The Medicine for the Worst Disease


King  Uttanapada was patting the son of Suruci, Uttama, placing him on his lap. Dhruva Maharaja was also trying to get on the King’s lap. But the King did not very much welcome him. So here is the storythe history begins.

Tatha cikirsamanam tam” (S.B  4.8.10) While the child, Dhruva Maharaj, was trying to get on the lap of his father, Suruci, his step-mother became very envious of the child and in great pride she began to speak so as to be heard by the King himself.

Purport: The King, off course, was equally affectionate toward both his sons, Uttama and Dhruva. So he had a natural inclination to carry Dhruva as well as Uttam on his lap. But because of his favoritism towards his queen Suruci, he could not welcome Dhruva Maharaja despite his feelings. King Uttanapada’s feeling was understood by Suruci and therefore with great pride she began to speak about the King’s affection for her. This is the nature of woman, nature of woman! If a woman understands that her husband regards her as a favorite and is especially affectionate to her, she takes undue advantage. These symptoms are visible even in such an elevated society as family of Svayambhuva Manu. Therefore it is concluded that the feminine nature of woman is present everywhere.

“Tatha cikirsamanam tam sapatnyas tanayam dhruvam  surucih srnvati rajnah sersyam ahatigarvita” (S.B  4.8.10)

While the child, Dhruva Maharaja, was trying to get on the lap of his father, Suruci his step-mother become very envious of the child. And with great pride she begins to speak so as to be heard by the King himself. First of all something about these two names of the two co-wives of the King Uttanapada one is called “Suruci” and the other one is known as “Suniti”.  I am sure you understand why these names! Ruci – affectionate one is also ruci, one of the developments on the ladder on the way to Krishna, what do you meet? You meet Ruci. This is more than a ruci, this is Suruchi.  There, there is a talk on how to develop in taste for Krishna. Just prior to the development of Bhava and Krishna Prem is Ruci stage. But here may be there a different kind of ruci, one is a spiritual ruci and other is a mundane, material ruchi. And the King had ruci he had suruci for the Suruci and that has made the difference. So that’s about Suruci.

SunitiNiti refers to morality, principles of morality where there is Krishna and where there is Arjuna also, there you’ll find “Tatra shri vijayo bhutir dhruva nitir matir mama” (B.G 18.78). So one of these four items which exists where there is Krishna or Arjuna .One of those four items is Niti, principles or morality. So the other co-wife was Suniti.

Suniti well established in principles of morality. Later on we’ll find out that this lady, Suruci, she became envious sersyam with envy sersyam aha she spoke garvita full of envy and full of pride “sersyam ahatigarvita”. Two lower natures are in action here. It is the lower nature of a being, of a human being, be that a lady or a gentleman. This is a lower nature, being envious or being proud. And this Suruci, once upon a time “ekada” as it is mentioned in the previous verse, she was taken over by these two lower natures. sersyam means with envy and atigarvita full of pride  ati-means too much, extensive, extra-ati , garvita aha-she spoke and while speaking she wanted to make sure srnvati rajnah while she had King’s attention. She knew King is listening; hearing me. Or maybe she raised her voice so that she could get the attention of the King. surucih srnvati rajnah she wanted to make sure the King listens to what she had to say and this has all happened as the history goes as this is being narrated here.

Tatha cikirsamanam tam sapatnyas tanayam dhruvam” As Dhruva Maharaj was attempting to get up on the lap of his father his sapatnyas Suruci she spoke something,  harsh words full of envy and full of pride. And because King is attached to this wife he is more attached to Suruci and when you are attached you become some kind of blind. Attachment makes you blind and you lose the power of discrimination. This happens many a times. Either you became mad aandhah, madaandhah, krodhaandhah, lobhaandhah, kamaandhah. All these enemies Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Mada, Moha, Matsarya they all could make one blind.

