SB 1.15.06


Topic : SB 1.15.06
Place: Iskcon Chowpatty
Date 20th November 2022

means is equal to all glories to assembled devotees “samaveta yuyutsavah mamakah pandvas caiva “(BG 1.1.) assembled to fight but here they are not come to fight. I had not prepared my talk for big gathering like this, I wasn’t expecting, anyway you are welcome thank you.

I heard there is no Sunday festival, so I thought during temple the devotees, mostly anyway, I am happy more devotees, happier devotees and our movement is that of congregation because some kirtan, Sankirtan and movement congregation more the merrier, Hari Hari and this is not a crowd, this is, this is assembly the gathering of devotees, crowd is not good, or this is sabha, in sabha they only allow sabhya here or those who are sabhya they are allowed in sabha. “sabhya means gentlemen”. We don’t even know, it has to be gentle, gentlemen, not ruffian gentle. Hari Hari. So we are reading from canto 1 chapter 15 text number six. Is it somewhere, could you see although in the back board there so try to repeat.

yasya ksana-viyogena
loko hy apriya-darsanah
ukthena rahito hy esa
mrtakah procyate yatha

yasya — whose; ksana — a moment; viyogena — by separation; lokah — all the universes; hi — certainly; apriya-darsanah — everything appears unfavorable; ukthena — by life; rahitah — being devoid of; hi — certainly; esah — all these bodies; mrtakah — dead bodies; procyate — are designated; yatha — as it were.

I have just lost Him whose separation for a moment would render all the universes unfavorable and void, like bodies without life.

Factually for a living being there is no one dearer than the Lord. The Lord expands Himself by innumerable parts and parcels as svamsa and vibhinnamsa. Paramatma is the svamsa part of the Lord, whereas the vibhinnamsa parts are the living beings. As the living being is the important factor in the material body, for without the living being the material body has no value, similarly without Paramatma the living being has no status quo. Similarly, Brahman or Paramatma has no locus standi without the Supreme Lord Krsna. This is thoroughly explained in the Bhagavad-gita. They are all interlinked with one another, or interdependent factors; thus in the ultimate issue the Lord is the summum bonum and therefore the vital principle of everything.

Srila Prabhupad ki Jai.

I have just lost Him whose separation for a moment would render all the universes unfavorable and void, like bodies without life.

Factually for a living being there is no one dearer than the Lord. right , it has to be right. The Lord expands Himself by innumerable parts and parcels as sv???a and vibhinnamsa. Paramatma is the svamsa part of the Lord, whereas the vibhinnamsa parts are the living beings. As the living being is the important factor in the material body, for without the living being the material body has no value, similarly without Paramatma the living being has no status quo. Similarly, Brahman or Paramatma has no locus standi without the Supreme Lord Krsna. This is thoroughly explained in the Bhagavad-gita. They are all interlinked with one another, or interdependent factors; thus in the ultimate issue the Lord is the summum bonum and therefore the vital principle of everything.
Cool air is coming from somewhere like I said give me the scarf, could this be dirested to you all right or share or share that with me.

yasya ksana-viyogena
loko hy apriya-darsanah
ukthena rahito hy esa
mrtakah procyate yatha

I have just lost Him whose separation for a moment would render all the universes unfavorable and void, like bodies without life.

So this is the chapter “Pandavas retire timely” and timely means on time. What is their time, they are chosen to retire they have lost their Lord, Lord of their life.

shyam tayktva svapadam gatah
taddinat kali ayata
sarva sadhana badhaka

This is a statement in shastra’ws purana’s that says, Lord departed “shyam tayktva” the other part is also “yada mukundo Bhagwan” “shyam tayktva svapadam gatah” and when is the general one but a particular day , that day as Lord departed for his own abode, tad dinat from that day, kalir ayata, Kaliyug began. The day Lord departed , the last day of the Lord on the planet becomes the first day of the age of kali, and what is Kali “sarva sadhana badhaka” our sadhana is tough and turby all daha’s in our sadhana.

That is , those are the Pandav’s and those are all kinds of devotees “Yasya ksana viyogena”yog- viyog, Yog is linking, communicating, establishing relationship, communicating that’s Yog and this is viyog “yasya ksana viyogena”, we have no experience of all this, we had one but we have forgotten, we are covered over, “sunyayitam jagat sarvam Govinda virahena me”.

