Srila Prabhupada giving his great science of self realization to the whole world


Venue: Vrindavan
Dated: 2/8/12
Kolkata dhama ki…jai
So today is not just another day very historic day –reserved for Srila Prabhupada’s departure for USA America I don’t know what time of the he boarded that Jalduta 1965 I was small, you all remember what you were doing in 1965? (Maharaj ji asking the audience) no…Krishna remembers but you have forgotten, you were another body probably, 1965 how many were on the planet? ( A devotee say he got married in 1965) you were married in 1965 – so historic occasion (laughter) and happily married since then also accomplishment.
So it was way back in 1972 infact in Kolkatta Prabhupada was given his instruction “Oh! you seem to be very intelligent” Srila Prabhupada had walked into that quarter were Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Thakur was delivering a talk to assembled disciples and devotees and Srila Prabhupada walked with his friend and offered his obesciances and Srila Prabhupada he was still trying to take his seat and then Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Thakur point out –…….seem to be very intelligent and you should spread this, bring this Bhagvat dharma , the idea was you should bring this message to the western world and preach in English language.
So it took long time before “life time preparation” before you execute anything they say you prepare 80% of time for preparation 20% time for execution then you will get the success not other way round, little preparation or no preparation and you jump in action. This kind of universal understanding how much time in preparation 80% time in preparation. So Prabhupada was preparing to one day to go to th West. He was also married and he had his little pharmacy in Prayag – Prayag pharmacy. Then Srila Prabhupada in 1944 he starts publication of his “Back to Godhead magazine” this was part of the preparation he goes to Jhasi, he used to travels all over North India sell his products so he was well received in Jhasi then he spend some more time in Jhasi going back and forth between Jhasi and Prayag on time he had gone back and Srila Prabhupada’s wife had sold his big fat Bhagvatam ‘kabadi…………….kabadi……………paper’ hye come come she sold and got some tea biscuits in exchange then Prabhupada realized what she had done. He was that’s it and he asked that question “you want tea or me?” take you pick wife had said of course jokingly she replied she had no idea what would happen with such response, light hearted manner she said I will go for tea. And Prabhupada went for something else, ok you stay with your tea and here I go.
And Srila Prabhupada left for Jhasi, he was going and coming but this time he was only going not coming any more this was also part of the preparation. Now he was from Grastha to Vanaprastha and lot of preparation in Jhasi, you know where Jhasi is ? not far from here 3,4 hours by train from here there is ISKCON Temple now south of Mathura. So Srila Prabhupada was doing some other preparation he was trying to recruit some preachers putting some adds in newspapers “preachers wanted” “If you have so many son give me one I will train him send him all over to propagate Krishna consciousness” no response very little response . He founded his Sarvabhaum sabha and he was preaching he conceived devotees in Jhasi or those who go deeper in what Srila Prabhupada did while he was in Jhasi he conceived ISKCON, he was mediating some strategy he had never forgotten the instructions of Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Thakur although lots of time had passed but he was preparing so ISKCON was conceived in Jhasi and delivered in New York, Conceived and delivered so conceived in Jhasi and delivered in New York.
Then Srila Prabhupada he had a place in mind he thought he would make that as his head quarter but that did not work out in his favor and he had to live Jhasi comes to Mathura Keshavaji Gaudiya matha first helping with some editing some writing he had his Caitanya Mahaprabhu deity of Caitanya Mahaprabhu in Jhasi he bring them to Mathura understand it’s the same deity of Caitanya Mahaprabhu still on the altar of Keshavaji Gaudiya matha in Mathura, Keshava ji that’s spiritual master of Narayan Maharaj. And Srila Prabhupada he takes sanyasa 1959 this is also part of the preparation he is going to be travelling all over the world so sanyasa ashram is appropriate, he starts writing books, “easy journey to other planets” is one of the first book Prabhupada published. Then he moves to Vrindavan to some other place first then to Radha Damodhara temple first and further meditation on the mission future vision to propagate Bhagvat dharma in the Western world in English language.
Then he starts translation of Bhagvatam everything he does by himself translation, typing, editing he goes to Delhi riding on 3rd class train, such class doesn’t even exist now you know what 2nd class is like so you could imagine one class lower and getting his books printed goes to the printer sometimes he carries papers on his head to save some ricksaw fare. He goes sometimes to the printer he has not taken his meal doesn’t know where the meal is going to come from or there is not sufficient money to buy meal, so he is settling between Delhi and Radha Damodhara temple continues his translation he has 3 cantos of Bhagvatam ready.