As those two sons of Kuber they also had become blind one time Madaandhah or dhan aandhah because of wealth. And they are at very elevated positions they become blind. They become intoxicated and they were not able to follow the right conduct in presence of Naradmuni. And the result was the curse. Off course, in that case, it was also the blessing. Blessing in disguise.  Dhrtarastra was attached to all his hundred sons and especially to Duryodhana and then to his brother yes Vidura Vidura (Here my computer runs sometimes slow).So he use to give good advice, Vidura use to give good advice to his brother Dhrtrastra. And he used to say some times; yesyes brother what you say is right thing..! Yesyes this is it..!What should be done, my son should do this or that? Towards or against the Pandavas? Yes… yes. Yes brother I agreed you fully. But when there is time for action, implementation of that advice, he would always most of the times he would fail, and this is because of again attachmentattachment to his sons and he would become totally blind although enlightened as he would hear Vidura . But because of his too much affection towards his son Druyodhana then he would become blind again. He was materially blind also he would become spiritually blind because of the attachment. Attachment is the bad thing off course. And this is this attachment that binds us binds the conditioned souls to this material world.

So here, King has affection towards both sons. He has feelings for Dhruva Maharaj and Uttam. But because of his attachment too much unnecessary attachment towards his one wife, Suruci, He could not express his natural, desirable feelings towards his son Dhruva. He had to conceal he had to just exhibit his feelings which would be matching the feelings of his wife Suruci.

He did not want to offend her because of his attachment to her. Although within heart, deep within him, he knew, this is not the right thing to do. These are my two children of equal age. They both have right to be ankam’  putram ankam aropya lalayan uttamam (S.B 4.8.9) So he was already patting his son Uttam who was sitting in the lap. The other one was also trying to climb up and also sit there so that he would also get a little pat on the back. So the father knew he should be patting both the children, one with the left hand and one with the right hand. But he could not do so because sersyam ahatigarvita. she said something out of envy and out of pride and she said so with a loud and clear message she was trying to give her husband, the King Uttanapada .And this has resulted in Dhruva Maharaj leaving home and off course there is no loss. The whole world is benefited, including us. To this day we are benefited. Thank you Suruci Maharani although she had been painted as a bad character, lower nature.

So did Indra people don’t like him because in Vrindavan he rained and everywhere there were floods and so much inconvenience. Why he had to do all this? But this was very much welcomed by the residents of Vrindavan. There was seven days association, Seven days to seven night’s association with Shri Krishna. So even apparently something not proper, sinful of normal results in some most desirable things or most beneficial outcome. Whatever! Still the point is there. The attachment is not good. Yes you all agree? Attachment is not good. The there are two forces Maya is pulling the soul in one direction and Krishna is pulling, also trying to pull, in another direction. These are the twotwo kind of forces and the living entity in the middle, marginal energy, tathasta shakti. The material influence and the spirit, the supreme spirit, is trying to pull the living entity also the living entity sometimes this waysometimes Krishna is also pullingsometimes towards Maya. Three ropes are there, Satva guna-the mode of goodness. That’s the rope or Guna also meaning rope. Three ropesthree gunas. There is Rajo guna-the rope, there is Tamo guna-another rope. So this living entity is bound.

“Prakrteh kriyamanani gunaih karmani sarvasah” (B.G 3.27 )

All the activities which conditioned soul is performing, although he thinks ahankaravimudhatma karta ham” I am the doer kartaham iti manyate” He only thinks like this but this is not the reality according to Lord Shri Krishna. The three modes of material nature are getting into work. They are making him to work. They are pulling his hand this way, they are pulling his mouth, tongue this way, that way pulling hands, legs this part, that part, here there and he has lost control. He is not in charge of his life. Someone else has taken the charge of his life. The Maya has taken, Maya in the form of these three modes of material nature is driving him mad and making him run aroundround and round and while all these happens he thinks karta aham iti manyate” and this is because he is the vimudha aatma. What kind of atma? Not only Mudha which means fool but Vimudh which means especially foolish, first class fool as he is thinking I am the doer.

