Krishna Kidnaps Rukmini

Krishna Kidnaps Rukmini Amravati [47:17] 10.52-53 Srimad Bhagavatam, chapter fifty two and fifty three, is description of the kidnapping of the Rukmini. This is Bhagavatam is here in front of me. Devotees have to go on a nagar procession, nagar sankirtana and before that we have...
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Past Time of Dhruva Maharaj Taking Darsana Of Lord

Past Time of Dhruva Maharaj Taking DarsanaOf Lord 270211-Mayapur [41:53] So we read from SrimadBhagavatam Canto 4 chapter 12 text no 22. So please repeat tamkrsna-padabhinivista-cetasam baddhanjalimprasraya-namra-kandharam sunanda-nandavupasrtyasasmitam...
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