Past Time of Dhruva Maharaj Taking Darsana Of Lord


Past Time of Dhruva Maharaj Taking DarsanaOf Lord

270211-Mayapur [41:53]

So we read from SrimadBhagavatam Canto 4 chapter 12 text no 22. So please repeat


Translation and Purport by Srila Prabhupada Ki Jai” Listen to this, not that you are not listening with attention.

Translation: Dhruva Maharaj was always absorbed in thinking of the lotus feet of Lord Krsna. His heart was full with Krsna. When the two confidential servants of the Supreme Lord, who were named Nanda and Sunanda, approached him, smiling happily, Dhruva stood with folded hands, bowing humbly. They then addressed him as follows.

This is Dhruva Maharaj, the confidential servants addressed Dhruva Maharaj as follows: And that will follow tomorrow, don’t expect right now.

Purport:In this verse the word ‘puskaranabha-sammatau’ is significant. Krsna, or Lord Vishnu, is known for His lotus eyes, lotus navel, you could meditate as we go through this, this sentence could be meditative. He has lotus eyes, lotus navel, lotus feet and lotus palms. Here He is called ‘puskara-nabha’, which means “the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who has a lotus navel,” and ‘Sammatau’ means “two confidential or very obedient servants.” Where is this two coming from? ‘Sammatu’ that is meaning two. Not only sammataha but ‘sammatau’ there is a difference’ Krishnau – two Krishnas, Ramau – two Ramas, ‘sammatau’  two confidential servants. And they were very obedient. The materialistic way of life differs from the spiritual way of life in that, one is disobedient and the other is obedient to the will of the Supreme Lord. All living entities are part and parcel of the Supreme Lord, and they are supposed to be always agreeable to the order of the Supreme Person; that is perfect oneness.

In the Vaikuntha world all the living entities are in oneness with the Supreme Godhead because they never defy His orders. Here in the material world, however they are not ‘sammataha’ agreeable, but always ‘asammataha’, disagreeable. This human form of life is a chance to be trained to be agreeable to the orders of the Supreme Lord. Are you with us? To bring about this training in society is the mission of the Krishna Consciousness movement, like mission statement Prabhupada used to say. One of the mission statements of Krishna Consciousness movement, one of the mission statement. To bring about this training in this society is the mission of the Krishna Consciousness movement. Stated in the Bhagavad-gita, the laws of material nature are very strict; no one can overcome the stringent laws of material nature. You agree, agreeing or disagreeing is the topic, this is the truth, accept the truth as it is.  But one who becomes a surrendered soul and agrees to the order of the Supreme Lord can easily overcome those stringent laws.

mameva ye prapadyantemayametamtarantitite[BG 7.14]

Including the stringent laws. Stringent law is one of the laws. Stringent Laws is ‘jatasya hi’ Dhruvam, Dhruvam, Dhruvmaharaj  ]

jatasya hi dhruvomrtyur[BG 2.27

We have taken birth, death is dhruvam. Death is certain. Also if you die then birth is also certain, both. So this stringent law could be transcendent by being agreeable to the orders of the Supreme Lord that’s the point here.

The example of Dhruva Maharaja is very fitting. Simply by becoming agreeable to the orders of the Supreme Personality of Godhead and by developing love for Godhead, Dhruva got the chance to personally meet the confidential servants of Lord Vishnu face to face. What was possible for Dhruva Maharaj, listen to this! What was possible for Dhruva Maharaja  is possible for everyone, Haribol ! Good news! Good morning news, very encouraging. Ray of hope we get here, this is also food for thought during early morning hours could be thinking more and more about this all day. Anyone and Srila Prabhupada concludes this purport with this statement saying anyone who very seriously engages in devotional service can obtain, in due course of time, the same perfection of the human form of life.