So of all different bonds which are working on this conditioned soul, this bond of affection between man and woman, this is the strongest. (Get Up!! Very important point is being mentioned here as you are bound by Yognidra, Nidradevi laughs). She is coming and she stitches our eyelids, not letting open, she is stitching, closing and things are moving slowly. This is also a bond, bond of ignorance. So this Bond of affection “hridaye granthi”  “Balam me  pasya mayayah strimayya jayino disam” (S.B 3.31.38)

strimayya in the form of woman just look at the power of my MAYA. Who said this?  Kapildev,  speaking to his mother his discourse on Bhakti yoga- devotional service. Look ….look! At The power of my Maya in the form of woman.  He had just now returned, returned from where? He had just returned after conquering the whole world or He has conquered many countries or he has become the emperor and he has come back to the palace, to the capital and then what happens? My brother just take a look take a look through the window now. Hide hide behind the curtain and just see look at this emperor now,  so what would the woman or the queen .Hari…!

“ya karoti padakrantam bhruvi – jrmbhena kevalam” (S.B 3.31.38) Hari…!

As now the woman is going to just  move little eyebrow and  just the movement of the eyebrow this emperor is going to be  falling at the feet !Not only falling but also he is going to be polishing the boot and then take off the boot and lick the feet of woman. You just take a close look at “Balam me  pasya mayayahBalam me  pasya see the power of my Maya strimayya jayino disam in the form of woman and then the description.

What she could do and what happens to the big big emperors, powerful kings he falls at her feet and he does more things also unmentionable already what is mentioned was unmentionable but there is more which we cannot during early morning hours Brahma mahurta close we can’t talk, cannot give the whole graphic description.

The strongest attachment, the biggest stumbling block for the living entity to reach the lotus feet of Krishna is this amongst all other attachments asapasasatair baddhah (B.G 16.12) pasa – the bonds of desires, aspirations of many kinds, satair hundreds and thousands of strings are attached to the conditioned soul and he is being grabbed and pulled and pushed, slapped, beaten up, this way and that way. So of all these bonds the bond of sex life, the attraction between the fair sexes, this is the strongest. So to become God conscious meaning breaking all these bonds. All these strings attached, So many strings are attached and we need to be aware. The part of self realization is as I sit or stand or exist I also know what are the different strings or ropes that are binding me? Which rope is stronger, which one is weaker and which one I’ve to cut? Or were should I begin? It is the part of realization to know how I am bound? What is binding? Who is binding me? This inquiry was made by Arjuna  “atha kena prayukto yam papam carati purusah anichann api varsneya balad iva niyojitah” (B.G 3.36)

This was realization and hence was also question of Arjuna. What is that? Who is it? athakena prayukto yam papam carati what is that compels me to commit sin? anichann I know this is not correct. This is not the right thing to do. I know this is sin. Despite of my knowledge this force is so strong that it just pushes me.  “Don’t push me around.” In the west it is out of pride “Don’t push me around” Who do you think you are? Don’t push me around. So these people are getting pushed around at every second.

“Vaco vegam manasah krodha-vegam, jivhavegam udaropasthavegam (NECTOR OF INSTRUCTIONS VERSE 1) These are only six mentioned, do not think that there are only six vegamaasha paashur shatehi badheyithere are shatayi vegam also. There are not only six vegam pushing. Only because that word says six vegam pushing there are not six, there are hundreds of them and they are pushing you, pushing us around.  “Don’t push me around” But we’re being pushed around all the time. Now this is Arjuna’s point, what is that? Who is it that pushes me around? Compels me to do this or that! I know this is not a thing to do. And I response to this query made by Shri Arjuna, Lord Krishna’s famous reply is

“Kama esa krodha esa rajo guna samudbhavah” (B. G ) samudbhavah Something that is produced from the mode of passion,  two things have been mentioned, two big items have been mentioned one is kama esaoh!  That is kama, oh! That is Krodha, oh! That is anger. And that’s lust that is pushing you, compelling you, and not giving you your choice. So if we are or anybody is for that matter  interested in liberation, God consciousness they  don’t so much talk on Krishna Prem, they talk of liberation,  talk of moksha, talk of heaven or going back to heaven.

