Who is the Supreme?

Who is the Supreme?

161009- Vrndavan [53:21]

So reading from Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 4, chapter 1, text no 16th. Then I was told I have to read some more verses and go all the way to the 20th. So will read this and then this one this one has a short purport, 20th verse has a bigger purport.

vidura uvaca
atrer grhe sura-sresthah
sthit utp sthity-utpatty-anta-hetavah
kincic cikirsavo jata
etad akhyahi me guro [SB 4.1.16]

Translation and Purport by Srila Prabhupada ki jai After hearing this, Vidura inquired from Maitreya: My dear master how is it that the three deities Brahma, Visnu and siva, who are the creator, maintainer and destroyer of the whole creation, became the offspring of the wife of Atri Muni?

The inquisitiveness of Vidura was quite fitting, for he understood that when the Supersoul, Lord Brahma (Supersoul comma) Lord Brahma and Lord siva all appeared through the person of Anasuya, the wife of Atri Muni, there must have been some great purpose. Otherwise why should they have appeared in such a way? And we will continue with more verses here.

maitreya uvaca
brahmana coditah srstav
atrir brahma-vidam varah
saha patnya yayav rksam
kuladrim tapasi sthitah [SB 4.1.17]

Maitreya said: When Lord Brahma ordered Atri Muni to create generations after marrying Anasuya, Atri Muni and his wife went to perform severe austerities in the valley of the mountain known as rksa.
Text 18th

tasmin prasuna-stabaka-
varbhih sravadbhir udghuste
nirvindhyayah samantatah [SB 4.1.18]

In that mountain valley flows a river named Nirvindhya. On the bank of the river are many asoka trees and other plants full of palasa flowers, and there is also a sweet sound of water flowing from a waterfall. The husband and wife reached that beautiful place.

pranayamena samyamya
mano varsa-satam Munih
atisthad eka-padena
nirdvandvo ’nila-bhojanah [SB 4.1.19]

There the great sage concentrated his mind by the vedic excuse me yogic breathing exercises, and thereby controlling all attachment, he maintained remained standing on one leg only, eating nothing but air, and stood there on one leg for one hundred years. Jai Sri Krishna Balaram Ki Jai And this verse with the purport.

saranam tam prapadye ’ham
ya eva jagad-isvarah
prajam atma-samam mahyam
prayacchatv iti cintayan [SB 4.1.20]

He was thinking: May the Lord of the universe, of whom I have taken shelter, kindly be pleased to offer me a son exactly like Him.


It appears that the great sage Atri Muni had no specific idea of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Of course, he must have been conversant with the Vedic information that there is a Supreme Personality of Godhead who is the creator of the universe, from whom everything emanated, who maintains this created manifestation, and in whom the entire manifestation is conserved after dissolution. yato va imani bhutani (Taittiriya Upanisad 3.1.1). The Vedic mantras give us information of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, so even without knowing His name, just to beg from Him a child exactly on His level. This kind of devotional service, in which knowledge of God’s name is lacking, is also described in Bhagavad-gita where the Lord says that four kinds of men with backgrounds of pious activities come to Him asking for what they need. Atri Muni wanted a son exactly like the Lord, and therefore he is not supposed to have been a pure devotee, because he had a desire to be fulfilled, and that desire was material. Although he wanted a son exactly like the Supreme Personality of Godhead, this desire was material desire because he did not want the Personality of Godhead Himself, but only a child exactly like Him. If he had desired the Supreme Personality of Godhead as his child, he would have been completely free of material desires because he would have wanted the Supreme Absolute Truth, but because he wanted a similar child, his desire was material. Thus Atri Muni cannot be counted among the pure devotees.

saranam tam prapadye ’ham
ya eva jagad-isvarah
prajam atma-samam mahyam
prayacchatv iti cintayan [SB 4.1.20]