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is talking without Krishna this whole world is void, sunya, then Prabhupad of course says sunya has value when there is one in the front, otherwise one zero and then another zero and another zero and then big zero without that one, that one is the Lord and we are, ya, Srila Prabhupad is talking about that in purport, we are his parts and parcels, lucky we are in fact. We are his , we are his, whose, Lords ya Krishna’s then we have some value otherwise dead body “mrtakah procyate yatha” forget us the parts and parcel of the Lord.

mamaivamso jiva loka
jivabhutah sanatnah (BG 15.7)

not only Lord has said that they are “mam-aivansh”. Lord didn’t say “mam-ansh.” What did Lord say “eva” has to be underlined and understood of course, they are only certainly and only my parts and parcels not of anyone else not

yam brahma varunendra rudra marutah
stunvanti divyaih stavair
(SB 12.12.1)

We are not , we are not parts and parcels of at least we could devta’s because devta’s themselves are parts and parcels of the same Lord, so we are not part and parcels of the same Lord, so we are not part and parcels , we are directly parts and parcels of the Supreme Personality of the Godhead “mam eva ansh” mam eva, ya this way some more intimate connection or relationship is emphasised.

mamaivamso jiva loka
jivabhutah sanatnah (BG 15.7)

means forever, not that you are part and parcel of Lord for some time and then he become part and parcel of someone else, of allah, allah is okay, not this one, forever we are parts and parcels of the Lord forever, for all the time to come, of course Lord is Sanatan and sat-chit-anand, sat means eternal, Lord is eternal and we are the parts and parcels of the Lord are also eternal. The ansh, Krishna said, we are ansh, we are ansh and who is Lord what is that term anshi, ansh anshi one who is whole.

om purnam adah purnam idam (ISO Invocation)

that purn is called anshi and parts and parcels are called ansh, we are ansh and Lord is anshi. So ansh has to become part of anshi, he is , there is also explanation here vibhinash and svansh even

ramadi murtishu kala niyamena tisthan
nanavataram akarod bhuvaneshu kintu

even there ansh’s but that svanah and hence they are all achuta, achuta means not falliable, they don’t fall. Lord takes avatar, many avatars, they don’t fall down but we fall down vibhinansh fall svansh never fall, so vibhinansh are chute and svansh are achute, okay you are all with us, in the back there, the back benchers. Now want to make some statements or some observations, see how things work. Any object fan or ball anything that you throw up and which is part and parcel of earth, all these objects make up this gross earth, all these made up this gross earth, Prithavi. Where will they end, they come back to the earth, they always try to settle on the earth that’s one thing. What about different water bodies well specially say rivers water bodies, rivers are also part and parcel of what ocean, yes so where the rivers are always running to, to the ocean, hence the rivers are also called

nimna ganam yatha ganga
vaisnavanam yath (12.13.16)

that is another statement from Bhagwatam. “nimna means down”, “ga means goes”, river goes down right, also the time is there source is at the top of the mountain or at foot hill of the mountain, at higher level compare to the ocean level, so that water is always running and trying to, always anxious to become part of the whole ocean. So river and other water bodies are ansh’s, part and parcel and ocean is anshi, complete whole. What about the fire , fire is always trying to go there, upward, even if you havev a mashal or torh, try to do this way they goes up, why up, where to, to the sun which is the source of all fire and light. So like wise, right, I think, where as, where as, therefore, de resolve, we could say when they have meeting, they could say where as , where as this, therefore, so we gave a few examples for quick observation then therefore the living entities which are part and parcel of the Lord, living entities are ansh and the Lord is anshi, so they are always anxious to go back, return to the Lord they are settled.

hitvanyatha rupam sva rupena vyavasthitih (SB 2.10.6)

Sukhdev Goswami said, this is in 2nd canto Srimad Bhagwatam, living entities are always trying to “sva rupena vyavasthitih” as they say on this point, swasth ho, swasth ho, you understand hindi na, of course as soon as this question is raised, my health is Okay, swasth ho but one time, one time those who really understood the purport or deeper meaning of swasth ho, it has to be. They have something else on their mind while asking this question and also replying those days, good old days, before the age of kal, sva is who, us living entity, sva and sth means situated swasth, Lord is also swa there is a talk here, living entities and paramatma or the Lord, So Swasth means, “are you situated in Krishna Consciousness properly?”