You have darsana, you develop love for the Lord. And what is a happening right now here through these pages towards the end of this episode. Dhruva Maharajprasang he is getting ready to take off go back home that is also the part of  the perfection. DhruvMaharaj is attaining.

baddha, this is ‘baddha’ together tied,

Dhruva Maharaj was always absorbed in thinking of the Lotus feet of the Lord Krishna. His heart was full of Krishna. Jai! “ RadhaMadhav Ki Jai.”  When the two confidential servants of the Supreme Lord who were named Nanda and Sunanda approached him, smilingly, smiling happily. DhruvMaharaj stood with the folded hands, bowing humbly. They then addressed him as follows:

I would try to say something, I was blessed. I would say something VrajendraNandan, VrajendraNand, difficult name prabhu, he was praying for me so this must be in his kingdom, this capital I don’t know where that one is? The viman has appeared, descended, and in there is Nanda and Sunanda, the confidential servants of the Lord. Coming down the aircraft, and they are described and their beauty are described.

deva-pravaraucatur-bhujau [SB 4.12.20]

How many hands,

syamautheir complexion, and kisorav they are young, not old folks and they also have Lotus eyes, and they have club in the hands, and beautiful clothing and they have a crown, and kundalautheir earrings, beautiful personality out of this world, they are coming from another world no one like them, they were seen. DhruvMaharaj saw such personalitiesvijnaya soon he realized.


Oh! These are the kinkaras, servants of uttamagaya, uttamasloka, Supreme Lords servants are here.

‘utthitah-Immediately Dhruva Maharaj stood up.


He is bit bewildered, also not sure what to do now, what next? ‘Nanami, this couldn’t go wrong, so he goes forward and offering his obeisances.


Chanting the holy names of the Madhudvisah. Not Madhu visa, madhu and visa, like we get visa for this country that country. Madhudvisah, this is the name of our godbrother but he is always addressed not correctly, pronounced not correctly madhudvisah enemy of Madhu. Dvisah enemy madhudvisah, His names are chanted, Lords names he is chanting and as this is all happening, immediately by seeing those two uttamagaya-kinkarav.Those two servants, immediately he is remembering the Lord ‘tamkrsna-padar’ our verse todays verse ‘tam’ that is Dhruva Maharaj .


He started remembering the Lotus feet of the Lord. Starting with the Lotus feet of the Lord with remembrance, begins we need to observe, totally absorbed full absorption, hundred percent ‘cetasam’ ‘maccitta’ Krishna says like that

mac-citta mad-gata-pranabodhayantahparasparam[BG 10.9]

Lord Sri Krishna, He glorifies, or he does introduction of His devotees. What kind of my devotees ‘mac citta’ – his cetana, his consciousness ‘mac-citta’, glue down to me,“abhibhinivista-cetasam” so this is his consciousness internally is absorbed as he is remembering the lotus feet. The Lord “baddhanjalim” natural manifestation of what is inside or what he is thinking about or anybody thinking about external manifestation. Immediately his hands are  ‘baddhanjalim’ folded hands .


kandharam his shoulders, is bowing down ‘namra’, for the humility, bow down,‘prasraya’, asraya, he is now taken shelter of the Lord thinking of the Lord, taking shelter of the Lord. He is bowing down.


And he is noticing  those two ‘kinkarav’ the servants are upasrtya , they are gradually coming towards him, and he is also noticing ‘sasmita’ they are smiling, they look very happy,‘sasmitam’. Now these two personalities are described  (


puskarnabha,’ Lord with the lotus navel and  seven parts of His bodies are lotus like, some of them four or five of them have been mentioned already in the purport. Seven parts are lotus like, seven parts are pinkish in complexion, and there are thirty two, total thirty two symptoms of the personality of  ‘mahapurush. The great personality, the personality of Godhead thirty two symptoms, long arms reaching the knees, like that  broad shoulders, raised nose, Dhruva Maharaj was informed by Narada muni in advance as you follow this process chant