He does not have anything substantial to carry to the west, so the book in English language he thought this would be the right thing. Prabhupada was in Kuruksetra attending Gita samelan – lots of speakers from all over the world, Kuruksetra is Gita’s place, place where Bhagvat Gita advented so they had some conference so Srila Prabhupada was invited. This is where he had met Sumati Murarji little encounter with Sumati Murarji the owner of East India navigation company. So at some point Srila Prabhupada after the Kuruksetra Gita conference had gone to Bombay met this lady Sumati Murarji incharge of Jaldutta boat and many other cargo boats she owned. “You are too old swamiji you may not even make to America, you will not survive it’s not an easy journey, you have return a book ‘easy journey to other planets’ but this journey is not going to be easy”. But Prabhupada he was fixed, he had to go this is instruction of my spiritual master, order of my spiritual master, I must go. So Prabhupada had to come several times to meet this lady he had to wait for hours to get the appointment to see her. So she agreed yes swamiji you could travel in a cargo boat the boat that carried goods not the passengers, some crew members some staff travelled along with the big luggage, big baggage lots of goods.
Srila Prabhupada travelled to Kolkata again by train this boat lives from Kolkata this Jalduta boat, well we only fly these days, Prabhupada has to catch boat from Kolkata he is taking train must be again third class train. In his diary he makes note that he travelled via Nagpur, so devotees in our Nagpur temple they think Prabhupada travelled to America via Nagpur. He started his journey in one sense from Bombay travelled to Kolkata via Nagpur. In Kolkata Prabhupada packed his baggage everything was in suitcase which he was able to carry no coolies and no bag on top of another bag and bag no, just one bag in one hand in the other hand he had umbrella. Sanayasi should carry danda or umbrella so there were few friends to say bye farewell and Srila Prabhupada climbing the stairs of Jaladuta boat that famous scene picture we all remember Prabhupada climbing, there is a one little diorama here in front of Prabhupada Samadhi diorama depicting those times.
Then onto the boat the first day was he had a good time riding on the Jaladuta boat, duta – means messenger of the waters that is technical meaning of the name of that boat but as now Prabhupada was riding on that boat he was devduta, he was Krishna duta riding on Jaladuta, duta means messenger. So in one sense very appropriate name for the boat, one duta in another duta, the boat is duta and the passenger Bhaktivedanta Swami is the duta the messenger. The next day as in Bay of Bengal it was raining, windy, it was turbulent and Prabhupada started suffering sea sickness, vomiting. So for next several days Prabhupada was ill he noted all this some mentions, brief mentions of this in his dairy which I snow known in ISKCON as Jaladuta diary. We don’t know whether Prabhupada was expecting one day his followers form all over the world would read his diary – Jaladuta diary of course we gave that name Jaladuta dairy that wasn’t Prabhupada. Srila Prabhupada arrives at Colombo the captain of the boat called Pandya, Arun Pandya he takes Prabhupada lets go Swamiji, let’s take a little lets go of the boat into the town and Prabhupada was seeing the town around Prabhupada liked Colombo its very Clean Prabhuapada says, Oh! This reminds me of Pune he said he wrote a letter to someone that is where he mentions oh! This is very clean city back on the Jaladuta boat again and next destination was going to be Cochin the west coast of India from Kolkata to Colombo, Sri Lanka Silone before it was Silone now it is Sri Lanka, Cochin Kerala.
So Srila Prabhupada his books “Bhagvatam” were going to be loaded many crates of Bhagvatam were going to loaded at Cochin they went by lorry or other means of transportation his books were being loaded in Cochin. So boat was going to halt there one night. Prabhupada was in Cochin town and this Sea India navigation company they had some office there and some officers staying there in Cochin so Prabhupada was guest of this navigation company in Cochin. Some years ago our padayatra was in Cochin I visited Cochin then we went to look for that place where Prabhupada had spend the night as we went there we were surprised the lady who was also there in 1965 was still there she said “I cooked for your swami ji” and they showed us the place where he spend the night Prabhupada had just one night before he would live, his boat would live for America so that evening he wanted to do some satsanga. So the officers of the Navigation company office they organized some get together they invited guests and Prabhupada did program in that house.