He was thinking like this "May the Lord of the Universe, of whom I have taken shelter, kindly be pleased to offer me a son exactly like Him. Srila Prabhupada is pointing out that he wanted a son like Lord but not the Lord. And that Prabhupada is pointing out that as a material desire and hence he is not to be counted among the pure devotees. Elsewhere Srila Prabhupada presents this little differently and states that Atri Muni had vatsalya bhava. He was situated in a vatsalya bhava towards the Lord. And Lord is unlimited so he could also have unlimited fathers like this one and that one. And this Atri Muni is one of those fathers of the Lord in the Vatsalya relationship. This Atri Muni is a not an ordinary personality, he is son of Brahma, manas putra. From the mind of Brahma, Narada, four Kumaras and so many others take birth and then they come out of the different parts of brahma's body.

Atri Muni is such a manas putra and he had come out of the eyes of Brahma. Then he was asked to instruct it, okay the world is here. There is no population, this is to be, we need people. So he is given that task. Among many others has been given this task. And before performing, executing the will of Brahma, he has gone to all this places mention here very scenic river Nir Nirvandhya and asoka trees and palasa. There are also here in Vrndavan here some of those trees and rivers flowing and the sound of the flowing river, which is very a conducive for meditation that is why the sages they used to stay on the banks of the rivers. There are many other purposes why they stay on the banks of the river.

Srila Prabhupada had asked us right here in Vrndavan when you go with the bullock cart to the villages, he said you park next to the well, next to the well you park the cart [laughs]. Well means water and in suci you would could stay clean. And the villages, haribol! The well is kind of center of the village, everyone comes to the village. So Srila Prabhupada was explaining in His quarters to us in '76 the day of the padayatra inauguration function. People come naturally to the well, so you don't even have to go to them, they will come to you. If you are next to the well. And the water flows and then you are doing your,

"Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

And water is flowing making the sounds, it also keeps, the other sound away as kal kal kal sound of the flowing water, and then you get absorbed, so he has gone with his wife and has performed his meditation. It also sounded like a Dhruva Maharaja's meditation which took place not far from here just in Madhuban, standing on just one leg and concentrating upon the Lord. And then Lord appears, the Lord that he had asked for, the lord that he had been meditating upon that particular Lord had come in front of Dhruva Maharaja. He had come and he was standing right there . But Dhruva Maharaj was so much absorbed with his eyes closed and focused.

dhyanavasthita-tad-gatena manasa pasyanti yam yogino [SB 12.13.1]

Like a yogi, he was just concentrating on the Lord within his heart. Another Lord only within 6 months Dhruva Maharaja has broken all the records from start to finish. He started his meditation, day 1 and 1 month and 6 months. And he dragged that Lord wherever He was, He had to come in front of Dhruva Maharaja to give him darsana. Oh! The Lord was pleased. Then he wanted to see the devotee, so He had come. If you want to see Him very difficult, but if He wants to see you damn easy. So Lord is pleased with Dhruva Maharaja and Lord has come only within six months, standing in front of the Dhruva Maharaj but Dhruva Maharaja is not looking at Him. And Lord is wandering what to do? You are meditating and you wanted Me and so I have come but you are not even looking at Me, what kind of reception is this? Then God realized what Dhruva Maharaja was engaged in and that he was looking within, looking at him, looking at the Lord within. Then Lord He turned off the switch inside. He was looking at the screen of his heart and as soon as it was off Dhruva Maharaj was aah did I loosed Him, where is He? And he opened his eyes and that Lord was right right in there right there in front, Lord within, Lord without.

bahir nrsimho hrdaye nrsimho
yato yato yami tato nrsimha (SRI NRSIMHA PRANAM)

Everywhere, within, without so both of them have performed the similar austerities, they both have gone to the forest. Luckily Dhruva Maharaja has come to Vrndavan forest and another good luck for Dhruva Maharaja was that he had met with Narada Muni.

Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya

You go to Madhuban on the banks of the Jamuna. sannidhyam yatra nityada hareh [SB 4.8.42] Sannidya the closeness of the Lord is available, Lord resides there Oh! Dhruva Maharaja. You go there and then he has given him whole instruction. Then you do this and then you that, and you do this, and you chant this mantra. And even in advance Narada Muni had given him all the hints. Now Lord when you look at the Lord He is going to be looking like this, complexion like this. And the garments like that, and the hands like this holding this symbol and that symbol and garland like this. The whole description and nose like this, raised nose and beautiful hairs, prashastha, lots of hair, thick long hair, snigdha hair is the description. They are not dry but when you take care of hair, they are sleek hair, kutil kuntala and they are curly hair, neela, bluish hair description of the Lord is lots of hair, long hair, sleek hair, bluish hair, curly hair.

Anyway not at all this but some of the adjectives, some of the information was provided by Narada Muni even prior to Narada Muni beginning his meditation, getting into the austerities, so everything was all clear and you will be meditating upon "Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya ", Vasudeva is the object of your meditation.

Srila Prabhupada always always pointed out, oh!You wanted to get into meditation, first business, first thing first. What is that? What is the object of the meditation? What is the object of meditation? So Narada Muni had given all the guidelines, all the instructions and hence when Lord appeared before Dhruva Maharaja, and there was no confusion and it was all clear.
This is the one I was told by my Guru Maharaja, Supreme Personality of Godhead, son of Vasudeva, object of meditation and this is the mantra. So as the history goes we are not finding that kind of guidelines or instructions received by Atri Muni here.

So the Lord of the Universe He is the Lord of the Universe, he is only thinking of God not thinking of not naming Him, Srila Prabhupada is pointing out, not naming Him. Oh ! Whatever names you have my Lord, Oh Lord of the Universe.

ya eva jagad-isvarah saranam tam prapadye ’ham [SB 4.1.20]

'ham tam prapadye, I surrender unto You Jagadishvaraha, calling Him God, God but not knowing the name of God, precisely the name of the God. It's like Sir, Sir when you don't know some person, Oh! Sir but when you know him Mr John, Mr Tom, Mr whatever, Mr Obama [laughs] it’s personal. So, sir sir Om is impersonal, not personal, not precise, so his approach was too broad, not specific not personal. So Lord has appeared. There are three Lords there. Amongst the Lord, ok we are three top Lords – Brahma Vishnu Mahesh. You said Jagadishvaraha, Jagadish isvara so now choose. Here we are, pick and choose. Here we are so he wanted son like Lord. But who could be like son like the Lord. Who could be like the Lord ? Who is like the Lord? Only Lord is like the Lord. So Lord has I wanted Lord to be my son so all these three Lords, they have ended up becoming sons of Atri Muni and Anusaya.

Visnu became son in the form of Dattatreya. Shankar became son of this couple in the form of Durvasa and Brahma has become Son in the form of Soma or Chandra. Amongst these three Visnu has appeared as Dattatreya as I was reading this yesterday. Dattatreya is very popular in Maharashtra. I don't know what other parts. We have'nt seen Dattatreya so much outside Maharashtra. Infact in my village Dattatreya not appeared but deity, infact next to my house Dattatreya temple. When I was a little boy I used to worship Dattatreya or go take darsana of Dattatreya my mother use to tell me pray, pray to the Lord. Pray to the Lord. Pray for what? Give you intelligence. Give me intelligence; give me intelligence so Lord took little additional time to give me intelligence. When finally I had some intelligence and using that intelligence I went to God or I went to Srila Prabhupada and to Radha Rasabihari in Bombay. God gave me intelligence to find Him. Then my mother was not happy [laughter]. I did not know which God to pray to? I was standing there before Dattatreya, give me intelligence , give me intelligence, as we met Srila Prabhupada then further like meeting with Narada Muni then everything was clear, clarified. So then Dattatreya is very popular in Maharashtra and in Bombay temple, when we had gone to Bombay temple Srila Prabhupada personally designed the temple and on the ground floor part of the darsana mandup, we take darsana of the deities and then around there is also a courtyard. There are different dioramas, one of those dioramas so also Vitthal, Pandurang from Pandharpur. Prabhupada selected and he also selected Dattatreya amongst others. Shiva drinking
poison, Dattatreya dioramas is in our temple of Radha Rasabihari temple.

