Transcendental transcripts of Lokanath Maharaj


Born in a little village of Maharashtra called, Aravade, Lokanath Swami Maharaj went on to become one of the most powerful bonafide gurus of ISKCON. Little did anyone know from his village that the spiritual words uttering from the divine mouth of Lokanatha Swami, would be the source of inspiration for hundreds and thousands on the path of spiritualism. His fate was sealed when he took his first initiation in the year 1972 from Srila Prabhupada. And from then on, he took up his Padayatra mission to spread the Vedic culture. He, together with his baritone voice and a deep ocean of knowledge, spread the divine nectar to one and all. His inspirational lectures have helped in the rapid progress of his followers on the divine path.

In order to spread the message of ISKCON’s spiritual guru in a more effective manner, his worthy followers have created a magnanimous website called The website is a unique approach in spreading the words from the divine mouth so that it can reach to the homes of the general people. It has got word to word English translations of his lectures all over the world. The website has been so designed that anyone can access it easily. The design and layout is simple yet elegant and very user friendly. It is wonderful for the devotees as they can read each and every powerful quote of their divine master on this website. The website contains various transcripts under different sections. Some of the transcripts included are Lokanath Maharaj on the importance of tirthas, Lokanath Maharaj on curbing the symbol of sin, Chant for Change, etc.

One of the most interesting transcripts is ÇRÉLA PRABHUPÄDA ON SANSKRIT (SAÀSKÅTA ÇIKÑÄMÅTAM). It is an encyclopedia of Sanskrit pronunciations, an index of verses, and other features to assist readers in accurately reciting the Vedic scriptures. It has proved to be really helpful for the disciples and they have achieved a sense of perfection in reading the scriptures.

The transcripts here are a storehouse of knowledge and inspiration for the present devotees as well as for the inspiring devotees of His Holiness. The transcripts in this web portal will help the users understand how they can include chanting and various divine activities in their day to day life and enhance themselves spiritually. The Vedic verses included in these transcripts are very succinct to the topic.

Scores of people have found this web portal very interesting. It has enhanced their level of thinking and given them a better understanding of life. A lot of very fresh and informative transcripts are yet to be added in the portal and thus the readers will have a multitude of topics to read from. So, for those who want to transform themselves and reach to a higher platform of spiritual understanding, this website is a must read for them.

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  1. Nitesh

    H.H Lokanath Swami Maharaj Ki Jaya.

    Maharaj so mercifully us helps us all to realize the importance of krsna consciousness in our life and motivates every one to eagerly grab the opportunity of being part of the Srila Prabhupada’s movment.

    Srila Prabhupada Ki Jaya!