Talk By Srila Guru Maharaj to International Devotees


Talk By Srila Guru Maharaj to International Devotees.

So, I am happy again to see you all and have not all of you, sorry, I am not hearing all of you. Read or write your offerings or maybe you already have written. I will read out if you wish you could write also which I will read and then we could also share that on the conference, Dinukampa mata ji could do that. Keep Practicing and propagating Krishna Consciousness. Hari Hari. Krishna has or Gauranga has made us fortunate by bringing us to the devotees connecting us with the Parampara. This is certainly, I mean many of you are saying, Oh! Maharaj is merciful., Maharaj is merciful., Maharaj is merciful, but it is all Krishna’s mercy. Krishna is very kind and his mercy is what we display or wish. We share with you all, with others, so in turn you also become merciful, so others souls connect them with this Parampara, connect them with Krishna. Hari Hari. It is also expectation from Chaitanya Mahaprabhu which Srila Prabhupad spread out of Chaitanya Charitamrit and Srila Prabhupad used to repeat this. I heard this so many times Prabhupad saying this and that is bharat bhumite manusya haila janma yara janma sarthaka kare karo upakara

“ If you are born in Bharat Varsha and if you wish to make your life perfect then do Parupakara, So what is parupakara? Parupakara is share Krishna with others. That’s the only thing other are looking for, in fact they may not know even. When George Harrison had to say that we are looking for Krishna, he said, “ I may not looking for but in fact all souls are looking for Krishna. So, if you wish to make them happy give them Krishna. So you have received Krishna or I had received Krishna from Prabhupad and now I am sharing that Krishna with you and in turn you have to share that same Krishna with others. Hari Hari.

Well, the statement says, “Bharat bhumite haila manusya janma yara,” those who are born in Bharat Varsha, you may say oh! I am not born in Bharat Varsha and so I don’t have obligation. So I don’t have to do Parupkar. I don’t have to propagate or share Krishna Consciousness but the fact is those who are practicing Krishna Consciousness which you all, that makes you Bharatiya means resident of Bharat Varsha and those who have come in contact with Srila Prabhupad’s Hare Krishna movement, you are more Bharatiya’s Bhartiya. Then most of the Indian’s are in India, you may be wherevaer you are, in America, here there, Africa, Australia, Asia, practicing Krishna Consciousness, you are bharatiya, you are practicing the ancient Culture of India, forget India, the India is worse than west. Oh! I think if I say this you will understand what, I mean one gentleman as he was addressing the gathering to introduce himself. He said, “I am not Indian, Main Bharatiya hoon.”I am not Indian, please not I am not Indian. I have nothing to do with India, mein bharatiya hoon. I am Bharatiya. So, in that sense I think I could say more but I think you are getting that. So, wherever there are Krishna Conscious temples, ISKCON temples, centres, preaching centres or even homes. Bharat has extended there. So, you are all Bharatiya’s, you are all and if you are nodding yes, I am here, then do this kind of Proupkar and there is also instructions of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu again, however, Krishna is Sri Krishna Chaitanya. Our God is Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Krishna becomes Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Krishna was from Dwapar Yug and in Kaliyug, he appears as Sri Krishna Chaitanya and when Krishna becomes more, more Kind, more Merciful, more magnanimous than that Krishna, more magnanimous Krishna is Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu ki Jai…………

So, take this Krishna consciousness seriously, Chant Hare Krishna daily and attentively, follow all the four regulative principles strictly. Read Srila Prabhupad’s books thoroughly and propagate and share Krishna consciousness enthusiastically and make your lives perfect. We are very close, we are very close to Krishna’s lotus feet. We are almost there. I will just stay there no if’s and but’s and no U-turns and no becoming Punar Mushika Bhava, Punar Mushika Bhava, become mouse again if you know what that is. Hari Hari. So lead a simple life or simple living, high thinking, not simply living, some people are just simply living, simply living and that is animal. Animals are also simply living, so you have taken initiation, so it becomes our responsibility to keep guiding you, keep inspiring you, so that you stay on this path, way back to home, back to Krishna. We are all foreigners. All right whatever you are, you are a foreigner and sharing reunion island, you are a foreigner there, or in USA, you are a foreigner. You may say I am a local, I am local, I belong to…, look at my passport, I am US citizen, I am Australian yeah or do not forget or get reminders that we are away from home, we are away from our homeland, we are away from our motherland, fatherland. We have forgotten who is our original father and mother and that is Krishna and wherever he resides, our father mother resides that is our country. Thus we belong to that nation, that country, that land, that home. So wake up or if you have waken up stay awake and stay on the path and never forget the goal of life, the final destination and that’s why we had association. So, yeah “Bodhyantah Parasparam”, Krishna says when devotees get together and that is what we are doing right now, right here, “Bodhyantah Parasparam”, we remind each other, we keep inspiring each other, we remind ourselves of what, what the reality including or beginning with who we are and, who Krishna is, who are the others, others members of our family or who are our neighbours, who are the friends, who are the colleagues.

So we are in big illusion thinking that they are the bodies, Hari Hari, So they are all spirit souls, parts and Parcels of Krishna. So help them out, so wherever you are, get together or got the temples for the association whatever good enough my heart, I will go wherever association to God is available and he had inspired to get fired up, yeah read books of Srila Prabhupad, distribute Books, yea so much, so much ignorance, in this world. Sky is the limit of that ignorance, unlimited ignorance. Hari Hari.

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu has a plan, has a strategy and Srila Prabhupad the Senapati Bhakt, Srila Prabhupad the Commander in Chief of the Sankirtan army by doing the foundation of this International Society for Krishna Consciousness, Srila Prabhupad is executing the will of the Lord, execution of the will of the Lord. Gauranga Mahaprabhu’s will is being executed. So, let us all play our roles in that execution which is basically propagation of Krishna Consciousness. So, go on and Stay High forever and thank you for all the love and trust that you are expressing through your words and express that, let that love and trust also be expressed through your actions, actions speak louder right. So, walk the talk, walk the talk all that your are taking practice that we are family, we are together, may be always not physically together but, we are, this is almost like physically , almost like a virtual togetherness, almost real. And yeah, you know we do this morning Japa Session, so as much as possible try to join us at least for some time or at least some days if not every day. So this kind of communication, association is available every day, Oh that is something we have been doing when I started that, so that we could be together that forum would provide facility to associate, not only you get my association but you also get association on thousands of devotees from all over India and also from several countries around the world. So try to take advantage of us for convenience to you all, You are free to write to us, we are, send us an email or if you really have to talk you could email sometimes also try to speak to us on the phone. We have written several books as Prabhupad used to say if you want to know me, read my books. So, we could also say something similar but if your want to know me more, or even associate and we benefitted that way, you could read books. Hari Hari.

You are welcome to come to Vrindavan Dham, Mayapur Dham or sometimes Pandharpur Dham also you could come and connect with us or catch up with us here in India. In one of the dham’s, on Parikarma or whatever possible. So stay connected and let us be stay united as united we stand and you know the rest. We don’t want to fall on the rise, go higher. Okay I am tired but it is for none, You know it is same Shubhratri or least for those devotees in India, Shubhratri or good night with Krishna conscious dreams and see you tomorrow morning on Zoom Session.

Hare Krishna
Nitai Gaur Premanande Hari Haribol

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