Who is Lord Sri Krishna? – Brief introduction to Lord Sri Krishna


Venue: Guayana, Guayana Katha 2006 June 29

“om namo bhagvate vasudevaya”

Yesterday we heard of Vasudev, the words of Vasudev, Sri Krishna is Vasudev “om namo bhagvate vasudevaya”. Our obeisance’s to that Vasudev Sri Krishna. So Krishna was in Gokul

“gokul jinka dhama hai, Krishna jinka naam hai, aise sri bhagavan ko mera barambar pranam hai” Krishna’s name is? What is Krishna’s name? What is god’s name? What is god’s name? God’s name is Krishna, he has a name, “Krishna jinka nam hai, gokul jinka dham hai” he has village also called Gokul “yashoda jinki maiya hai, yashoda, nanda ji bapaiya hai”. Nanada Maharaj is his father and Yashoda is his mother “radha jinki jaya hai, adbhut jinki maya hai”. And Radharani is his pleasure potency, personality that gives pleasure to Krishna, Radha. “loot loot dadhi makhan khayo, gwala bal sanga dhenu charayo”.

“loot loot dadhi makhan khayo” and He is lootera, does the looting, stealing of the butter, He is the butter thief and He is also “gwala bal sanga dhenu charayo” and with His cowherd boyfriends He herds the cows in the forest of Vrindavan. That is but brief introduction to Lord Sri Krishna, His name, His parents, His Radharani and His occupation; He is the thief very amazing (laughs) thing to hear. God He is a thief; if there are thieves in this country they could take inspiration from the Lord. Is Lord really a thief? Or we are the thieves, everything belongs to Him including that butter wherever it is, whether it is churned by his own mother Yashoda or it is churned by some lady nearby another home and another home and another home. Everywhere, wherever it is, it’s all His property it can’t be called stealing, can’t be called, out of affection He is addressed as a Makhan Chor, “loot loot dadhi makhan khayo, gwala bal sanga dhenu charayo”

And His cowherd boys in Vrindavan very amazingly pleasing pastimes of Sri Krishna in Vrindavan, and may be some of them were not so pleasing. Killing of the demons, He killed so many demons “vinasaya ca duskrtam” (B.G 4.8). He was only 6 days old and he had to kill she demon Putna, another wonderful pastime how Krishna killed Putna demoness. He drank the milk from her breast, He drank the poison, she had smeared the poison on her breast. She was one of the agents of Kamsa and she was expert in killing children, she was specialized, so she was dispatched and when she entered Gokul, she looked just like Laxmi, she even had a lotus in her hand, so everyone oh! Hey look look who is here, Laxmi is in town for sure, she is here to see her Narayana. They all cleared the path, they should have arrested her, beaten her up, but they did not do so. She was so expert the way she was dressed, she looked just like Laxmi and they lead her to Nanada Bhavan and she goes all the way to Yashoda where she was feeding Sri Krishna her breast milk. So by seeing this new lady, curious to see her son, Yashoda handed her child please you have him. And now he was on the lap of Putna, the she demon and she tries to feed her breast milk to Sri Krishna but she had applied poison on her breast, just see how tricky the demons are, look at the strategy of this she demon, she wanted to feed poison to Sri Krishna and she thought, as soon as he drinks poison he would be dead. She did not know he is the creator the poison, poison doesn’t influence Sri Krishna. Yesterday we saw that fire did not burn Krishna, He is the creator of the fire, fire can’t burn Him and the poison can’t kill Him. So Lord Sri Krishna, well whatever, He drank the poison and drank, sucked the life out of that she demon’s body. Haribol Haribol…….

Are you happy that she demon is killed? No you have some connection with that demon, family connection, hat you are not happy that she has been killed, yes jai ho…………..jai ho…………….(devotees saying jai ho…….). The Demigods were very pleased and they were showering flowers upon Krishna and chanting his glories and Apasaras were dancing and Gandharvas were singing. When Krishna killed that she was a very popular, in the negative sense she was well known powerful and even demigods were scared of her. So when she was no more, they delighted, the rejoyed, there was celebration. Then more demons He kills when he was 100 days old but 3 months old He kills a demon, 1 year old He kills a demon Trinavrata, Saktasura. So it’s not just stealing butter and eating butter but He has to kill demons from time to time “paritranaya sadhunam, vinasaya ca duskrtam” (B.G 4.8)

So Krishna was gradually He was growing in age He is growing faster than normal child, growth rate and Balarama is also there Balarama is one year older than Sri Krishna, Sri Krishna Balarama.

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