Follow the process, you will be seeing the Lord, in advance I tell you when you look at the Lord, when you see the Lord he is going to be seen like this so that no one could come and cheat, I am bhagavan . So he did know what the Bhagvan looked like, go for that Bhagvan, no, no when you see the Lord the whole description was there, first dialogue there are several verses. Narada muni goes on and on Lord is like this, Lord like that. His nose will be raised nose, not like this, some signs of beauty is considered having a raised nose. Having a raised nosed is a sign of beauty.  When the match making goes on, atleast in India they look at the nose of the bride, bride or bridegroom, which one Iget confused . Bridegroom is male or female? Bride, bride, b see how, raised is the nose. So knowingly they know the standard of beauty raised nose, Lord has raised nose. They try to look for such kind of nose and Lord has a deep voice. One of the thirty two, when He talks like a rumbling of the clouds, His voice deep and loud and clear, could go all over the universe without even a microphone, He could reach everywhere. When Lord Narsimha was roaring whole world was trembling because they were hearing. Lion came, lion came, got scared. Krishna playing His flute and sound goes all over. But then again the Lord has complete control over the sound also. Sound of Krishna’s flute goes all over the Braj,a but not that everyone is listening two persons is sitting next to each other one of them listening. Gopis are listening, getting up and running, what happened, what happened? They know what happened they heard. So Lord has complete control who hears, who is allowed to hear, who is not allowed to hear. Not he just throws like a free cookies and where ever it lands, He has own plans. He listens, he does’nt listen. He listens, hedoes’nt listens. His voice is very deep, His intelligence is very deep, deep intelligence, navel is deep also. So some part of the body are deep, navel deep,naval deep intelligence and like that. Some parts are raised, grand total is thirty two. He was,Narada muni had given this hints. Lord will be looking like this,


So when Dhruva Maharaj had seen these “puskaranabha-sammatau”‘sammatau’- he is authorized persons or confidential servants of the Lord. He was infact, momentarily bewildered, he did not know what to do next or what does this mean? ‘Sadhvasa’, ‘Sadhvasa Vikramaha’ but this same thing also happened to him, I was looking at the beginning of the Dhruva Maharaj past times. When he had darsana of the Lord, now he is getting ready to go back to godhead. When he had darsana ofthe Lord for the first time in Madhuban, he had been hearing Madhuban, Madhuban, and I don’t know how many of you know where Madhuban is, how many? You say Vrndavan, you may say Vrndavan he went to the forest you heard those mentioned. He went to the forest but which forest did he go to, which forest ?Vrndavan forest. Then Vrndavan has twelve forest of Vrndavan, Radha Raman Maharaj knows He is telling you. And Madhuban is the forest not far from Mathura Vrndavan, next time you are in Vrndavan, Mathura.  You could go to Madhuban just few kilometers outside Mathura infact, when we go on Vrajmandalparikrama that’s the easy way. Don’t go alone, go with us.  This year, could I do commercial here [laughter]. 2011 Vraja Mandal Parikrama is twenty fifth, Vrajmandal parikrama ‘Silver Jubilee Ki Jai.

So we have very special parikrama coming up to go with us . As we start our parikrama very first forest is Madhuban, just outside Mathura. And we spent whole day and one night also, place where Dhruva Maharaj met Narada muni, oh! He did not meet Narada muni there he met Narada muni in Mathura, on the banks of Jamuna called Dhruvtila, no DhruvaGhat – Dhruvghat.  Then you go to Madhuban, and then he went to Madhuban. So we spent their, because parikrama is slow. Little tapasaya, little tapasayaprogramme, don’t be scared coincidence, the first place we go to the place where tapasaya was performed by Dhruva Maharaj. So we pray and we pray and pray for his mercy so that we are also able to perform some austerity, some tapasaya during VrajaMandal. So Madhuban where Madhuban is? Some idea now. That’s where he had the darsana of the Lord in Satyayuga, Madhuban is also very special forest. In all the four Yugas Lord appeared their Satya, Tetra, Dvapar and Kali. It is very significant thing about this Madhuban.

In Satya Yuga he appeared to give darsana, He is always their also and but then He appeared and this past time took place right there in Madhuban.  So where Dhruva Maharaj was performing austerities, it is called

yoga-vipaka-tivraya [SB 4.9.2]

In beginning of his pastimes of the Dhruva Maharaj, what he was doing is described here, he had a very intense, very intense programme going on there. and when there was a fruit of that,

tivrenabhaktiyogena [SB2.3.10]

Dhruva Maharaj is known for this. He is very serious, very intense, tivraya, ‘tivrena bhakti yogena’

satatamkirtiyanto mam, yatantaschdrdh-vrataha[BG 9.14]

drdh-vrat ,Dhruv means fixed, Dhruv means fixed, how many of you would like to get fixed up devotees , fixed up. I would like to be fixed up devotee, fixed up. So it is very befitting by hearing about fixed up devotees by being with around the fixed up devotees, ok ok this prabhu is absorbed now. Just by hearing about the fixed up devotees. Dhruva means fixed, immovable and unstoppable, nothing could stop him. “Oh you are just a child” “no, no, no whatever I want to meet the Lord. I have to have the Lord.” And then he was in that forest, just the other day we went to Bhakti Vedanta National School and they had a whole drama. Very wonderful drama.

