Ultimate Dharma is Devotional Service- Bhakti of Lord Krishna.


Venue: ISKCON Nagpur
Dated: 18 June 2015
Day 3: Tulasi krishna priya namo namah…..(Gurudev singing)

“Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya….”

Hare Krishna,
Purushottam masa is it only for matajis? No! It’s for all of us. In this creation of Lord Purushottam men and women both are prakritis of Lord, so this mass is for His prakriti so that prakriti does some progress in spiritual life. Yesterday we saw how Ajamila had out of body experience and how he left all his bad behavior. Vishnudutas had reached Haridwar to take him back “ami jato amcya gava amacha rama rama gyava”. There the Vishnudutas had come at bank of Indraini 400years back Tukaram went with his body “sahadeha”. As he took his body back there is no samadhi of Tukaram Maharaj, you will not find his Samadhi.

This Purushottam masa is a way to go near Lord, so we do sravanam and kirtan. So one time will come when we will also have to say “rama rama ami jato amchya gava”. We will also should have a destination like Ajamail, it will good na? Haribol. That should be our vision. So we were listening from Sukhdev Goswami where he narrated a story of Ajamila. He was a good cultured Brahman but when he went to bring flowers for the Lord and saw the scene and lost his chetana. He went after the prostitute and brought her at home, some people go to the prostitutes but Ajamila brought her home. Did all bad things to maintain her, cut some body’s pockets and necks.
Two types of Grahastas – 1) Grahasta and 2) Grahamedhi

Grahasta should make his house a ashram means making home a temple, there should be tulsi and cow in place of dogs at home. There should be sastras and scriptures at home, there should be cleanliness. Whatever is cooked in kitchen should be offered to Lord. “je-dina grihe, bhajana dekhi, grihete goloka bhaya” Srila Bhakti Vinod thakur says when I see kirtan at home my home becomes Gokul- that’s grshata ashram.

Lord Krishna, Sri Ram were grahstha , many acharyas were grahsta Srila Prbhupada and Bhaktivinod Thakur and many Tukaram Maharaj also was grashta. Sukhdev swami says “nidraya riyate naktam” people spend night in sleeping and other activities. Hiranyakasyapu also used to like Gold and sleeping. Some people are always lying on the bed like patients are lying in ICU.

As sun rises where is money ? Where is money sweeter than honey, sometimes people also call their wives as honey (Laughter). The entire modernized people come in this section. So Ajamila was grahmedhi, infact he was worst type of grahmedhi. By some fortune he named his youngest son as “Narayana”. He was very attached to his kid, so he was “Narayan centered” he used to call his son always narayan narayana….
He must be thinking “I will not die let others die” he was ignorant busy with his life. Maharaja Yudhisthira said (Mahabharata, Vana-parva 313.116):
“ahany ahani bhutani gacchantiha yamalayam shesha? sthavaram icchanti”

Every day we see people dying, we have heard people die but still we think we will not die can anything be more surprising then this. So this poor Ajamila was wasting his life and one day that time came when Kalsarpa came- Yamadutas come they were so fearsome. Ajamila out of fear and helplessness called “Narayana Narayana”.
“Yampasa panayah” Yamdutas had already thrown their pasa and they had almost taken him out of body. (Slide show was shown in Temple Gurudev says) See the pictures – you can see Ajamila half out of body, that past which is out is soul- Soul also has svarupa it has hands, legs, body, and from his body also light is coming out. So Ajamila called out Narayana…Narayana..Then both the parties where there and each one was clamming we will take him. We will take him. Vishudutas and Yamadutas discsussions goes on and finally Yamdutas go back to Yamraja.
Then Ajamila offered obeisance’s to Vishnudutas and was about to pray but they disappered then he repented a lot and decided now hence forth I will not do all this bad things, I will behave nicely, I will become satadachari help everyone. Then he went to Haridwara .

When is had uttered “Narayana” it was in Nama bhasa level – clearing stage and after Namabhasa come Suddha nama. He decided I will chant the Holy name always. Then he must have read Bhakti Rasamrita Sindhu, read about 10 nama aparadha. Initially he would go saying bye to narayan and do all his bad deeds “mum me nama bagalme…”. So now there was revolution in consciousness and he became stable in bhakti it’s described in Bhakti Rasamrita Sindhu “Ghana taralata”. Now he was determined to chant holy name and avoiding all nama aparadhas. There are seva aparadhas and vaishnava aparadha which we should avoid.

We should change our habits, some people lit a cigarette in morning and then begin there day. We should lit a lamp in morning and begun a day. Some people ask help to lit ciggarette and say thank you very much now you have burned my cigarette and later my lungs will burn thank you in advance….(laughter). So now Ajamila was transformed and this time when Vishnudutas came to Haridwara he left his body and the soul entered the transcendental plane. This is the final shot (looking at the slideshow Gurudev is saying beyond this you cannot take photos). The Vishnutdutas are welcoming Ajamila see the beauty of the souls so wonderful, when you will see your soul, when you have realization you will spit at the body. So after self realization you will see your body in mirror you will say “the body that’s not me” –“to me nave” (Marathi).

