Instructions for Youth preaching


Instructions for Youth Preaching
13 July 2022

Whatever problems can come in future we have to make a list of it previously in order to avoid the crisis, crisis management and this is called pro activity. We have to make a list previously of all problems that will come in future. And then third thing is note the vision, the obstacles and then strategies. What step we should take, which plan we should make so that we can realize our vision. So one, two, three and the 4th and 5th is.
4th is resources, resource I previously said resources are mainly of two types human resource and funds. This is our forth factor and fifth is our time line. This Vision we have to realize so it’s first phase we can achieve in one year and its second phase we can achieve in next two years and finally after 5 years also. I am just giving example of time line. In phase manner you achieve the goal of realized vision. This is 5 point planning.

One time Radhe Shyam Prabhu had invited me. There are lots of youths in Pune. On this topic I had said, explained the vision for ISKCON youth form preaching at that time we were talking about Pune. So I had talked about the vision making the list of obstacles and then strategies to overcome these obstacles and realise the vision.

Like that on this I gave seminars for some days. So also if you have not done then you can also do this or follow this more or less. There can be more sutra (formula). So this 5 point program. So yesterday we had seminar, today is also there. So I am sure that you are going to cover this, what vision is there? What problem is there?

How can we cooperate? How can we give cooperation for you preaching. Whatever is favorable for preaching should be done. Temple authorities they have to cooperate with ISKCON youth forum Preacher. And many types cooperation, either it may be transportation or funds or this that. Cooperation is the key factor for success.

These words are very famous in Maharashtra. The Ex chief minister of Maharashtra what is his name? Vasant Rao Dada Patil. He said one mantra,
“Bina sahakar nahi uddhar”
“Bina sahakarnahiuddhar”

Translation: Without cooperation there is no progress.

For us Srila Prabhupada ki jai.
Srila Prabhupada has said this to us, “That if you love me” Someone may say “Yes we love you, yes we love Prabhupada.” Prabhupad said “I want to see your love, I don’t just want to hear ‘I love you,. So how can we show our love for Prabhupada?

Prabhupada’s expectations was specially he said “How you co-operate with each other to protect this institution after I am gone.” Such a heart touching popular statement of Srila Prabhupada. Ofcourse this is not only limited to youth preaching but everyone needs this cooperation, taking and giving.

Co-operation. “Co” means together, two parties, “Co-operation”. So you all, specially managers or temple authorities make sure or any else party or youth forum preaching discussion is going on so, for the development and prakash ( advertisement) , vikas (development) , vistar (expansion) , uddhar (deliverance) , cooperation is essential or necessarily important.

So please co-operate, give your full hearted support by even participating. I think we all fulltime devotees of ISKCON have some role or should have a role in ISKCON youth forum or youth preaching , college preaching. Everyone has some role, so to play this role, to give your contribution, are you all ready? Hari bol .

Okay any questions, comments?
Devotee : Hare Krishna my question was that as you said in Iskcon those who are full time devotees there should be some role in youth preaching like their should some role but as a institute there are various services. So how to balance this? So I want to know that from you how should be balance this the organization and youth preaching?

Answer: So you Head pujari, is there any shortage of pujaris? If the youth will not join if they are not trained then they will not become Brahmin then how they will do deity worship? It will not work smoothly .That’s why we have to think and pray to Lord. Prayer is also a contribution . Or do nice shringar of Lord. When youth will come they will take darsana of Lord, nice beautiful Lord and if they experience that very neat and clean temple. Then this will be also contribution of the Head pujari for preaching.

Mataji devotee: Hare Krsna as we can see prabhujis can serve in this mission by doing full time joining as bramhachari and becoming pujaris so my question to you can we as mataji serve you in this mission?

Answer: “grihe thako, vane thako, sada ‘hari’ bole’ dako”
Bramhacharis or Grihastas everybody can serve Lord . Ultimately who is serving? Its soul. Body is only tool to serve but sadhaka who do sadhana who does bhakti? Its soul only. The devotional service of Lord is for everybody.

Devotee: Hare Krishna from yesterday Chaitanya Prabhu is taking this seminar for youth, this is for me those who are doing youth preaching. So some inspiration and your instructions. How should we take it and apply it?

Answer: “kelyane hot aahe, aadhi kelechi pahije “
First stop thinking , start acting. Do or Die. If this we will not do then . We will die or Hare Krishna movement will not be survive. There is such understanding, universal understanding , organisation which every time have to depend on new people. They came and they are gone. New batch they have trained and then out. Second batch when we trained they are also out. Are you getting it.

So this type of institution don’t have a bright future and also won’t last for long time . So, survival of the fittest. Survival is only of those who are fit. So we have to make our organisation fit, we have to be fit. So we need new devotees but we also should have old devotees and also trained devotees. Then together young and old, new and matured and they would be pillar of institution. So steadiness would then come so from womb to tomb program.

So from womb till the last ritual we have to survive. So that devotee would always survive in devotion. They maybe full time devotees, of course and also our congregation Grihasta and also Brahmacari. Grihasta have their role, brahmacaris have their role. Every varna every ashram has a role.

There are only Grihasta no sannyasis that is not good, or there are only sannaysis that is also incomplete. Often times I said this in connection of youth preaching , everyone has a role and everyone should have a role in making devotees. If you think you will understand the connection or you find some connection, break your brains. And if such big and successful program is happening then just add your name to it. Tagging along, tag along.

Oh! I was also there, I was there. Some devotees, aya ram gaya ram, coming and leaving. So new devotees also they are coming and they are leaving. So this also not a healthy situation. Likewise, our managers those were doing youth preaching in the past but aren’t doing it in present, this is also aya ram gaya ram.

So managers are also preachers they should preach steadily and enthusiastically . If you are managers and if you will not perform youth preaching then your management would be in difficulty. Without helping hand nothing is going to happen. Neither preaching would happen, nor fund raising would happen and nor you would be winner of book distribution marathon.

Srila Prabhupada wanted to see that how many temples you have opened? How many books your temple is distributing? How many devotees you have made?

phalena paric?yate

Translation: One’s success or defeat in any activity is understood by its result.

This type of results give self-introduction of your Krishna consciousness level. So from this seminar, those who were previously performing youth preaching, called youth preachers, their revival may happen and they may again perform youth preaching with all enthusiasm and more efficienctly. With this hope and desire these two days get together we had planned. Thought charning is happening now. So now get back into action. I think I would stop here.

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