He spend that night and next day his books were on the boat and finally leaving for America then on the way there were more encounters with the climate and rocking of the boat and rain and then there were the days Prabhupada had heart attacks one day one next day another one and Prabhupada wrote if there would be another one well this would be end of me these were Prabhupada’s thoughts he wrote down in the diary it was that bad but he is tolerating all this. Then he has a dream in the dream he sees a boat And Krishna he personally is roving the boat, Krishna has taken charge of the boat and comforting don’t worry don’t worry everything will be all right comforting Prabhupada, Krishna comforting and then rest of the journey was very smooth to Atlantic ocean. Captain Pandya noticed oh! I have gone back and forth so many times through this Atlantic Ocean but first time smooth journey like this. Then Prabhupada explained how Krishna appeared in the dream and he has taken charge of the boat and that is why. The wife of this captain said “swamiji you should accompany us on the way back to India then we will have another smooth journey if you are with us”.
1965 Janmastami Srila Prabhupada celebrated on the boat no one else had no clue that it was Janmastami day but Bhakti Vedanta Swami he was not called Srila Prabhupada those days. He made announcement he gathered the crew members and staff come ………come…come let’s have Janmastami celebration. When they all gathered Prabhupada talked about Krishna and distributed some prasadam to them. Next day was his birthday no ceremony only he knew that it was his birthday and there was no one say happy birthday to you or no cake no nothing silent observation Srila Prabhupada was although he was in Vrindavan and now he had left Vrindavan but not really he had not left his Vrindavan he was in Vrindavan he was remembering he mentions 3 deities name Govinda, Gopinath and Damodhar he is remembering these deities. So he lost or left his heart in Vrindavan although he is away he is very much here in Vrindavan, Vrindavan spirit. Throughout the journey he is reading, studying Caitanya Caritamrita he is absorbed in studies of Caitanya Caritamrita.
So these are some of the highlights then his boat Jaladuta arrived at Boston common wealth pear something like that this is where Srila Prabhupada cleared his customs and immigration clearance took place in Boston and this is the first town first city Prabhupada touched with his lotus feet blessed America. Pandya was again with him Pandya wanted to do some shopping “Swami ji come along lets go” so there some friendship developed he would take him to see the Boston. So Srila prabhupada was there in the town Boston around and on the streets and he saw the rat race people moving, going back and forth so fast no ready to stop so busy like rats they go from one hole to another and make residence then they make another hole they spend few minutes there and they get out and go to another one and another one they are racing. Rats do the racing from hole to hole and sometimes people have their houses in this town and they have property in another one in that town here there and they are shuttling back and forth this office that office this business that business running.
The rats are so busy if you ask rat hello! Mr rat shake hand is rat going to stop no no make the divergent and move fast faster. So Prabhupada thoughts were oh! I am here to preach the message of Gauranga finally as per instructions of Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Thakur I am here in the west to propagate Bhagvat dharma in English language but look people are so bust how is this going to be possible to preach to them. So Srila Prabhupada back on the Jaladuta boat again and last leg of the journey from Boston to New York and that is when Srila Prabhupad took pen and paper and wrote a poem of what he had experienced in Boston and how he is going to accomplish the mission this propagation of Bhagvat dharma in the western world and then he starts praying the Lord, his prayers his thoughts he puts them on paper.
“nachao prabhu nachao nachao sei mate ami to kasteir putali”
He says “I am just little doll or puppet in your hand “nachao” you make me dance, you make me dance as you will feel on my own I can’t do anything I am just a doll in your hands make me dance oh! Lord make me dance, make me dance and talk and walk as you feel, I have this big name Bhakti Vedanta you do something so that I am not so called Bhakti Vedant let the purport of this name Bhakti Vedanta be fullfilled”.
So we get the glimpse of what was on Srila Prabhupada’s mind throughout what he was going through the illness, the thoughts, the prayers his determination his tolerance of course his enthusiasm his obedience to the orders of his spiritual master and his vision. He also wrote another poem before I think he reached Boston. He is talking how this holy name will reach every town every village the full confidence that this definitely will happen. So finally boat reaching New York it took him 35 days from Kolkata to New York now it takes 16 hours now we could go you don’t even have to break your journey in London or Paris you could just take off and land in New York, Philadelphia, Washington or Boston. But Prabhupada travelled 35 days and he has now arrived in New York. As Prabhupada gets off the boat unto the land of America Prabhupada makes another entry ok I have reached here but is there any one to receive me no…………anyone with the garland or chandan or kirtan, is there press awaiting what about the 5 star hotel booking something nothing………………….he is there but he does not know whether to turn right or left or where he should he go he does not know no clue.