Pancham purusharthah”  prem pumartho mahan, this is too much of a high goal to  religious to achieve. They don’t even talk of that, Whenever this liberation is to be attained moksha, these bonds, these forces have to be rectify or nullify or they have to be cut them into pieces.  Before you could be liberated.  Liberated from What? Women’s liberation I use to have one husband, now I am liberatedhow many I’ve now? So many, is that a liberated woman? I was kind of little bound because of having one husband and now I am more bound because I’m like a pig now. Anyone could just comeWelcomeyou are welcome, I have no one  anyone can be making claims over meCome on!

Women’s liberation…! A woman in Krishna consciousness could make that claim. I am liberated woman. WellKrishna conscious lady is a liberated woman. To great extent liberated, yes liberated woman, Krishna conscious woman, Krishna conscious mother. So liberation the vairagya, the detachment from many things specially this man – woman affection, attachment, It’s very deep rooted into the Psychic, very subtle which is the product of Kama – the lust, number one enemy of the conditioned soul. So that’s one attachment caused by kama. Yet another positive attachment is caused by Prem – love for the Lord. These are the two things pulling us, pushing us.

Sometimes kama sometimes Prem, mostly kama if you are on the path back to Krishna aspiring on the way back to Krishna, strict follower of Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu then Prem factor is also influencing you. Otherwise mostly a dancing dog in the hands of woman. Although that person feels I’m free but he is just being dangled by a woman or Lord’s energy. No woman is to be blamed here. This is the world it’s not a talk against any woman, so this is the material nature. The naked face of the material nature, as it is. And then man becomes woman, today’s man becomes woman tomorrow, today’s woman becomes man tomorrow, like that taking turns.

So woman feels bad when they sit in through the lectures like this for 20 years and then they change the side and then they become man and they feel good. While the men, who were listening to all these talks, wear another uniform, sitting on another side and they begin feeling bad they were feeling good so far but then they begin feeling bad, so like this. But Krishna consciousness is above this business of being a man or a woman. It has nothing to do with Krishna consciousness. It is-“ dvandvair vimuktah

When you transcend dvandva and the basic dvandva is this man and woman and then you add to that list, the day-night, black-white, rich-poor, on and on…..list goes, this world is full of dvandva the duality. The basic duality is this man-woman thing. But Krishna consciousness is above being a man or being a woman. It is on the platform of the spirit soul.

urdhva-mulam adhah-sakham (B.G 15.1)  15th chapter Lord Shri Krishna says that this material world is,  things are upside down. Its roots are upwards and branches are downwards in the material world, like a tree that you see within the water, the reflection. This tree is standing on the bank of a lake,  standing  erect  with the branches upwards  that’s the  original tree, then you see  in the water the reflection you see the upside down.  The branches are going downwards and its trunk is going upwards. So this material world is the shadow reflection of the spiritual reality. So the man-woman affection the kama we’ve talked about briefly, originally it exists in the spiritual sky in the form of affection or prem. Affection between Radha and Krishna and their loving conjugal dealings.