krsna tvadiya padapankajaranta
madyaiva me visatu manasarajahamsah (from Mukund Mala strotram)

Kulshekar’s Lord, oh Lord what that day would be mine, “manasarajahamsah” “manasarajahamsah”, his mind he is addressing designated as “hamsah-rajanahamsah” and Lord, your lotus, I already said, your feet are lotus like, “Krsna tvadiya pada pankajarantam”. My mind is raja-hamsah, when will my mind which is like a hamsah, will hang around, It even says enter, enter your lotus feet, be next to your lotus feet or attached to your lotus feet of think of your lotus feet or serve your lotus feet. So, as one does that, that person is “swasath”, I am “swasath”just body, mind, soul, wellbeing is complete when soul is also “swasath”, not just body, mind, soul also mainly soul ???? ????? ?? ?????? ??,?? ???? ????? ?? ????????? ??, ?????? ?????? ??????, you heard it of that , shastra says, shastra says, because this is a fact, ?????? ?????? ??????, okk have it, you get the body and before you get the body, the pran prathistha of vyadhi is already done, temple has been inaugurated, deity of vyadhi is installed, okay have this , have fun.

Body is given, we think to enjoy but also to suffer, I am changing topic or to enjoy you have to pay for, you go to the shop or the mall these days, the malls, malls, because the more products are being sold produced and transported and promoted and courier service and there is some survey where the people have become more happy because of more products produced of all sorts of products material nature is exploded and mining and this and that, has this made the world happier, what do you think? What is your experience, has you look around, has this made the world happy? But not now, but in future, we will make you happy but then this Prabhupad use to say, this is a post dated cheque from a bankrupt. Someone is a bankrupt and he will give a post dated cheque. Noway, No way they did another survey in the America. Which country’s citizen are more sick? They did the Global Survey and the conclusion was America. Number one the most sick nation in the world. “America”. I was not surprised to hear that because America, the Land of opportunities, they say sometime, even some Hare Krishna devotees.

more ehi abhilash
Americaa deshe diyo vass

So , dreamland, heaven on earth. Hari Hari. The enjoyment and suffering, do you think there is some relationship , yes or no. “Yes”, it is a package, you don’t get only enjoyment not possible, if you want enjoy be prepare to suffer, you like it or not, don’t like Krishna has said long time and this is internal truth in fact

ye he samsparsa ja bhoga
duhkha yonaya eva te
adyantavantah kaunteya
na tesy ramte budhah
(BG 5.22)

Krishna has warned this, who is going to read Bhagwat Gita, Marathon has come, it is time to distribute Gita and encourage everybody to read or hear the Lord. He is our well wisher and friend and what not, he says

ye he samsparsa ja bhoga

I am getting into this , so as our senses come in contact with sense objects “ye he samsparsa ja bhoga” our sense coming in with the sense objects and what happens “samsparsa ja” Ja means taking birth, uttapan hona, what takes birth “bhoga” Bhoga is enjoyment, sense and sense object coming in contact with each other nicely, samsparsaja, sama means samya prekaren, complter contact bhoga, enjoyment is the outcome, but it doesn’t stop there, Krishna says ”duhkhe yonaya eva te” the verse begins, Lord statement begins with “Ye” and ends with “te”, Ye- te, “ye he samsparsa ja bhoga”by doing this, “te” happens that happens what is that “duhkhe yonaya eva te”the very source or reason cause for enjoyment becomes cause of “what”suffering.