And what about money he had 40 Rupees as the balance he also had to spend money on the boat on this and that and when he was in New York he had 40 rupees and 20 dollars he had sold set of Bhagvatam to the captain of the boat (maharaj laughs) and he made 20 dollars, so he had 40 rupees and 20 dollars but that money how long he could survive in New York with 40 rupees and 20 dollars may be 20 hours or 20 minutes. Then he does meet with the travel agent who would arrange Srila Parabhupada’s return journey. Boston he was given 3 months visa, he could stay only 3 months in America his visa was stamped 3 months stay in America so in New York he arranged his return travel 2 months after he had just arrived 2 months latter he was going to go back. So that person who arranged Prabhupada’s return travels the way Srila Prabhupada looked sadhu out fit simple cotton clothes saffron of course, tilak and kanthi mala. He had not seen anyone like him and of course no one in America probably had seen any traditional sadhu. And then Prabhupada goes to a bus station his sponsor was from butler Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania is a state, butler is a town city so Srila Prabhupada is going to catch bus so he is going to bus station he is catching bus to one Mr Agrawal he had sponsored Srila Prabhupada’s travels or visa but he had not come to receive Prabhupada. So Prabhupada had to go to bus station catch bus to go to his host, no courtesy, no hospitality.
He is there in America now with the 40 rupees there is a story it did stay on and on not just 3 months but several years he stayed in America and was that 67? or… …he came New Vrindavan with Kirtananda swami and they had also stayed at Radha Damodhar at that time and he was travelling Kirtananda was travelling with Prabhupada. So Prabhupada returned to india Delhi airport again there was no one to receive him then Prabhupada goes to Chipiwada near Red fort in delhi, Prabhupada used to stay in Delhi at Chipiwada just recently ISKCON New Delhi has taken possession of Chipiwada there is small Radha Krishna temple small one, Srila Prabhupada used to stay upstairs whenever Srila Prabhupada went from Vrindavan to Delhi to do his printing work he used to stay there so that was his base.
So Prabhupada went from airport to chipiwada and l had to pay taxi fare so he pulled 40 rupees the fare was exactly 40 rupees (maharaj laughs) which he had them in New York when he arrived in New York those 40 rupees he was saving those 40 rupees he did not convert or spend he came back with the 40 rupees and he paid his taxi fare at Chipiwada. So Srila Prabhupada is in America preaching by himself he must have come back spending time with the butler his sponsor they had a child and Prabhupada would play with him and there is a photograph of Prabhupada with little baby Prabhupada holding his hands, Prabhupada doing his own cooking he has three Fortier cooker and oceanic that lady had used as the oceanic “swami’s smile or laugh is oceanic is like a ocean”. And Prabhupada is back in New York and starts his mission in the foot path he is sitting and chanting he has only kartal no one to play, no drum and he has no microphone, but he is attracting attention of New Yorkers that strange looking with no hair and paint on the face and he is wearing a bed sheet.
So Prabhupada is chanting and people are gathering in between Srila Prabhupada stops and does some talking “look this is Supreme Personality of Godhead he is showing the photograph”. Oh! then what is that girl doing there New Yorker asking if this you say is God then that next to him is a girl what is that girl doing there? They don’t know so much ignorance. Now our Pancha Guada knows all the glories of Radharani, if this is Krishna then this has to be Radharani (Maharaj laughs). Next to Ram it has to be Sita and if this is Balaram this has to be Revati and if this is Narayana then this has to be Laxmi. Even little kids in india know this but those elderly folks in America they had no idea, no clue so they were asking such silly questions they were just innocent ignorant, what is that girl doing there. Then Prabhupada managed to get one store front he was doing preaching on the streets, in the parks now he had his own one rented store front 26 second Avenue and twice a week Prabhupada was conducting his classes there. He meet people in the parks and please come…please come to our get together. So there was some shop there before the owner there vacated, he shifted to another location, but he left the sign behind.