“Radha Krishna pranaya vikruti alhadini shakti rasmaRadha Krishna pranaya all the Radha Krishna leela keeli madhurya leela all the loving conjugal dealings are but the display of alhadini shakti, the pleasure potency of the Lord.  Lord is there, shaktimaan and shaktiShaktimaan is Krishna and shakti is Radha, “alhadini shakti and all their dealings is madhurya rasa, conjugal this is original thing. And the shakti and the shaktimaan they cannot be separated. Chaitanya Charitamrita further describes in that particular verse that they are inseparable. Nothing mundane about Radharani, everything is pure, transcendental.  ekatmanavapi one time Radha and Krishna were one ekatmanavapi one time they were together. But then bhuvipuraah once upon a time deha gatau tau they became two ekatmanaa they are one ,once upon a time. Don’t ask which time, we can’t trace the history and say oh! such and such date such and such day but once upon a time long long ago these two personalities they became two  they were one ekatmanaav they became deha gatau tau they became two. They have two bodies one becomes Krishna, one becomes Radha and their dealings and then the verse states further.

“Shri chaitanya aakhyam adhuna prakatam cha aikam aaptam That they had become two but again in the personality of Shri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu , as He appeared  500 years ago, those they were one, they had become two, they become one again aikam aptam they became one.

“Radha bhava suvalitam nomi Krishna svarupamand in this form Shri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, He has accepted the mood of Radharani and complexion of Radharani too. Two aspects of Radharani are visible in the personality of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, the mood of Radha and the complexion of Radha. To such Krishna swarupa, rupa – form I offer my most humble obeisance.

Now probably you are wondering what is this all been said here? Or maybe you are not wondering but not expecting this that all that is up there  in the spiritual sky appears here as upside down, in a shadow form, as we were talking about. But then Radha Krishna descending into this world, not only that Radha Krishna appearing in the form of Shri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and as we, we’re engaged in the mission of Shri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in a religion, Dharma delivered to us by of Shri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. This is the most effective means or methods or process to get rid of all the lust. And unless and until you get rid of that lust don’t talk of religion, don’t talk of liberation.

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s process of God realization, Krishna realization is very very powerful. Most powerful, it is just a right medicine for the right kind of disease “bhavaroga” that living entities have developed. Towards the end of those five chapters describing the Rasa Dance. The benedictions comes also says that the vikriditam vrajavadhubhir (S.B 10.33.39) Krishna is dancing with the Gopis that description anusrnuyadone who listens varnayed ca and one who describes “bhaktim param bhagvati prati labhyathat person will attain Supreme Bhakti unto to the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Those who listen to relish with proper understanding of course that’s why we said they were one they became two, they become one its all transcendental nothing mundane dealing here Radha Krishna all pure, gold, real, original, spiritual as one hears from the right source, hears with right kind of doses he hears, he will attain “param bhaktimthe topmost devotional attitude and hrd rogam asv apahinoty acirena dhira”. “apahinoty acirena dhiraacirena means quickly “gets rid from the contamination in the form of kama the lust, bonds, attachments to woman, man” this business quickly quickly  one can cut all these bonds and become “dhira what is dhira? Sober, what is sober? Who is sober? Not disturbed by the change, and when there are so many things being dangled round, so many forms all around, so many invitations, so many billboards, so much TV and this that. But person becomes dhira-sober, undisturbed.

tatha dehantara-praptir dhiras tatra na muhyati” (B.G 2.13) not disturbed the big change is taking place what change? The body is being changed, body is being changed not just a cloth his body is being changed and he is not disturbed “dhira”. So that kind of sobriety or undisturbed state of mind could be achieved as one studies, listens, relishes, “shraddha shaddhayanvitah” with full faith in Lord’s pastimes. All pastimes are special cure or medicine for the worst disease ritrogam, kamarogam. A special dose prescribed by Sukadev Goswami, he is doctor, the best doctor. As per instruction of the physician you take dose, so Sukadev Goswami is prescribing you take this dose and see what happens. Lord Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu appeared samarpiutvm in order to deliver unnat ujwala rasamthis madhurya lila dimension. This is a contribution of Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu anarpita ciram” not delivered before, this is something new product, new thing not the same old wine in new bottle. It’s not a old wine no..Noits new one,  new wine, new product. The world has not seen it before imported all the way from “GOLOKA” and made available by Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu and there is no religion. There is no process, not only as relishable as the Krishna consciousness but as powerful as Krishna consciousness.