Hari Hari, anyway, sometimes someone hates you who hates you most, one who loved you most one time, people in general will not hate you or but those who loved you so called love, so called love which is I love you, actually people should be saying I am lusty after you, not that I love you, I am lusty after you I am gone exploit you, I am gone take advantage of you, such people end up hating us and killing us or I am just making the connection those who love us they hate, something that gives us joy, will give us suffering and as we go for shopping, buying, to buy something which we wish to enjoy, you have to pay for it. Right, but the suffering comes free. “Buy one get two”, “buy one get two”, you bought one item and soon you will have another one, suffering. So we are being fooled because we are in illusion, ignorance etc, that is why Krishna has kindly, he kindly appears down here, speaking to Arjun, but is he speaking to Arjun only, No, he is addressing all of us, making Arjun the medium or Nimit, Lord is addressing all of us and then on Lord’s behalf devotees, acharya’s also do their part.

om ajnana timirandhasya jnananjana salakaya
caksur unmilitaam yena tasmai sri gurave namah

Srila Prabhupad ki Jai

Srila Prabhupad did that and of course we have to continue to do so, “you do as I did” that is something else but Prabhupad said “you do as I did” so what Prabhupad did, we have to follow in his footsteps and talk on behalf of Prabhupad, entire Parampara “evem Parampara praptam” what Krishna spoke in Bhagavat Gita and other scriptures, we have to share that with rest of the world and as we are becoming gradually, bit by bit free from illusion that statement said

ady antavatah kauntaya
na tesu ramate budhah

O Arjun, in fact this is kind of definition of who is buddhiman, who is intelligent , those who indulge , get involved become part of something that has beginning and soon has ending ady antavatah” ady-adi- beginning, antavatah, so beginning with joy and happiness, it is nice , its nice and then you get a slap, we are not expecting, we are fools, we thought this would never happen, it does happen, it must happen, slap is nothing, hang him, just kill him, as it happens, so many times ??? ?????? ??? ?????? ??? ??? ????????? suffering of all sorts adi-davik, adi bhoutik adhyatamik. So ady antavatah kauntaya, na atesu, no tesu, tesu meaning something that had beginning, there is happiness, there is joy…

So, World is designed like this. The world is programmed like this and theirs is no way, we could interfere not even superpowers. Be that America or now china and next one is going to be India in the line. The world is …

Ye hi Samsparsa-ja bhoga,
Duhkha-yonaya evat e
Ady-antavantah kaunteya
Na tesu ramate budhah
(BG. 5.22)

Budhimaan (Intelligent) person does not indulge in such things he stay alone for Sadhna.
Krishna said Indriyani niyamado begins with sense control. your enemy is lust.

kama esha krodha esha
mahashano maha-papma
viddhyenam iha vairinam
(BG 3.37)

Viddhi, please take notes, “viddhyenam iha vairinam” this is your vairi. This is your enemy no. One, Mr. Lust. Prabhupada said, Mr. lust. And then Kamath

dhyayato vishayan pumsah
sangas teshupajayate
sangat sanjayate kamah
kamat krodho ’bhijayate
(BG 2.62)

Lust is eldest brother and who is younger one. Krodh. Kamat krodho bhijayate. And like that four others chandal Chokdi. The whole team is there and they have a strategy to get us, to grab us, to fool us. So the Lord said, anyway originally because Arjun had asked this question. Third chapter. The bhagavad Gita towards the end at…
yam kem papam charyati purush. And then annich varshapi balat yojita.

Arjuna uvacha
atha kena prayukto’ yam
papam charati purushah
anichchhann api varshneya
balad iva niyojitah

This is a question. We donot even how to ask questions or write questions. Arjun has asked questions on our behalf and Bhagavad-Gita is perfect question, Perfect answer. Presentation. so annichapi, Sometimes I donot know this is not good. No, I Should not do know I know this, balad iva niyojitah. But someone is dragging us forcing us. Who is it, What is it, that gets me to do something even anichchhann api varshneya balad iva niyojita?. Answer to that question krsna says kama esha krodha esha . that’s first only two parties are mentioned whether shad repoos are theirs and this world is full of repoos. Pakistan is not your repoos. Hari Hari. Ravan is inside us

Hiranyakashpu inside us. We are small small hiranyakashapoos. There is to be time. This there is to be time which is a fact. Demons were smaller in number but bigs in size. Giant Size. What has happened now. Number has multiplied. Size has produced. So is my enemy? This one or this one, this one. So while we are pointing to someone one finger. Three fingers no no.. someone else you are .. you are.. you.. yourselves are our enemies. Hari Hari. Krishna as third chapter, you should study this towards the end of the third chapter. The question of Arjun and krishna is talking. Not only he has said, the lust is your enemy but where does lust reside in the bodies.

