water but rose water, water mixed with rose. Sometime these kings, these ladies take bucket they used to engage elephants, elephantstaking rose water and sprinkling it, big big roads, they have to sprinkle with rose water.

Whole town has to be fragrant. So what few buckets could do, they required so many elephants, they are taking water and they are throwing and has little fun there, entertainment. So “citra-dhvaja-patakabhis toranaih samalankrtam” (S.B 10.53.9). So flags are there and toranaih see these mango leaves, it’s also called toran or welcome gates. Sometimes else where it is described sometimes they would have so many flags all over the town that the citizens they would not be able to see the sun, there would be shade allover because of the flags. So many
flags all round, different decorative flags. And dhupa, different agarbati fragrance everywhere and different pujas, vidhivat everything is being done perfectly no whimsical, no mental speculation, everything authorized as per sastras. “bhojayitva” the Brahmans are getting their bhojan they are very happy. So “vacayam” they are reading different “mangalam vacayam”
different shuba what is that called?  “svasti vachan” “svasti vachan” svasti means auspiciousness. So to create auspiciousness different mantras are being chanted all over the town. So all this is happening while the town is being decorated. “su-snatam su –datim kanyam krta-kautuka managalam”  (S.B 10.53.11).
“su-snatam” rukimi has taken her bath, special mentuion of bathing of the bride on the day of her marriage big one it’s quite a affair with substances chandan and haldi and then Abhishek like we do Abhishek of deities. So this bride gets whole Abhishek that day ““su-snatam su
Sukhdev Goswami for some reason his attention is going to the teeth
of Rukimini, Rukmini “su-datim” nice arrangment of her teeth, nice teeth, “kanyam krta-kautuka managalam” and everyone is appreciating her that day and everyone is admiring her. “bhusitam bhusanottamaih” and she is decorated with best of the clothing  and
“purohito” the priest purohit they are also chanting “atharva ved” knowledgbale “graham-santaye” in order to please different planets, planetary systems, navagraha. So everyone is satisfied as a result auspiciousness is created by chanting different mantras. Sri sri rukmini dwarkadish ki jai…………………….

So Brahmans they are getting charities they are going on charity show and “hiranya” what are they getting? Brahman are getting gold and “rupya” silver, “vasamsi” clothes,  “tilams ca” til sesame seeds, “guda mistritan” mixed with guda. “til guda ghya god –goda bola” is a
tradition even today in Maharashtra specially they mix til sesame seeds with guda and they distribute that. So they were doing that and “dhenus” the cows are being distributed and like that. So as this is all going on in Kaundanyapur. Now Sukhdev Goswami describing what is happening with Sisupala, where is he now? What is he doing? The bride had been described now he has to describe bridegroom. So this “damaghosah sutaya” son of damaghosh that is Sisupala, Sisupala’s father Damaghosh and he is also, mantra chanting is going on wherever he is. And bridegroom he is also dressing and then they live because they have to come to Kaundanyapur from their “cedi-patih”  name of his country is “cedi” and so they
live for Kaundanyapur and  they have little army with them (laughs).

It’s not an easy thing they are also suspecting that Krishna may drop in, we would be better ready. So they have a army “sainyah paritah kundinam  yayan” (S.B 10.53.15) and he is surrounded by the army Sisupala is walking in the middle , no no he is walking he is in the chariot but all around him there is army. And whole thing is moving in the direction of Kundinpur, probably passed through Amravati while coming from the north, and others are coming also Salva, Jarasandha, Dantavakra, Viduratha, Paundraka see the big big
names they are all friends of Sisupala. They are also coming and “krsna-rama dviso” (S.B 10.53.18) they are enemies of Krishna and Rama and they are all coming. Now first Kundinpur
scene was described, Sukhdev Goswami then described Sisupala and then he is on the way to Kundinpur and then Dwaraka what is happening in Dwaraka “srutvaitad bhagvan ramo” as Balaramagot up in the morning then “kalaha-sankitah” he realized that oh! Krishna has gone to Kundinpur so there could be friction between opposing parties “bhratr-sneha-pariplutah” Balarama his bhratr prema his love for his brother aroused in his heart. Bhratr prema he became overwhelmed by that affection for his brother Krishna “dauji ka bhaiya Krishna kanhaiya” dwarakadish. So “tvaritah kundinam pragad” immediately he also left for Kundinpur with him he took “gajasva-ratha-pattibhih” caturangi sena his sena his army consisted of elephant, horses, chariots and the army that is walking 4 kinds. “bhisma-kanya vararoha, kanksanty agamanam hareh” (S.B 10.53.22).
Now attention now to Rukmini as she had send Brahman, he had come not back and this is the day of marriage now, it’s all set to go and “durbhagaya name dhata nanukulo mahesvarah”
(S.B 10.53.25) no one is in favor of me everyone is against, why is mahesvarah, even “dvei va vimukhi gauiri rudrani girija sati” no one is blessing me today. Where is Brahman? Where
is Krishna? Where is Dwarakadish? “evam cintayati” like this bala, this balika Rukmini was thinking “govinda-hrta-manasa”all way thinking, deprived of, be rapt   of Krishna’s
association and presence. She was only thinking “nyamilayata kala-jna netre” closed her eyes and she is praying, wondering what is going to happen next and “evam vadhavaah pratiksantya govindagamanam nrpa” (S.B 10.53.27). Sukadev Goswami why this, so Rukmini was in total anxiety, her left side thigh and “urur bhujo” chest and netram eyes and ‘vama” this all leftside “asphura” was trembling and by this was going on “atha krsna-vinirdistah, sa eva dvija-sattamah, antahpura carim devim, raja-putrim dadarsa ha” (S.B 10.53.28. so she saw the Brahman OH! She got the ray of hope he is here, he is here finally at least Brahman is here. She was expecting Krishna but at least Brahman is here “tam agatam samajnaya vaidarbhi hrsta-mansa” (S.B 10.53.31) so the good news Krishna is here he was not right there but he was in the town that’s the point he made and now by this time Balarama
also had arrived, reached and Krishna and Balarama were in town an d as the news spread of Krishna and Balaram’s arrival what happened?  “vidarbha-pura-vasinah” (S.B 10.53.36).