Right now, right here on this planet there is no other religion which includes that’s why it says “harer nama harer nama harer nama eva kevalam kalau nasteva nasteva nasteva gatir anyatha” there is no other way. Chanting is part of this madhurya lila also because “hare Krishna” is what? Radha-krishna. And as acharyas gives interpretations to this Mahamantra, there is whole lila that goes on with that first “hare” is this and first “Krishna” is this and second “hare” like that “Krishna Krishna hare hare hare ram hare ram ram ram hare hare” each one astakaliya lila, everything is there. We mentioned the name is complete in the name there is a form. The name reveals form of Krishna unto you; the name reveals qualities of Krishna unto you. The name next reveals form and the qualities and the pastimes and abode and everything is purnam”.

“sudha nitya mukta purnam” evertything “purna, sudha, mukta, nitya abinatva nama namino, nama cintamani caitanya rasa vigraha”

It is abode of all the rasascaitanya rasa vigraha”. Including this madhurya rasa vigraha is this holy name. So Bhagvatam, yesterday we said Bhagvatam is the topmost scripture with that we established Krishna as the Supreme Personality of Godhead and everyone else where ever they stand sit in that whole chart hierarchy coming from Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is who? It becomes clear with the Bhagvatam. So Bhagvatam is delivered, Bhagvat is part of Krishna consciousness and the holy name is the big part of Krishna consciousness. And all this reveals the madhurya lila, so our acharya what are they doing?

“sri radhika  madhavayor apara-madhurya lila-guna-rupa-namnam prati –ksanasvadana-lolupasya vande guroh sr-caranaravindam”

At every time, all the time “pratiksanasvadanathey are relishing what are they relishing? RADHA-MADHAV, their dealings, their pastimes.  Madhurya lila and other lilas also they are hearing and as a result   they develop radha krishnapadarvindabhajanandena mattalikau”. This is not available, not known to so many religions that exist around, forget it. This is very special radha krishnapadarvindabhajanandena mattalikau”. This is real pure thing very rare commodity, they haven’t even heard about it. So the vairagya pradhanCaitanya mahaprabhu’s cult, Prabhupada sometimes says cult. This movement is a predomination of the vairagya, there is a statement like that in Caitanya caritamrita. There is so much stress on this detachment, vairagya. vairagya vidya nija bhakti yoga”. The Lord personally exhibits Bhakti yoga and the vairagya and the six Goswamis vairagya, detachment.

We are attached we have to detach our self this is not known. In Islam they have no idea of this detachment business you are considered civilized if you could be happy with 4 wives. As much sex as much you could enjoy you are considered a civilized person. And this is all the Islam is all about. Before that they were not even following any principles of anything and this Mohammad, he reformed he was a social reformer basically, he reformed the society some principles of morality. He himself had how many? Eleven or wives how many? (Maharaja addressing a devotee and laughing Guaranga knows how many).

So there is no renounce order in Islam, there is nothing like priesthood or sanyasa or renounceno. there is not, there does not exist. At least in Christianity there are priests and monks and monasteries this doesn’t even exist. In Sikhism they have “grahasta ashram” first and last ashram, there is no bramhachari, no vanaprasta, no sanayasa, only grahasta ashram “grahast ashrameva kevalam” (maharaj laughs and audience also laughing). And Christians they go, the Christians go to the church; they pray I was told, to the priest to get a sex appetite. They are now becoming older, they are in 60s or 70 years old, they are becoming older. So they are losing the grip and not have same kind of fire like before. So they go and they pray this fire is getting extinguished there is a way to rekindle this fire at the age of 70, 80. By the old age there is an arrangement so that you would loose your grip and think of something else, higher things but they go on praying “please bind me more” they  want to be bound.