indriyani mano buddhir,
asyadhishthanam uchyate
etair vimohayatyesha
jnanam avritya dehinam
(BG 3.40)

Lust is sitting. Lust has a base in the body where indriyani all the senses. Mind and intelligence. If intelligence is taken over by enemy. Then finished right. Hari Hari. So we pray.

tesham satata-yuktanam
bhajatam priti-purvakam
dadami buddhi-yogam tam
yena mam upayaanti te
(BG 10.10)

Lord may give us buddhi to make money. Right? Listen to say what Lord says “dadami buddhi-yogam tam yena mam upayanti te” I give intelligence. I kindly give intelligence to somebody and why and what for does he would or should or could use that intelligence. yena mam upayanti te” He should use that intelligence for Aina so that Mam unto me.upayanti. up means near. Yanti means to go, to go or to come near me , come towards me. He should use the intelligence. Otherwise you are less intelligent. Fool Scientists are .. Prabhupada did not spare. So scientists are fool number one. We never heared anyone, scientists called fool, what? this was unheared of, I dreamed of. Prabhupada, first one. He never spared one. and that way. Prabhupada, this is Prabhupada Bhagvad Gita as it is.

na mam dushkritino mudhah
prapadyante naradhamah
asuram bhavam ashritah
(BG 7.15)

Four kinds of people never surrender to me. They are the rascals, they are demons. They are this, they are that. So this is bhagavad-gita as it is. In good old days and (reminded us- till 10 right?) In Juhu temple had just started and Juhu being Prabhupada’s office. “ Bombay is my office. Srila Prabhupada spend lots of time and there’s a Kurukshetra war also you know. This is a battle between Mr. Anne and Iskcon and foreigner. Prabhupada spending lots of time in Juhu. And good fortunate, we were brahmachari in Bombay beginning with 1971-72. So what am I… Okey Okey.. so this is a nice Sunday, I guess used to come from downtown with their cars and with their wives well dressed and themselves also with them ties and this three-piece suit and they’re all sitting. Prabhupada talk of rascals and demons, fool number ones and so I was just a new devotee. I had a little difficulty digesting, what prabhupada had to say but nice people, gentleman and rich their wives are sitting next to them as rascals, fools. Could not he use some better terms. Gradually I realised, this is Bhagwad Gita as it is.

avajananti mam mudha
manusim tanum asritam
param bhavam ajananto
mama bhuta-mahesvaram
(BG 9.11)

Gradually, I trained up. Also started to call… you fool, you rascals, you this…. Somethings, somethings that we cannot say much as Prabhupada. Hari Hari.

So going back to our living entities parts and parcels which are anshs of anshi Lord. He is anshi, We are ansha. So this is what natural. This is our goal of life in fact. Reunite with lord. That’s why he says yogi Bhava. Yogi Bhava

yoginam api sarvesam
sraddhavan bhajate yo mam
sa me yuktatamo matah
(BG 6.47)

Yogi bhava. Ofcourse these days Prachaar is bhogi bhava. Day and night breaking the news. Commercial and electronic media, this media, that media.. bhogi bhava, bhogi bhava. Just opposite of.. So Kali, Maya is doing this Prachaar. Bhogi Bhava Prachaar. We, the members of International society for Krishna Consciousness, We have to do Prachaar of Yogi Bhava and so that ultimatelty, all the living entities, go back to Krishna that comes around, goes around to… so we have come, where we have come from where we have to go back. You could see the world go back. what did I say? go back. What did I say? what does that imply, what does that mean? Go back, we were there. That’s why go back. Not only go, what we say- go back or back to home, back to godhead. So that would be the perfection. In year 1971, Cross Maidan festival, you heard about that one, which myself and Radhanath Maharaja amongst 10,000 to 20,000 folks of Bombay were also joining but two of us also were there.

