Mayapur Dham

Topic : SB 9.16.1 -6 Place : Mayapur Dham Date : 10 March 2019 Haribol, everybody Hare Krishna, welcome and thank you of joining us. Hari Hari and those who have joined include some very senior exalted Vaishnav’s, and making my job difficult talking in their presence but I pray,...
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Krsna’s idea is beneficial to everyone

Krsna’s idea is beneficial to everyone Mayapur [46:55] Reading from Bhagavad  Gita , Chapter 2 text number 9. Bhagavad Gita was said in morning and we are hearing in the evening.  We are seeing the Lord, we are seeing the Lord. You have all seen, where is He? So we all like to...
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