So some of the followers of Swami ji said “Swami ji that sign the previous owner he left the sign behind” what does it say? It says Matchless gift and Prabhupada said keep it, otherwise they were thinking of get rid of it throw it away. ….keep it if the sign says Matchless gift, because my gift are matchless I have come with matchless gift, it’s very appropriate sign. So Srila Prabhupada was conducting classes there twice a week he was before the class or program he would do cooking for them and making offering to his deities and then he would go down there he stayed on the back on the first floor and his preaching place was downstairs in the front. Then Prabhupada used to give a talk get them up and teach them how to dance “swami step”, oh! What kind of dance you learned there? This is swami step we have learned swami step, foot there and foot there and moving – swami step. Then Prabhupada used to say – ok sit down and they all used to sit down no one else to serve the food or Prasad who is serving? He does the cooking, he does the offering, he gives the talk, he leads the kirtan, he teaches how to dance, he gets them to sit down, he feeds them, and when their bellies are full and they are out who does the cleaning? He does the cleaning all this Prabhupada is going through.
So it was all indoor going on now he had some followers and one day if you wish to join me and help me then you will have to follow some regulative principles. What are they? No meat, no egg, no fish, no illicit sex, no intoxication, no gambling. Are you ready? And they all raised their hands this was after some months in America and this sadhu was getting American girls and boys, who were hippies’ long hairs, the bottles, their girl friends, the boots they had no idea, they don’t know even how to sit properly nothing Prabhupada is tolerant and compassionate, kind to all of them. But now they are all attracted to him, now they are able to stay high for ever, Swami ji oh! you I have a drug you take this drug then you will stay high for ever, now otherwise the drug you take you go high and then you low and then you higher and then you go lower and then you go highest and then you go lowest then you never come up again, up and down and up and down and down for ever. But the drug that I have you can stay high forever. So they were into the drugs looking for drugs specially someone coming from India there were check out whether carrying some drugs. Swami ji said yes yes I have a drug they were into drugs (laughs) what was the drug? “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Ram Hare Ram, Ram Ram Hare Hare” was the drug.
So they were now getting intoxicated the first time boys and girls and the “hippies were becoming…………..happies”. so that’s the perfection of Srila Prabhupada’s mission he travels to the west he was fulfilling desires and executing the will of his spiritual master, he was in America that is the west and he was preaching in English language he was distributing gifts and he had now some followers ready to follow 4 regulative principles. Of course he had gone through lots of harassments and difficulties dealing with the crazy drug addicts in Bowery what he had to go through, his manuscript was stolen and this happened that happened. The first day I was in America in 78 we arrived and next day we were given a tour of New York where ever Srila Prabhupada Bowery and Yoga studio by river side there was devotee called Puru prabhu was our guide and guiding myself and Giriraj and few others we had travelled from India, myself first time and then he was giving us a tour of all the places of Srila Prabhupada and then that Tomkins square Park, tree was still there and that tree is still there now Prabhupada standing under that tree and giving his address and saying I have nothing new to say to you but I am here to remind you what you have forgotten. These are Prabhupada’s first public address words it’s like a first public address under neath that tree in Tomkins square park. I have nothing new to say but what you have forgotten I am here to remind you, so we visited that place also and lots of places and then Prabhupada goes for foundation of ISKCON- International society for Krishna consciousness.
Krishna consciousness was founded in 1966 about 1 year latter and all of this time for 1 year Prabhupada had stayed in New York he did not go any other towns and villages mostly in and around New York and now he had ISKCON- International society for Krishna consciousness ki………………………..jai.
And he had another one in San Francisco and that is the first time Prabhupada travelled from New York to San Francisco this is the first time Prabhupada had his air travel he had not travelled by plain before that first time he travelled to San Francisco and it’s time to land and he was seeing those buildings and he said they look like a match box on top of another match box and another match box (laughs). So as the plain was coming down he was watching skyscrapers tall building they were like match boxes one top of each other. So that was next town Prabhupada visits and establishes Mukund Goswami was from there he took leadership and many others and he goes to Montreal here there London n goes to Japan he is now publishing books his Bhagvat Gita was published by Macmillan company is checking his printing.
Then he returns to Kolkata and 71 Prabhupada has come to India this time he has come with lots of followers with him, he had come ones before in 67 just with one follower he had also send couple of them Jaypataka and Acutananda they were in Kolkata and Mayapur side and then Prabhupada starts travelling all over doing pandala program. Then he goes to Kumbhamela 72 Kumbhmela and like that 72 after Guar Pornima festival Prabhupada comes to Vrindavan and he had this land given by Saraf and Prabhupada did the ground breaking ceremony before that he had done one in Mayapur in 72 Guar pornima festival. Then he comes here and ground breaking ceremony and then he goes to Bombay and Hare Krishna land and ground breaking ceremony I think in 1 month or so he had 3 lands and the ground breaking and the temple constructions had started so that’s Srila Prabhuapada goes to.