So now this is 6th canto, 3rd Chapter King Parikshit is asking question,
“nisamya devah sva-bhatopavarnitam pratyaha kim tan api dharmarajah
evam hatajno vihatan murarer naidesikair yasya vase jano yam (S.B 6.3.1)

Praikshit Maharaj is saying Hye! Sukhdev Goswami – Yamaraja is the controller of all living entities but his order had been foiled. When his servants, the Yamadutas, informed him of their defeat by the Visnudutas, who had stopped them from arresting Ajamila, what did he reply? I am confused please tell only you could answer my question.
So this question was asked at the banks of Ganga by Parikshit Maharaj. So Yamadutas reached and described the entire incident to Yamaraj. So Sukhdev Goswami is describing us the discussion between Yamadutas and Yamaraj.

So it’s said yamaduta ucuh.
“kati santiha sastaro jiva-lokasya vai prabho
trai-vidhyam kurvatah karma phalabhivyakti-hetavah” (S.B 6.3.4)

Yamadutas, the order carriers of Yamaraja, were so disappointed that they asked their master, almost in great anger, whether there were many masters other than him. But when we we went to Kanoja there was a different party.

“yadi syur bahavo loke sastaro danda-dharinah
kasya syatam na va kasya mrtyus camrtam eva va” (S.B 6.3.5)

If in this universe there are many rulers and justices who disagree about punishment and reward, their contradictory actions will neutralize each other, and no one will be punished or rewarded. Otherwise, if their contradictory acts fail to neutralize each other, everyone will have to be both punished and rewarded.
Animals and birds don’t have karma they undergo evolution. “vedo narayan saksat” to follow veda is dharma, animals don’t have such dharma. They are not under control of yamaraj and it’s not expected that they will follow dharma. So only human beings are under the jurisdiction of Yamaraj. We were about to bring Ajamila, such people should be punished so that they don’t repeat their acts “once bitten twice shy”.

“niyamanam tavadesad asmabhir yatana-grhan
vyamocayan patakinam chittva pasan prasahya te” (S.B 6.3. 9)

We about to bring him but they freed him and broke our pasa.

“tams te veditum icchamo yadi no manyase ksama
narayanety abhihite?ma bhair ity ayayur drutam” (S.B 6.3. 10)

As soon as the sinful Ajamila uttered the name Narayana, these four beautiful men immediately arrived and reassured him, saying, “Do not fear. Do not fear.” Oh! Dear come near do not fear I am here (laughter). They said we wish to know about them from Your Lordship. If you think we are able to understand them, kindly describe who they are? You please explain us how many rulers are there? Are you not the only rule?
So Yamaraj remembered Lord Hari before answering their questions, so who is remembering Lord Hari. Yamaraj, did you know this yamaraja You must be thinking yamaraj is terrorist. So if you want to know about anybody hear about him not just go after the face. “dila sacha aur cheraha zhuta” (laughter)

yama uvaca
“paro mad-anyo jagatas tasthusaa ca otam protam patavad yatra visvam
yad-amsato sya sthiti-janma-nasa nasy otavad yasya vase ca lokah” (S.B6.3.12)

Yamaraja said: dear servants, you have accepted me as the Supreme, but factually I am not. Above me, and above all the other demigods, is the one supreme master and controller. Whose partial manifestations are Brahma, Visnu and Siva, who are in charge of the creation, maintenance and annihilation of this universe. These are the Guna avatar, like that there are many avatars “nanaavatra”. So is the controller of all, He is like the two threads that form the length and breadth of a woven cloth. The entire world is controlled by Him just as a bull is controlled by a rope in its nose, right..left …go stop…so like that Lord controls everything.

Then there are departmental heads as Prabhupada said, there are many Isvars but Parmeshawar is one “ishvarah paramah krishnah sac-cid-ananda-vigrahaha anadir adir govindaha sarva-karana-karanam” this is definition of Lord .
So Yamaraj is saying Indra, the King of heaven; Nirrti; Varuna; Candra, the moon-god; Agni; Lord Siva; Pavana; Lord Brahma; Surya, the sun-god; Visvasu; the eight Vasus; the Sadhyas; the Maruts; the Rudras; the Siddhas; and Marici. We are also affected by the modes of material nature. Even those in the mode of goodness, like the many demigods and great rsis cannot understand the activities of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

So Yamdutas have still not forgotten the Vishnudutas, Yamaraj says- yes yes whom you met were Vishnudutas they are worshipped by the demigods and they have a beautiful form. They always do protection of Lords devotees that are their duty. So this is arrangement made by the Lord. From whom they protect? They protect the devotees from my Yamadutas also. Such things keep happening you did not know the glories of Hari Nama- Holy name that’s your mistake.
So those who have tilak on the forehead and mala in hand (Gurudev showing his bead bag) oh! What is this accident! Injury in your hand, or do you have gun you are going to target me (laughter). And tulsi beads in neck, like a dog which has belt in neck is safe but the dog without the belt is taken by the municipality van. God knows where they take them? May be china there they will get lot of customers for dogs (laughter). So the Vishndutas protect the devotees.