So Dattatreya son of is Atri Muni. Dattaraya Lord gave Himself into three forms. Dattatreyaa tray three, Dattatreya. Datta means to give. So Lord gave Himself unto Atri. And Lord appeared as son of Atri and then His name became Dattatreya. This is how the name derived, some understanding Dattatreya! This Atri Muni, is one of the seven rishis called sapta rishi. There is also sapta rishi tila in Mathura. So just there parikrama party not far from there. Seven rishis they performed there yajya.

svah: svah: svah: to counteract the influence of age of kali. The seven rishis were performing yajya, right there in Mathura and Atri was part of that team. Sapta rishi's you know right beneath the Dhruva loka, there is a place for seven rishis. One rishi one planet and Atri rishi has one of those seven planets. Atri Muni Anusaya, that he married to, was a very extra ordinary lady. Kardam Muni had nine daughters. And they were married to seven different ,nine different sages. And one of those daughter was Kardam Muni's daughter was Anusaya, and she was married to Atri rishi. When Sri Rama was at a Prayag raj He met Bharadwaj Muni.

Bharadraj was disciple of Valmiki Muni and Sri Rama, Laxman and Sita, they were on exile or they had just started they have just left Ayodhaya. They were looking for a place of residence.

Oh ! Where we could stay, where we could stay? And Bharadwaj Muni had given Him, yes you could, not far from here. Just a hundred miles or so. Even you could look at that mountain. That was a, what was that where Ram stayed in the forest, Citrakut. So Bharadwaj Muni said you go to Citrakut and you stay there. And in that Citrakut you will also meet Atri and Anusaya. Please meet both of them. Visit their family and so then Rama, Sita, Laxman they have crossed Yamuna. And they were going in the direction of Citrakut, Madakini river. As they arrived and they are staying now in Citrakut. And they visited asram.That asram is still their Atri Muni's asram Anusaya Atri Muni's asram. And Bharadwaj Muni had said, Sita will get some instruction some guidelines from this Anusaya. She is very chaste lady. So that had happened as Sri Rama, Laxman, Sita had come to the asram of Atri and Anusaya, aan they spent they have spent time with this family. Anusaya aan gives guidelines, instructions. She is very special lady. And special family. Atri Muni also had a son called Durvasa. We said this he is one of those three.

So Durvasa is a part of the Vrndavan scene. We are in Vrndavan Dhama Ki Jai. And Durvasa is very much in Vrndavan. Durvasa near Mathura across Jamuna. There is a Durvasa, some place village where Durvasa has I think there is Gaudiya math there now. So Durvasa Muni was received by Radharani, and very wonderful hospitality by Radharani. Durvasa was so much pleased by RadhArani's attitude and hospitality. May I bless you (laugh) and She received the benediction. The food that you would cook would be nectar, you would be the best cook. And anyone who eats the food cooked by you would never get sick. Yasoda knew this benediction. Durvasa's benediction given to Radharani. She would also make sure Radharani coming from Javat to Nandagram and cook for her son so that He would have a nice food, nice food. Her son would never would get sick.

Durvasa had many roles and activities in Vrndavan part. Brahma and Shiva, well he did not know, Atri Muni did not know who among the three is Supreme. He has just addressed Jagadishwara, please come and become my son . All the three Lords had come. Yet he could not discriminate and decide which one of the three and even then there was a debate on the bank of the Saraswati, big assembly, of the sages they were wandering who among the these three deities is a Supreme? And then Bhrigu Muni personally you go to Brahmaloka, you go to Kailash, you go to Vaikuntha and come back and tell us from your experience who among the three deities is Supreme. And then Bhrigu Muni had gone around tenth canto that episode is there. Goes to Brahma lok and can't get the details [laugh] so who is most tolerant?