So today is that day historic day Prabhupada’s departure for America it started with one person long time even after arrival in America he was just one person single handedly no friend no money rof course because he was not by himself he was not alone, we say he had no friend but his friend is?Sri Krishna was his and is his friend the best friend he had appeared in the dream on the boat also. And what about money he was penny less what was his wealth? “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Ram Hare Ram, Ram Ram Hare Hare”. This was the wealth that he was carrying with all that wealth Americans had that wealth was not making Americans happy. But the kind of wealth that Prabhupada was carrying and delivered that wealth and made so called rich Americans in true sense Prabhupada enriched their lives gave lots of riches gave Krishna gave Krishna’s name Krishna’s message this was and is the wealth.
He travelled 14 times around the world making people wealthy everywhere and happy everywhere. So we should never ever forget sacrifices made by Srila Prabhupada for our welfare now we are sitting here in Balarama hall with the fans and marble floor, microphone- lots of sacrifices of Srila Prabhupada have been invested in those foundational days, setting up the scene – foundation of Hare Krishna movement. So this is the history that inspires us and that will continue to inspire the whole world. Jayadvait Maharaj was saying if Prabhupada got off the boat and if there was some reception and if there was some hotel booking there was this and that well that’s normal there is nothing to talk about or there is nothing to remember. But Lord has created such a situation – look Prabhupada pennyless, look Prabhupada 69 years, look Prabhupada has no friends, look when he gets in America he doesn’t know where to turn. So this is a different story all together extra ordinary and that makes us think or world think from such humble beginning everything kind of against elderly and no money, no friends.
Prabhupada I think once in Bombay he was giving a talk he started this movement with 40 rupees, when he started Hare Krishna movement he started with 40 rupees now he said we have 400 crores of property and wealth and empire all over the world. We started with 40 rupees and now see. In 72 Prabhupada had come for Kartik festival first and Prabhupada stayed humble dwelling Radha Damodhar quarter by this time he had followers all around the world and wealthy disciples and Ambarish and Gorge Harrison like supporters but when he comes back to Vrindavan he lived like a 6 Goswamis “tyaktva turnam asesa mandala pati” (sri sri sad goswamiastaka) all these 6 goswamis also had abandoned lots of wealth and big big positions and they are coming to Vrindavan and they were living very humble simple living very down to the earth very basics that’s where I had seen Prabhupada in 71 and in 72 I joined and I saw Prabhupada that kartik 72 I was bit surprised that kind of simple very simple life that Srila Prabhupada lead there was hardly any furniture facilities. So I also stayed 1 month 72 with Srila Prabhupada and we had some 40 – 50 devotees attending that kartik and we were thinking oh! we have lots of devotees attending the festival. And we were asked how many? 40 devotees attending 50 was considered lots of devotees and then Prabhupada used to send us everyday to this Raman reti from Radha Damodhar temple we would start kirtan in morning and going through here there loi bazaar coming down to Radha Madan Mohan, Bhaktivedanta Goshala and finally we would land here and ground breaking had taken place in March 72, in kartik some digging was going on and Tamal tree was there, when I stood next to the tamal tree I was taller than the tree that time but that tree is no more I think this is the 2nd or 3rd ? this is 2nd tree tamal tree in the court yard Prabhupada had made sure that no tree is cut specially tamal tree so made the design so that the tree is part of the temple. So we would come here every day very cold those days we would do kirtan here offer our obesciance here and go back again to Radha Damodhar temple.
Ok Srila Prabhupada ki………jai
Srila Prabhupada’s departure for America ki…………………….jai
Radha Damodhar ki……………………………………….jai

What is the real wealth?
Krishna, Krishna’s name, Krishna’s message this was and is the real wealth.

Jaladuta boat, srila prabhupada, America, ISKCON, vrindavan,
Jaladuta diary gives ……………….
The glimpse of what was on Srila Prabhupada’s mind throughout, what he was going through, the illness, the thoughts, the prayers, his determination, his tolerance, of course his enthusiasm, his obedience to the orders of his spiritual master and his vision.

Jaladuta – means messenger of the waters
Prabhupada was riding on that boat he was devduta, he was Krishna duta riding on Jaladuta, duta means messenger. So in one sense very appropriate name for the boat, one duta in another duta, the boat is duta and the passenger Bhaktivedanta Swami is the duta the messenger.
ISKCON Conceived and delivered
ISKCON was conceived in Jhasi and delivered in New York

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