Anyway during that festival Girga Chowpatty. from Girga chowpatty to cross Maidain, there’s processi or Shobhayatra started here. I attended this one. I was at girga Chawpaty. May be March, April 71. Whenever I come this side or like I came, I was driving quite girgao chawpatty yesterday. Not only I was reminded of Prabhupada was there. He spoke, he addressed, but reminded me. Of course, I never forget so, when you forget something then just talk out then we said reminder, but I had never forget, so I would not say it was a reminder, Just maybe clicked again. And that Prabhupada was talking of going back to godhead. Prabhupada was talking about Vailkuntha Right? At Girgao Chawpaty. The goal of life is to return home, back to godhead. Back to home. Who was making this point. I want to just say that as much as prabhupada talked about spiritual sky, which others also may be talking but we have to go back to home, back to godhead. That’s the goal, others don’t seem to be not talking much or not emphasizing not repeating going back to godhead and how many times if we do counting in with the base. You’ll find thousands up to thousands of times, thousands of times practically every talk, every lecture you will hear, going back to home going back to home… going back to home… back to godhead. And of course he’s doing this on behalf of Sri Krishna Chaitnaya Mahaprabhu. Sri Krishna Chaitnay Mahaprabhu ki jai.

This is Gaudiya Vaishnavs, more than other vaishnavs. And of course only vaishnavas would talk of spiritual sky, Vaikuntha even Vishnu and Vishnu Lok and all the residents of Vaikunth are called vaishnavas or those who accept Vishnu as a supreme personality of godhead.

bahunam janmanam ante
jnanavan mam prapadyate
vasudevah sarvam iti
sa mahatma su-durlabhah

(BG. 7.19)

Who surrender into me, jnanavan mam prapadyate. jnanavan mam prapadyate. What does his gyan. How much does he know? vasudevah sarvam.finished. All that they know is. Prabhupada translates. Vasudev is all in all. Vasudeva is all in all.

vasudevah sarvam iti. Iti means this much. How much? vasudevah sarvam. Jnanavan those who know this much. They surrender unto mam, unto the Lord and they are Mahatma’s. sa mahatma su-durlabha?. Not only durlabh. Su-durlabhah. Very very rare. So amongst all those who talk of why could not and of course about krishna Vishnu vaikunth. And something we know, we a little more than other vaishnavas also. You know golok av nisvati akhilatmbhutk.. tele.. hari dham cha Meshesh teshu teshu all this cosmology. Astronomy. You see through the eyes of brahma and he will you see Shashra-Chakshu. You donot need telescopes. And how much telescopes are showing you, not much. They haven’t even seen the end of one universe. Have they reached now? That’s somewhere in the middle.

These days they are talking, as we are sending signals to other planets all around. Folks they are also sending their signals. They are capturing, they are registering. They are saying, they are 36. Civilization out there, I donot know what is reason to say. They are 36 civilzation out there, out there. This is big progress one time. There’s no… that life is only on the earth but now that there civilzations out there. intelligent. Anyway but still what they are captured all knowledge they have gathered information gathering they’re doing with their telescopes. They are called Pratyakshavadies. We are Prokshwadi and they are pratyakshvadies. Prati-Aksh. Whatever they could see or whatever they could smell, whatever they could hear or touch or test there is all that exists but our understanding is all that is said by the Lord, all that is in the scriptures. That is all truth, all that exists.
Acharyavan purusho veda

Upanishads says. All that they are there is do is acharyavan. Become acharayan. One who has Dhan,he is Dhanwaan. like that.. many words are formed like that. So one who has acharye or accepted acharya in his life is Acharyavan. Then what happens. Acharyavan Purusho. That person who has accepted acharya veda he gets to know. He becomes knowledgeable or Acharyavan Purusho veda. Or the other term very famous one is Shastra chakshusha, seeing through the eyes of the scriptures. (removing glasses…. Now I donot see much, Now I see.) so the scripture has two pairs of glasses also right one and two. As we see through, read through, then we get to know get to see in fact including the Lord

santah sadaiva hrdayesu vilokayanti
yam syamasundaram acintya-guna-svarupam
govindam adi-purusam tam aham bhajami
(BS 5.38)

With the help of Sadhu-Shashtra acharye.. we get to know, get to see and touch, smell, realised.. so that arrangement is there and we should be taking full advantage of this. Lord has very kindly brought us, all of us in contact with Srila Prabhupada.