Bhrigu Muni had sat in front but with his back towards Brahma. And he became very furious. He doesn’t know simple sadachar, simple etiquettes he doesn’t know. You are not supposed to be sitting with back towards your superior you could look around see whether this etiquettes. So he had not followed so he was kind of, he was about to explore but then he was also able to control his anger, and frustration. Then he goes to Kailash, they are brothers that is the relationship Shiva and Bhrigu Muni. Shiva is son of Brahma and Bhrigu Muni is son of Brahma. So as soon he has seen his brother Shiva had seen, oh! my brother! brother! He might even go forward and give a hug to his Bhrigu brother. But Bhrigu- go take a bath first, ashes all over your body. Shiva had become very angry, and he hadt trishul and starts playing his dumru dim dim dim starts running after Bhrigu and was trying to take revenge or beat him up. But then Parvati only Parvati on his own he could not control, he could not even recognize. Oh! This is called anger. I am getting angry now, not good. This is my enemy, Brahma anger was there, anger had appeared but he was able to take note and subdue or get rid of it. Shiva did not manage, he did exhibit his anger. Parvati could only come to rescue.

Bhrigu Muni then goes all the way to Vaikuntha, he goes to Svetadvip. Visnu's lotus feet is being massaged by Laxmi, and as soon as he gets there. Big kick on the chest of the Lord for no rhyme or reason. He just comes and gives a kick. And a kind of response that was there on the part of Lord Vishnu. Oh! Did you get hurt ? Bhrigu Muni. Please excuse me, my chest is very hard and you have soft lotus feet, did you get hurt? And this dialogue was being heard by wife [laugh] Laxmi. You could imagine being a wife and your husband is getting a big kick from some stranger. And your husband dear sir, did you get hurt? [laugh]. So wife was furious, wife was furious [laugh] furious at both of them [laugh] first of all Bhrigu had kicked and just see my husband is doing nothing. What humility is that? It was not necessary. Why why he is tolerating like this? This insult I cannot tolerate.

And she had left even Vishnu temporarily. She was very much upset. Anyways that another that leads to some other past times. So then Bhrigu had come back with the conclusion I boldly declare that they had passed a resolution and everyone was all in favor. He made whole presentation. I went there, I went there and then finally I went there. And whole account what do you think? What do you think is the Supreme Personality of Godhead or Supreme amongst these three superiors?

Krishna Bhagvan Ki Jai !
Krishna Bhagvan Ki Jai!

krsnas tu bhagavan svayam [SB 1.3.28] and they all signed the document, we are in favour. So how many times this has to be resolved. This is already resolved. Who is superior? And all recorded, documented. And still the fight goes on even to this day the fight goes on. Ignorance has no limit. sa kaleneha mahata ,yogo nastah paran-tapa [BG 4.2] Things get forgotten,
lost put on back burner or people only go to this puran and that puran and never reach Bhagavat puran or they go to this baba and that baba or this sadhu or that sadhu but they don't end up coming in contact with,

evam parampara-praptam
imam rajarsayo viduh [BG 4.2]

They do not do that and ignorance continues. This Atri Muni infact I am sure there is mentioned that when Sukhdeva Goswami was reciting Bhagavatam for the benefit of King Parikshit. So many sages had assembled and Atri Muni was in the audience. So he did hear finally Bhagvatam from Sukadeva Goswami himself. He must have come to the right conclusion. Also when Lord visited Kuruksetra at the time of sun eclipse Lord had gone there to take holy dip in those Kundas in Brahma Kunda, Surya Kunda in Kuruksetra. Lord that time he met so many sages assembled in Kuruksetra. This is prior to the not battlefield time, another time before. Any many many sages met Sri Krishna Balarama. Infact they came they came towards the camp, they were staying in the tents Krishna Balarama, or residents of Vrndavan or Residents of Dwarka so as Krishna Balarama, they saw the sages were coming in their direction. Krishna Balarama and others also stoop up. Atri was in in amongst those rishis. Lord was personally emphasizing the importance of the meeting of the sadhus. As sadhu had come, he was glorifying sadhu mahatmya.