Topic was ‘Dhruva Maharaj’ and then whole light and sound effect like walking through the pages of Bhagavatam or life of Dhruva Maharaj. Especially when this scene, anyways I am not changing the scene here, Nanda and Sunanda coming down and to bring him back  home, very mystical colors, light and sounds look like a real thing, like seeing face to face, witnessing that.

So Dhruv Maharaj he has already spent six months in Madhuban, within six months he managed to get the darsana of the Lord. He broke all the records within six months; even it took a six years for Buddha to become enlightened. In Gaya he spent six years and then some enlightenment, something, something came in his direction six years. But Dhruva Maharaj just six months. I was not even six months in the movement in Bombay I have a service of going door to door and begging for rice, for food for life. During that time I was just a new bhakta and people would ask, oh! Have you seen God? [Laughter] Oh no, no… Give me a break, I just started, atleast Dhruva Maharaj had six months, I am just few months old bhakta, give me some more time, I said.  Six months passed, six year passed I am still waiting. So within six months he managed, first month he did this, and leaves only, then fruits only, the leaves only, and then what water only, air only and no air Lord only. And then Lord appeared, Lord appeared but again Dhruva Maharaj was so much absorbed.

savaidhiya yoga-vipaka-tivraya[SB 4.9.2]

Perfection about all that he had been doing the austerities, yoga, meditation and chanting, he was so much absorbed then he was seeing the Lord inside. And Lord had come personally and standing before him. But because he was so much absorbed he did not even take note of Lord standing before him. And Lord was wandering!What happened Dhruva I am here, trying to get his attention. Dhruva is just absorbed, nice seeing the Lord within, but his spiritual vision not with this chaksu but divyachaksu , he was seeing the Lord, so Lord soon realized he is taking darsaan, my darsana within. So lord turned off that screen inside and then immediately Dhruva Maharaj hai what happened, did I lose Him ? And as he opened his eyes the Lord that was within, was now without, or was in front of him,Hari bol! But now as he was seeing the Lord

tad-darsanenagata-sadhvasah [SB 4.9.3]

Same thing, same words .‘Sadhvasah’  which was in, infact yesterday’s verse when Dhruv Maharaj after seeing the Lord he was temporarily he was bewildered, he did not know what to do ? What next? Again the same symptoms, he starts offering prayers, so very similar. What is happening, when he had first darsana and then ultimately he is going back to home two times, he is going through the very similar emotions. Dealing with the Lord and here dealing with the confidential servants of the Lord. He is offering prayers as he saw the Lord in Madhuban, dandavat, very humbly bow down. And as he saw the Lord in front of him, he is drinking the beauty; he is drinking the beauty of the form of the Lord, drinking the beauty of that form of the Lord with his eyes. And ofcourse, the gopis you know they are very expert in drinking the beauty they drink the form of the Lord, with eye they drink, they drink, they drink, they drink they bring the Lord. And as soon as the Lord is inside they closed this windows – this eyes, they take him to the heart, make Him sit down on the throne and they deal with Him, communicate, reciprocate with Him. They couldn’t do that outside so many social pressures, and customs, and etiquettes to be followed. They couldn’t meet outside in public so they would drink the Lord – His form and beauty contemplates so Dhruva Maharaj was doing something similar. He was drinking the beauty of the Lord with his eyes and with the mouth he is kissing the feet of the Lord. There is a talk of feet. When he had first darsana and as he is now getting ready to go, he is remembering the same lotus feet of the Lord.