So what religion you are talking about? What liberation you are talking about? Just few sets of social reforms, few principles of morality “thou shall not kill”,love thy neighbor” ok fine “love thy Lord”. But who understands this love thy Lord business. We welcome this “love thy Lord” statement but who understands this love. What this to do with the Krishna prem, Bhagvat prem that is described throughout Bhagvatam and Caitanya Caritamritam. So unless we hear about Radha Krishna, we hear about their dealings, we understand their dealings, their loving affairs, relish them not be envious of those dealings, not trying to compete with those dealings. Or they have dealings I could also have dealings parallel going on simultaneously. No! You have to stop it or just be happy with their dealings. Understand that they are pure spotless Amalpurana as it is. “dharma projit kaitavotra nirmatsaranam satam”. Everything lower nature things have been kicked out of Bhagvatam. So only Krishna consciousness that has been delivered sankirtaneka pitro Caitanya  Mahaprabhu is the father of his sankirtan movement of congregational chanting and congregationally hearing about Krishna Radha Krishna you will be able to give up this strong strong attachment to this world in so many forms including and especially attachment to this man and women opposite sex.

We see this  practically happening results are here for the world to take note of. How quickly the followers of Srila Prabhupada were able to kick out these lower natures from their lives and take to renounced order. There are some failures, fine but still only if they fail they did not fell so much deep into the well. They atleast become grahasta which is not bad. But in general there is so much detachment. It’s not possible unless there is some love, real love, spiritual prema in the heart to that degree one could kick out, break the bonds of lust unless you are equipped with the love. If you are not equipped with the love you cannot break the bonds of lust. You are powerless you are helpless otherwise. So that’s what Srila Prabhupad had to say that this movement he said I can’t quote but different times he would say how this is special hare Krishna movement. Very unique movement or organization, god’s movement.  Understanding this participate in this, protect this preserve and propagate this. Again same trouble comes with the Hinduism. We mentioned about Islam and Christianity and Sikhism. Hinduism that are lacking this Madhurya lila and even if they hear they began to imitate that Madhurya lila. They wanted to become gopi immediately they want to. Someone becomes Krishna and the whole thing is spoiled whole thing is Spoiled. Immediately they want to rush to the 5 chapters of the 10th canto of Bhagvatam leaving aside all the cantos and chapters. Cheap sahajiyas as they become and everything is spoiled again.

This is a special benediction this Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s  Sankirtan movement. And then I quickly want to read through as it is seating in front of me the biography called sketch of Shri Sranag Murari Thakur. Shri Sarang Murari Thakur used to reside at Modadrumadvipa Mamgachi when we go on Navadvipa Mandal parikrama this village we visit where his deities of Sri Sri Radha Gopinath are still present. There is also a Bakul tree there which is perhaps existing since the time of Sranag Murari Thakur there is a local legend concerning this tree. One day when Mahaprabhu came there He noticed that the Bakul tree in courtyard of Sarang ‘s temple was dying. So He asked who asked?  Mahaprabhu this bakul tree is dying so what are you doing? What are going to do? Sarang Thakur replied besides your mercy prabhu I dn’t see any hope for this tree which had remained embraced that tree which had remained healthy to this day and now it is quiet large Haribol, that tree is still there in Mamgachi  Sarang Thakur had resolved that he would not accept any disciples but Mahaprabhu nevertheless repeatedly requested him to do so.

Finally he agreed by saying tomorrow morning the first person I see I will initiate him with divine mantra. The next day in the early morning he went to take his bath in Ganga. By chance a body came and touched his feet as he entered the water. Picking up this body he said who are you? Get up dead body. Body was dead he brought the body outside the water and the body was there and he said who are you? Get up from behind Mahaprabhu who was witnessing everything called out “Sarang say the mantra in his ear” Mahaprabhu gave a dictation to told him yes yes go ahead give him the mantra. Then when Sarang Thakur said the mantra into the ear of this dead child the body became conscious. He said my name is Murari I am your servant please bestow your mercy upon me.

