Effects of Holy name


Venue: ISKCON Nagpur
Dated: 17 June 2015

Jay Radha Madhav Kunja bihari….

I welcome you all on the first day of Purushottam Month- Those who have arrived even before the time. There are many exemplary souls like Valmiki, Jagai-Madhai, Mrugari (who was a hunter & guided by Narad Muni). Every devotee sitting here is an example of ‘Effects of Holy name’. What you were and now see what you are! Chaitanya Caritramita is full of such examples.

Ajamila named his 10th Son as ‘Narayan’ and every now and then he was calling, “Narayan, come here! Narayan, where are you?” Like father-mother usually call their kids but Ajamila was with some extra love towards his son. Yesterday we listened about Yama-dutas and Vishnu-dutas. Vishnu-dutas questioned Yamadutas , “Prove that you are dutas of Yamaraj. What are symptoms of Dharma? And whats’ your procedure to punish a soul? Do you have some system?

The conversation between Yama-dutas and Vishnu-dutas, is being delivered to us here. Hence only it’s included in Bhagvatam. If Ajamila got benefited from this conversation we too would. One who will listen katha with faith and propagate it with devotion to others (who are very busy and not even having time to die) he or she will never go to hell, so our one batch is ready who will never see hell. Plus he or she will be get Worshiped in Vaikuntha.
Vedas are Narayan, they originate with the exhalation of Lord. Vedas are ‘apaurusheya’. Three gunas (Goodness, Passion and Ignorance) are running this world. Even these 3 gunas are responsible for four Varnas (Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra). Brahmin is in Goodness, Shudra in ignorance and remaining two are mixture of Passion & ignorance.

In kaliyuga maximum people are ‘shudras’ as they are filled with ignorance. Four ages (Satya, Treta, Dwapar and Kali) are also reflections of these four Varnas. Satyayug with Brahmin, Treta with Kshatriya, Dwapara with Vaisya and Kaliyuga of Shudras. But Lord is the ultimate controller – ‘mayadhyaksena prakrtih suyate sa-caracaram’ (BG 9.10)

Now Yamadutas replied, “No no! We have a well defined system to decide to punish or not.” A big IT system, with supercomputers and a secretary named Chitragupta as Data entry operator. We are always ready with database. Our informers are spread over everywhere. Who are the Informers? Sun, ether, air, Moon, 10 Directions, Earth, and Time. So where do you run? They are eyewitnesses of your all activities.
Based on qualities of our previous Karmas, its get decided where one will take Birth. And our four Varnas they are based on ‘Characters’ not on the Birth “guna-karma-vibhagasah” (B.G 4.13). It means one is not Brahmin just as he got birth in Brahmin family. There are 3 types of work: 1) By Thoughts 2) By Body 3) By Tongue. As Silkworm creates the cocoon around his body with his own fluid and get locked inside it, so the soul is with his own Karmik reactions creates for death and rebirth.

They said, “Once Ajamila was very courteous, he was following all sastric injunctions, very pious one”. But once he went in a garden for fruits and flowers. There he saw a man-woman indulged with each other and got agitated. Then he went behind that woman. Both that man and woman were Sudras. There are only two themes of films nowadays: sex and violence. One Hero and one villain, they are so fallen but yet our Heros ..Indeed both are villain.
Human is indulged in such activities like cats and dogs. Animals carry on with their activities anywhere without any shame. Hence Prabhupada used to say ‘its society of cats and dogs’. Woman is the topmost pleasure for man and so is man for her. Both are busy in glorifying each other. They see nothing beyond that. Senses should be pulled back from their objects like a tortoise roll back its senses.

Madan, Kandarpa, Anang etc. all are names of Kamdev (God of Lust). Anang means without body as Lord Shiva once burned him, so without body. Madan-Mohan means one who attracts even cupid. We pray to Madan-Mohan so that He should remove Madan(cupid) from our path of devotion. So Ajamila violated all Sastric injunctions. Hence we will punish him in 28 types of our hell. Now the turn is of Vishn-dutas Ajamila is listening it with Half-in half- out of his body.

Here the 2nd Chapter of 6th Canto begins,
Vishnu-dutas said, “Each movement he was uttering the name of Lord. Narayan come here..Narayan eat this and so on. So, he has repented all his misdeeds. And when at last moment he yelled Narayan!1 What to say about it!” Common man follows the great ones.

One who is perfect-chanter has repented all his misdeeds. Big one or small one all his misdeeds get nullified. Krishna says that the way Draupadi called me, “Hey Govind! Hey Krishna!! “I got indebted to her. In “Hari-naam Chintamani’’ by Bhaktivinod Thakur and again in Padma-purana its described that there are three stages of Chanting: 1) Offensive 2) Nama-bhass (illusion) 3) Shudha-Nama. Nama-Bhas means when name was taken in illusion.

At the time of that movie “Dam Maro Dam..mita jaye gam, bolo subah sham Hare Krishna Hare Rama’, we used to go for preaching in Mumbai. So looking us, people used to run in home and play that Song on tape-recorder in a loud just to tease us. The fire will always burn when one touches it knowingly or even unknowingly, so is Holy name. Though they were trying to tease us but definitely would have got benefited.

The devotees in Tokyo (Japan) go to the visitors even the Muslim and they say –“please see this books” again and again until they are anger and say.. “haRAMkhor”. Then devotees became very happy. Same is with Chand-kazi. Devotees of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu told him- “everyone is saying ‘Hari Bol’ why don’t you Kazi sahib? So to avoid them, he replied ‘Tomorrow I will say HARI BOL’. And the devotees jumped in joy.
So Vishnu-dutas freed Ajamila from the bindings of Yama-dutas. Now he is contemplating about his misbehavior. Similarly we should contemplate on Katha. Listening is just the starting, after that it comes remembrance and contemplation. We don’t want just accumulation but assimilation. Now he is contemplating about past, wife and his parents. And he decided to be a new person from the same movement. He realized that he was acting just as a toy in hands of a prostitute earlier.

Srila Prabhupada wrote, we are just toys of your hand my Lord please make us dance as per Your wish

“nacao nacao prabhu nacao se-mate
kasthera puttali jatha nacao se-mate”

So it’s time that we should also pray, because more or less we all are like Ajamila. Now Ajamila is of 88 years, it’s already too late. Now he went to Haridwar. Haridwar Dhaam ki Jay! Ganga Maiyaa ki Jay!!
Devotion is something beyond liberation. After sometime, Ajamila saw the Vishnu-dutas. He understood that now they came to take him. So he gazing at the Ganga River he left his body. And attained the divine form like Vishnu-dutas. And he entered the Golden plane and then the plane took off.
Nitai- Gour Premande Hari Hari Bol !!
Although Ajamila went to Vaikuntha but our Katha doesn’t end here. We will again come with the third session tomorrow.
Hari Bol !!

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