yasyatma-buddhih yasyatma-buddhih kunape tri-dhatuke [SB 10.84.13]

This is Lord's statement, sages had assembled Atri was there and Lord

says, "yasyatma-buddhih kunape tri-dhatuke. People having buddhi,

intelligence that they think their body their body is soul, yasyatma budhi, dehatma budhi my deha, my body is my atma , my body is myself, my body is all in all. "yasyasyati-buddhih kunape tri-dhatuke " is Lord's speech. This is not Bhagavad Gita time, another time, Lord is giving a speech. Addressing those sages, says people think like this. "yasyatma-buddhih kunape tri-dhatukeyu " cough, pitta, vayus. This three cough, pitta, vayu, their body is made up of that, and that is all in all and then they begin worshipping land. They become worshippers of their own land and every country. People are worshipping their home land, home country. Instead of worshipping

aradhyo bhagavan vrajesa-tanayas tad-dhama vrndavanam
sri-caitanya mahaprabhor matam idam tatradarah na parah

Worship, worship, aradhayo bhagavan vrajesa, son of Nanda Maharaja used to worship and his land of Vrndavan is also worshipable. Instead they worshiped bhauma ijya-dhih, bhumi Bharat bhumi, this bhumi, that bhumi, America bhumi. English bhumi! They end up worshipping that and ‘salile na karhicij .’ And then finally they come to the place holy place and all they end up doing in holy places.

salile na karhicij

Salile means water. They tried to find out some water bodies, some kundas, some rivers this some sarovars. Take a holy dip and may be buy some prasada, take quickly darsana off to Agra back to Delhi wherever but the Lord says,

salile na karhicij janesv abhijnesu

What they should be doing is, before they find anything else in the dhama, find look for the sadhus. Of course saintly and parampara and all that. All that eligibility and all that

qualifications, salile na karhicij janesv abhijnesu.

They have all the faith. This is Lord talking, they have all the faith in, He has personally, Lord has personally come to take bath in Kuruksetra. And others have also come but he says they shouldn’t be just taking bath. First of all they should be finding the dhama guru, spiritual master, the sadhus, listen to them, get all the guidelines, instructions, before entering dhama or
encounters with dhama and those who do not do so then the Lord says ‘sa eva go-kharah.

Such person, they come to holy places, don't look for sadhu, genuine sadhu, they don't listen from him, they just take holy dip, go away ,they are compared to go, Go – cow or bull , khara – donkey. So The Lord was talking the importance of ‘sadhu-sanga’,

sadhu-sanga’ — sarva-sastre kaya
lava-matra sadhu-sange sarva-siddhi haya [CC 2.22.54]

So while the Lord was talking particular statement addressing sadhus one sadhu, Atri Muni, Atri sadhu was also in that, in that group of sadhus. And Brahma had come, separately Brahma had come to a Vrndavana, then he had tried something stealing Krishna's friends and cows and that had not worked out. He was trying to interfere with Lord's pastimes or interrupt or
stop . He could not do so. After one year the past times were going on and on and on. Then the Brahma from list Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh. Brahma had come not far from here to a place called Chaumuha, on the Delhi – Agra highway. That village is still their called Chaumuha, Chaumuha name of the village. You go to highway from here, then it turned towards Delhi. I