The residents of Vidarbha, please please pay  attention to this see what has happened to
these “vidarbha-pura-vasinah” residents of the Vidarbha “agatya” all came running and listen to this now “netranjalibhih papus tan-mukha-pankajam” (S.B 10.53.36). They were all taking darshan seen Krishna so this description is that they were filling up this cup little cups I have bigger cup, some have shallow cups some have deep cups depending upon on your eyes position, so they would fill up the cup with the beauty of Krishna and they were drinking the nectar. And then drink like ISKCON devotees especially from America the west they like to drink cup of sweet rice, after sweet rice everytime (laughs) they come with buckets,
Bhaktavatar’s cup is empty he is ready for another one. So they were filling up
the cups of the beauty. Sukadev goswami is describing like that “netranjalibhih papus tan-mukha-pankajam” filling the cups and drinking the nectar, now as Rukmini she was now relaxed, she knew how everything is going to work out as proposed or planned. So she got ready
and she is going to now Ambika mandir where we had gone yesterday and look at this, Sukadev Goswami is describing he is talking of the 3 persons, “padbhyam” so Rukmini is walking so her feet are walking not going on chariot, she is walking towards “bhavanyah pada-pallavam” (S.B 10.53.40) walking towards the feet of bahvani, but she is thinking of someone else’s feet. She is thinking of feet of “mukunda-caranambhjam” she is only thinking of Lords’s lotus feet, although she is completing the formality of going to Ambika, she is only thinking of Lord’s lotus feet. She is surrounded by so many Brahmans and so many mantras are chanted and so many of
her girlfriends are right there.

They are all decorated and “gayantyas ca stuvantasca” (S.B 10.53.43) there all prayers are
being chanted and “asadya devi-sadanam” she has reached, she has entered the devi
, residence of devi and she is praying now “bhuyat patir me bhagavan krsnas tad anumodatam” (S.B 10.53.46) Iwant pati. I want husband Bhagvan Krishna, but Bhagvan Krishna “patir me bhuyat” similar prayers are Gopi’s prayers to Katyani in Vrindavan, so she is praying so she has prayed like that and doing puja and she is returning now “ambika-grhat”
she is returning, going back to the palace of her father. She knows this is themeeting point now, so Rukmini is described here “deva-maya iva” the most beautiful specially crafted, specially
designed personality, body, the form “deva-mayam iva dhira-mohinim” (S.B10.53.51). and now everyone knew after darshan of Ambika, Rukmini would now be returning there is a designated path and on either side of this path all these kings from all over the planets all over the world Sisupal’s friends, they have lined up, they are all sitting on the chariots on the back of elephants, horses and Rukmini the procession shobah yatra is passing through the middle, Rukmini, the Brahmans and her friends, so it’s very beautiful description of “kundala manditananam”. She has earrings and as she is walking they are moving how they are moving and she has thin waist, Rukmini has and like that there is a description. “kuntala-sankiteksanam” her face is partially covered with hair, her long, blackish, beautiful hair and
because she doesn’t want to really look at these fellows she is not interested to show her face. So her face is kind of covered with hair and she has a veil. In the west or modern times they don’t put that on. So they are watching, they are watching and as they watch, so their minds are fixed and they lose external consciousness, some of them are losing external consciousness, they are holding the sword in the hand but (maharaja laughs) swords are slipping out of their hands. Some are collapsing from the top of the elephants (laughs) this way that way so as she is walking she is crushing them down by her beauty they were so captivated and they didn’t realize they are sitting on the back of the horse, then they are not able to do the balancing act they lost the consciousness. External consciousness this is Sukadev Goswmi is describing and then ok we have 2 more then comes Krishna Haribol………………………..

“ratham samaropya suparna-laksanam” (S.S10.53.56) So chariot mounted with the flag bearing symbol of Garuda, so Garuda flag and  so she saw the flag 1st and then she realized this must be him. And after few moments she realized that was him, he came so swiftly and Krishna gave a helping hand she was also very eager, she was kind of ready to jump. So little touch she was next to the Lord and Lord must have blown his conch shell and she was swiftly taken out of there. So Krishna is described as a lion all the assembled Sisupaland company are like jackals. They were jackals Krishna just took away Rukmini started heading towards Dwaraka Haribol…………………… so kidnapping took place then more things happened battle happened in this area this area, this is the way to Dwaraka right (maharaja asking Dwaraka ka rasta kaha hai? Devotees answering gujarat). And then finally the marriage has taken place in Dwaraka, Rukmini Dwarakadish marriage. So we have deities of Rukmini Dwarakadish.

Rukmini Dwarakadish
ki jai

Nitai Guar Premanande
Hari Haribol…………..

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