International Society for Krishna Consciousness ki Jai.
Srila Prabhupada ki Jai.
Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu ki jai.

Of course this movement is Chaitanya Mahaprabhu movement. He is original founder.

ajanu-lambita-bhujau kanakavadatau
sankirtanaika-pitarau kamalayataksau
visvambharau dvija-varau yuga-dharma-palau
vande jagat priya-karau karunavatarau || 1 ||
Gauranga Nityanand! Gauranga Nityanand!

Let it go more to my effort. So that’s Gauranga, Nityanand. This is their movement

Vande Sri-Krsna-Caitanya-
Nityanandu Sahoditau
Gaudodaye pushavantu
Citrau sandau tamo-nudau
(CC Adi lila 1.2)

This is a prayer at the Lotus feet of Gauranga and Nityanand. They have given us this movement. Srila Prabhupada then established this moment founded in 1966. I do not have time but I want to say that Prabhupada said- the books are the basis. He said the other things also. Purity is force. Utilities is the Principle and remaining Preaching is essense. So I think the Preaching is these essense and book are the basis. So this is something we are. We should be right now. Get more serious about. This is Marathon time. Right? Gita Jayanti Mahostav ki Jai.

In ISKCON there is always a Marathon. Every day is Marathon. but occasionally, there’s more emphasize. Emphasis on and then we call that as Marathons also Bhagavad-Gita distribution Marathon has already begun right? I think used to be one month nowadays, double it. This time their Marathon is going to be lasting for at least two months. So please get into action. Is anything that you could give in Charity to others to you near dear ones or love the neighbour as thyself Bible Says to love the neighbour as thyself but do not just keep saying I love you, I love you. Do something , You know, I love you. This could be just lip service. So do not just do lips service. Do something Practical, tangible. So give them Prabhupada’s books which are Krishna’s books. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s books. We call them Prabhupada books. Prabhupada has translated and presented and packaged. So, we Call Prabhupada’s books. I thought so. The Shashtras are most essential. There’s lots of lots of ignorance around, lots of ignorance. So,

Tamso Ma Jyotirgamaya
We want to bring people to the light and the source of light is Krishna, I want to bring us everyone back to Krishna and doing this is the topmost Welfare activity. We are all Human beings. Yes we are. We look like and we should prove that we are. They’re saying that. Propkarya idm shareem. Manushya shareeram Propkarya. This human form of life is for Propakaraya like

Paropakaraya Falanti Vrksah
Paropakaraya Vahanti Nadyah.
Paropakaraya Duhanti Gavah
Paropakarartth Midam Sarira,.

Reverse Flow or Share Water and this is their Propakaar They do not drink themselves but they share with others then Propakaraya Falanti Vrksah. Fruits trees are giving in Charity. Take Fruits, Take Fruits. Take Fruits and Propakaraya Duhanti Gavah.. So this Trees, cows, rivers do, we are in the list. then conclusion Propakaraya idim… this one.. Shareram for Proakaraya, so please distribute books.. distribute books.. distribute books.. Read books.. Read books. Read books. And more you read, mor will you like to distribute also. you will Krishna on the pages. Basically, distributing books is distributing Krishna, sharing Krishna. So you all have Krishna, You all have Krishna in different forms and form of the holy name, We have Krishna Radha.. Radha Gopinath ki Jai.

You have Krishna in the form of Radha Gopinath. Srila Prabhupada’s books, you have Krishna in form of Prabhupada’s books. you have Mahaprasade Govinde.. that is also Krishna’s form. Annapara Brahma says not only Arjuna said Param Brahma Param Dhama to Krishna. Anna when it is offered to Krishna, it becomes Param Brahma, So you have all this. You have all this… So don’t be miserly. The Maganimous.. as Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

Srila Prabhupada ki Jai. So, each one you should all take your quotas, five, ten and twenty thousands, five thousands and distribut flood Mumbai with Srila Prabhupada’s books. Gehe Gehe Jane Jane. This was also Narad Muni’s Strategies, I want to bring bhakti to every home, Jane Jane means every person. So we are in that Parampara of Narada Muni also. Srila Prabhupada ki Jai, and it is said this book printing and book distribution is our transcendental business, is the only business that we do or we emphasize on their business. Okay,
Thank you.

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