think the first village the first village that you go through is called Chaumuha. So Brahma comes there, and offers his prayers. So Brahma tried here also, Shiva also tried and when Indra tried, that also had not worked out. Krishna lifted Govardhan hill . He was defeated. Shiva is very much here in Vrndavan as digpal. All the four directions of Mathura, Shiva is standing there with the gun [laugh]. He was protector; Rangeshwar, Pipaleshwar, Bhuteshwar, Gokarneshwar. Four Shivas then you go all over Vraja mandal parikrama, then you come across Shiva Gopeshwar Mahadev in Vrndavan, Chakreshwar Mahadev in in a Govardhan, you go to Nandigram Nandishwar Mahadev, you go to Kamavan, Kameshwar Mahadev. He is there as dhama pal protector of the dhama. Then he had come one time to a Nandagram (knock knock) Door open! May I take darsana of your son, oh dear lady, that was Yashoda [laughs]. Darsana and your darsana go get a haircut first from, not taken bath, long hairs, snakes around his neck, scorpions there and you to go take darsana of Nandalal. She slammed the door. So Shiva was very much disappointed.

He wanted very much wanted to take darshan . What to do, what to do? He goes some distance, sits down he is mediating upon the Lord. And Lord begins crying, and crying, and crying, hai what's wrong? Take rasagulla, crying crying eat this crying crying take this, crying crying chappan bhog, crying crying nothing, some toys – nothing. Neighboring ladies are coming what happened, what happened, what happened? What is the cause? What is the cause? Oh! Possibly you know one sadhu baba had come, I had refused him darsana. I sent him away, from that time my lala has started crying and Shiva had gone and doing his dhayan. What is that place Asheshvar Maharaja knows Aseshvar Mahadev. Asha, he had asha, he had a desire, he had a hope of, still hopeful of getting darsana, Aseshwar he had intense desire. Oh that could be the cause because I sent him away. He wanted to take darsana. Yes, yes that must be the reason. And then they all started looking for that personality, looking and looking and looking at some distance from Nandagram. They found Him sitting in trance and doing meditation hye baba, hye baba please get up.

What is wrong now, what did I do wrong now? No nothing wrong. Please come where to Nandagram? For what ? For the darsana of the Lord please come take darsana see he had gone and he had darsana of the Lord. So He is Supreme Personality of Godhead is Sri Krishna. Not even Visnu for some is not even Vishnu. Gopis were looking for Krishna the Supreme Personality of Godhead and Visnu appeared. Four handed and they offered pranams." Namo Narayana". Have you have you seen our Krishna? Have you seen our Krishna? That was not a real or genuine Narayan. He was just drama He had just added some hands or He has that form, His original [laughs] form was also four handed form. But that inquiry was so genuine and heart touching. As gopis have you seen our Krishna? That was it. Two hands were dropped off [laughs]. Other false symbols shankh, chakra, gada, padma disappeared and Lord had to appear as Krishna. So everyone also has his istadev, he is worship able deity. Ya so some may be, some are happy with the Dattatreyaa, Visnu form and some are happy with someone else, some are happy with Sri Rama, some are happy with Vishnu, some are happy with also relationships, and bhavas, and rasa and there is hierarchy. And Krishna at the top Vrndavan Krishna, Krishna is purna complete in Dvarka, He is more complete in Dvarka, He is more complete in Mathura, and most complete in Vrndavan. Same Krishna.

Krishna from here goes to Mathura but not same Krishna and that Akrura had experience of that. At Akrura ghat he saw Lord getting transformed and He was becoming four handed. Whats happening? But he was preparing, Lord is preparing, preparing now stepping down from Vrndavan Krishna to Mathura Krishna and then from Mathura Krishna to Dvarka Krishna. He exhibits same Krishna. He exhibits His different bhavas, different opulence to different degrees and Vrndavan is very special. So also Visnu is even the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Gopis are not interested not even in Visnu. They want to keep going and going and going, only settled with Shyamsundara, Sri Krishna.

Vrndavan Dham Ki Jai! Okay.
I will stop. I have to stop somewhere.

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