The 12th Offense


Venue: VOICE Nagpur
Date: June 11, 2011

Stay Focused! Don’t get distracted. This material world is meant for distractions. Our original relation is there with Krishna only in the spiritual world. This material world has been designed to make us forget that relationship. Half of the life is wasted in just sleeping.

Vriddha avastha chinta magna – nowadays if someone is lucky, then he will die in old age. Previously, the majority of the people used to die in old age. But nowadays, the majority dies in early age. Some die in womb through abortion. Then some commit suicide at young age. Farmers are also traffic jammed. Five percent of life is wasted in traffic jam. So where is the time for Krishna? There are people in the world, who have zero time for Krishna. We have created so many varieties of Illusions. All that glitters is not gold. Ten to twenty years before, Nagpur was not that much glamorous, the way it is now.

The 12th offense is to have mobile/Nokia next to you while chanting and hearing. The most important business is to become Krishna conscious.
Whatever is favorable has to be accepted – anukulasya sankalpa and whatever is unfavorable has to be rejected. This has to be understood. The focus has to be maintained on daily basis. That is the purpose of staying in the BACE.
We get regular reminders. Otherwise in the outside world, even if someone performs so called religious activities, the purpose is to make the material world more comfortable. Yavat jivam sukham jivet – ghrtam pibet. In church also people go and ask to Jesus – Oh God! Give us our daily bread. Some people desire to go to higher heavenly planets. It is just like going from lower grade prison house to higher grade prison house. There are some first class prison houses where there are five star facilities. Real intelligence is not in promotion from low class to high class prison but to get out of the prison.

The wives of Ganesh are Riddhi and Siddhi. Their sons are Shubha and Labha. But by such Shubha and Labha, one will only continue with his comfortable life in this material world or prison. We are entangled into so many activities of this world. Balavastha Kridasakta – all over the world, children have the tendency to play. Previously, I used to think only Indian boys have the tendency to play. First day in 1978, when I was going from airport to temple in the West, children were playing on the ground. This proves that all the children have common tendency. This also proves that father of all the human beings is one.

Turana avastha taruni asakta – Boy’s attraction for girl – I Love You. This might be natural on the bodily platform. But for the soul this attraction is completely unnatural. But when we say shut up to soul’s voice, body starts speaking – I Love You. Atma ka mukha – I Love Krishna e.g. When someone is drunken – whatever he does, whatever he speaks is insane. The people of this world are intoxicated with Maya. Intoxicated with lust, anger and greed. From greed is coming the corruption. In this way, the conditioned soul
remains always entangled in this so called routine life
. The goal of life, vision, is forgotten. The goal of the captain in the boat is the light house. Otherwise he will be lost. Even if he is misdirected due to storm, he will be back on the track only if he will remain focused on the goal.

Sadhu Savadhan – if there is some high tension wires, it will be written – SAVADHAN /BEWARE. In this way, life will pass. So Krishna consciousness has never to be postponed. Yesterday only, one of our well-wishers, Mr. Onjhale from Pune, who used to come every year for my katha, left his body. He was about 40-45 years old. Nowadays this is natural.

During Ramacandra’s kingdom it never happened that in the presence of parents a child would die. Only once it happened, and then the father came to Lord Rama to complain. If someone dies in old age, they say it is a natural death. Temporary nature and the intensity of dukhalayam of this world increasing more and more day by day. On daily basis you should remain focused and check yourself – some evaluation should be done.

The program and concept of the BACE was not there during our time, when we were students. BACE is like a temple away from the temple and also at the same time, home away from the home. Not completely entangled in home and also not fully absorbed in temple. Something in between as a transit – Stop, think and go – coming out of the rat race. This BACE is also like an oasis. In desert, where there is no drop of water, oasis is a place where you can get water. Similarly in this concrete jungle of Nagpur – in that contamination, there is some mangal, auspiciousness is there at the BACE.

For thinking, one should accept the thoughts of Krishna from the Bhagavad-gita and Srimad-bhagavatam. Are all of you watching how the whole world is running very fast? Srimad-bhagavatam also describes that. As soon as one wakes up, the senses become very active. The body is like a chariot, the senses are like the horses. The whole day the chariot is running and the horses are dragging the chariot in so many various directions.
In the night, some rest, dream world. Next day again running. BACE program is out of the world. Who are we and where we have to go? Someone is sitting in the train and if you ask him where are you going and he says, “I don’t know.” Then he is called mad. This life is also a journey but what is the goal? People don’t know. They only know the destination of the body – cremation but not of the soul. The soul is very disturbed from this rat race. She wants to get out of it.

You are very fortunate that you have come in contact with this religion. We wish you all success. Success in your exams. But not only that, there are so many exams in this world. How to balance the life between both sides? In future, if there is some change of ashram – that preparation is also required. So, all of you should take Krishna Consciousness very seriously. Hari Bol!

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