One day when this boy was to be invested with sacred thread he was by chance bitten by a snake and died. As he was only a boy the custom was not to burn the body but rather to place it on the raft of banana tree and float it down the Ganga. When his parents received the news that their child is alive they came there to take him home, however Murari declined to accompany them to his former home, what happened? How did he to come to life? When his parents  asked Murari declined to accompany then to his former home, he told them I will remain in service of he who has given me life again. So I am in debt to him that’s Sarang Thakur.

Vrindavan das Thakur has described this Murari Caitanya das as follows- there was an eternal consciousness present in Caitanya das’s transcendental body. He would enter into forest just to chase tigers. Sometimes he would jump on the back of the tiger who by his influence remains insert. At other time he would put a python on his lap and play with great delight haribol. It was by the mercy of Avadhut  mahasaya Nityananda prabhu that he was to play in this way with tigers and snakes. Shri Nityananda Rai is very affectionate to his servants and thus by a simple wink of his eye they are able to enjoy mellows which are even not accessible to Lord Brahma. Caitanya was constantly in bliss forgetfulness of bliss of his self absorbed as he was speaking of some inner thoughts. Sometimes he would remain in the water for 2 or 3 days without suffering any bodily inconveniences. He appeared to be almost incessant. Therefore his activities were impercievable. Such was the fears intensity of his immeasurable prowess. How much can I describe of the interminable transformations of his devotional sentiments. This is from Caitanya Bhagvatam Antya lila (540.426-434) those verses. The descendents of his family are still residing at Saragram in Vardhaman district according to Guarganodesdepika Sarang thakur was previously Nandi mukhi in Braj lila. His appearance is on the 14th day of the dark fortnight of the month of aashad. His disappearance is on 13th day of the dark fortnight of the month Aagrahayo. This is today this is kartik marghashissh another name for that one. The temple of Sri Sarang Thakur and his virtual deities Sri Sri Radhagopinath are still being worshipped in Mamgachi, just north of present town of Navadvipa worship able deities of Vasudev datt Thakur that is Sri Sri Radha Madan Gopal

Are also residing there one can go there by rickshaw or tram from Navadvipa town.  By train one should go north towards Katwa and then get down at second stop Bhandartikuri and go there. So today is his disppearance day  Sri Saranga Thakur Murari Thakur tirobhava tithi mahotsava ki………….. jai

Nitai Guar Premanande Hari Haribol………………..

So we will stop for questions

Q1. Laxmi is whose expansion? And what’s the meaning of 4 symbols Lord Vishu has?

Answer:  Vishnu also has His consort, Krishna expands and he becomes Vishnu and Radha also expands and she stands next to Vishnu ,  Radha Krishna are one , then they become two and then they expand . They accept many many forms and one of those forms is principle forms is  Vishnu form which is residing in Vaikuntha and every incarnation of the Lord has Radharanis counterpart Radharani’s expansion. You may say male-female like that Purusha –Prakruti, Shakti-Shaktimaan, Energy –Energetic. So Vishnu is coming from Krishna and Sita is coming from Radharani and Laxmi is coming from Radharani . So like that Krishna comes in pairs, Radharani expands like Laxmi-Narsimha. You heard of Laxmi –Narsimha, Narsimha is coming from Krishna and Laxmi is coming from Radharani.

Ya, they are always pairs, but one has origin in Krishna, all the incarnation and their consorts or the feminine forms they are coming from Radharani- the pleasure potency. Like that these symbols have different meaning and significance two of them are for devotees, inspiring devotees. Counch shell and lotus this is for devotees and then club and disc is for demons. Krishna appears to protect the devotees and destroy the demons so that the e4 symbols are doing that function. Ok

Nitai Guar Premanande Hari Haribol………………..

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