Yamaraj says- “dharamam to saksad bhagvat pranitam” (S.B 6.3.19) what is the source of dharma? Lord, we can’t make dharma, now a day’s people are making dharma. “dharamam to saksad bhagvat pranitam” Prabhupada had recited this verse 100s and 1000s of time, come on say it! “dharamam to saksad bhagvat pranitam”.

“svayambhur naradah sambhuh kumarah kapilo manu?
prahlado janako bhismo?balir vaiyasakir vayam” (S.B 6.3. 20)

Yamaraj says- Lord Brahma, Bhagavan Narada, Lord Siva, the four Kumaras, Lord Kapila [the son of Devahuti), Svayambhuva Manu, Prahlada Maharaja, Janaka Maharaja, Grandfather Bhisma, Bali Maharaja, Sukadeva Gosvami and I myself know the real religious principle. “dharmam tu saksad bhagavat-pranitam” so we 12 mahajans know the dharma.
So all of us should know about dharama, we keep studying chemistry, physics, how to earn money, how to get degrees. During our times we just have 4 -5 degrees but now a days there are so many degrees. But these all degrees are “avidya” then what is vidya? Knowledge of dharma is vidya. I am student of Bhagvat Gita and I am doing course “discover yourself”. You become ‘Bhakti sastris’ read Nectar of Instructions, Bhagvat gita and Bhakti Rasamarita Sindhu (NOD). Srila Prabhupada has made all arrangements for us. “divya jnana hrdi prakashita”

“etavan eva loke smin pumsam dharmah parah smrtah
bhakti-yogo bhagavati tan-nama-grahanadibhih” (S.B6.3.22)

Devotional service, beginning with the chanting of the holy name of the Lord, is the ultimate religious principle for the living entity in human society. Ultimate dharma is devotional service- bhakti of Lord Krishna. Lords name liberated Ajamila, so we should do kirtan of His Name, Guna, rupa and dhama. And this sankirtan is enough destroy our sins.

Now yamaraj is going to give special instructions to yamadutas, he says “now be careful don’t bringing any one don’t repeat this mistake”. Those who are enjoying devotional life, those who are attending sravana utsava don’t bring them.
My dear servants please bring to me only those sinful persons who do not use their tongues to chant the holy name and qualities of Krsna. Please chant chant…..but people says can’t can’t…bring such people. And whose hearts do not remember the lotus feet of Krsna even once, and whose heads do not bow down even once before Lord Krsna bring them.
Bow down if you have not payed obeisance’s by bowing down, then your name will be deleted from the computer of Yamadutas and noted in Vishnudutas computer Haribol… Send me those who do not perform their duties toward Visnu, which are the only duties in human life. Please bring me all such fools and rascals. Those who are bound by desires, attachments bring them to me, ok understood.

“tat ksamyatam sa bhagavan purusah purano narayanah sva-purusair yad asat krtam nah
svanam aho na vidusam racitanjalinam ksantir gariyasi namah puru?aya bhumne” (S.B 6.3.30)

Then Yamaraja, considering himself and his servants to be offenders, spoke as follows, begging pardon from the Lord.] O my Lord, my servants have surely committed a great offense by arresting a Vaisnava such as Ajamila. O Naraya?a, O supreme and oldest person, please forgive us. Because of our ignorance, we failed to recognize Aj?mila as a servant of Your Lordship, and thus we have certainly committed a great offense. Therefore with folded hands we beg Your pardon. My Lord, since You are supremely merciful and are always full of good qualities, please pardon us. We offer our respectful obeisances unto You. It’s a rule if a servant commits mistake, the master has to be punished as said in Nayasatra, so yamaraj is following that.

Now there is comment of Sukhdev Goswami – he says the best atonement is taking Lord Holy name. So now Yamadutas have heard all this talk about Lord, they were surprised and now they were fearful to look at the devotees.

“itihasam imam guhyam bhagavan kumbha-sambhavah
kathayam asa Malaya asino harim arcayan” (S.B 6.3.35)

Sukhdev Goswami says I had heard this katha when the great sage Agastya, the son of Kumbha, was residing in the Malaya Hills and worshiping the Supreme Personality of Godhead, I approached him, and he explained to me this confidential history.

So same katha I have recited here, now you can tell about this katha to your dear ones then you will get the benefit of the katha, now think whom you will tell this katha to. You can also read it again.

Nitai Gaur Premanande …Hari Hari bol…

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