Same lotus feet he had darsana before now he is remembering, same darsana of the Lord and with ‘bhujo’ with His arms he is trying to embrace the Lord. Because practicing and remembering the Lords forms beauty and friend like that, total agreement with the Lord. He is now remembering the Lord at the final moments of his life.

When devotees were in Haridwar they noticed that they were so many truckloads of Coca Cola bottles, they were distributing freely, free coca cola distribution was going on.  Now preachers approached, what’s happening right on the bank of Ganga, you are distributing different kind of jal, this is Coca Cola jal and not Ganga jal. What’s the idea? They said that when our father was about to leave his body we knew he was a devotee of Shiva and so he was reminding please daddy please daddy remember  bhola, bhola, one of the names of Shiva is bhola, bholenath! Bhola. But this father was saying no, no Coca Cola. No daddy, daddy you have only few more breathes to go, please say bhola. No, no get me Coca Cola [laughter]. Now you have one more breath to go please daddy make attempt to say bholaatleast. No, get me Coca Cola [laughter]. Then he probably went to Coca Cola Loka [laughter]. So the foolish sons they thought that the last will of father was Coca Cola. He willed Coca Cola. So they came to Haridwar to distribute Coca Cola. Thousands and thosands of bottles of Coca Cola. So Prabhupada’s  most significant word in this verse. Prabhupada  had pointed out.


‘puskaranabha’-the lotus navel Lord and ‘sammatau’-one who agrees, one who agrees I was looking at the ‘sammatau’ recognize, ‘Sammata’means recognized, approved by the Supreme Personality of Godhead or agreed upon by the Supreme Personality of Godhead or sanctioned, favored by the different, this word appears in Bhagavatam and so many other scriptures everywhere. Over eighty entries for this ‘Sammataha’ word and ‘Samattaha’‘Puskaranabha-Samattaha’ so agreeing with the ‘puskaranabha-sammatau’ agreeing with the Supreme Personality of Godhead.  Then it comes to ‘sadhu samattaha’ approved by the sadhus, ‘Shastrasammataha’ approved by the shastras, ‘acaryasammataha’ approved authorized by the acaryas. And like that ‘sammataha’ then so this is all spiritual and desirable all this sanctioned, approval and acceptance, this kind of agreement, the Lord sastras, sadhus acaryas or Prabhupad ‘Samattaha’. Prabhupada ‘ Samattaha’ approved by Srila Prabhupada, sanctioned by Prabhupada, authorized by Srila Prabhupada. And our whole parampara, ‘parampara Samattaha’ approved by the disciplic succession. So that’s one whole set of approvals or sanctions, agreements and then there is the whole world out there. And they have their sanctions and approvals, and a agreements, that is how you get all agreeing with them with their sanctions, with their approval, their authorizations that’s how the brain washing goes on in this world, life after life.

bahunamjanmanam ante [BG 7.19]  and then comes moment in our life. jnanavanmamprapadyate by Lord’s causeless mercy persons become bhagyavan and he goes for ‘vasudevahsarvamiti’ he has jnana now his knowledge is, what is his knowledge? ‘vasudevahsarvamiti’ only this much. Vasudev is all in all, how much knowledge Vasudev is all in all, this much knowledge.


That mahatma, such soul is rare. So Srila Prabhupada is pointing out in the purport that this Hare Krishna movement is the programme to train the souls of the devotees from other kind of agreement, get rid of that agreeing with the people camel, like asses, like vid- varaha, the stool eaters, they are agreeing upon different things and praising each other and what not. So get out of that kick all that “sarva-dharmanparityajya”[BG 18.66] and go for “mame kamsaranamvraja” go for such training to train ourself, to agree with the Lord Radha Madhava ‘samattaha’.  In ‘samattaha’ is the word ‘matta’, root word is ‘matta’ opinion, opinion of the Lord  His approvals, things authorized by Him and all that. This is ‘Hare Krishna’ movement with this mission – learning to agree with the Lord and to disagree with Lord’s external energy or disagreeing with maya and agree with Krishna. If we did that then we are in business, then same thing happens Prabhupada says could happens to everybody. Everyone has a chance,anyone who very seriously engages into devotional service can obtain in due course of time the same perfection of human form of life as it was attained by ‘Dhruva Maharaj Ki Jai.’


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