Effects of Holy name

Venue: ISKCON Nagpur Dated: 17 June 2015 Jay Radha Madhav Kunja bihari…. I welcome you all on the first day of Purushottam Month- Those who have arrived even before the time. There are many exemplary souls like Valmiki, Jagai-Madhai, Mrugari (who was a hunter & guided...
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Today we are getting Our Master Our Natha

Venue: Chamorshi Dated: 15 June 2015 Lord Krsna’s one name is Jagannath, why Jagannath because He is swami of jaggat, He is our Natha- swami, also He is our master our malik. Today we are getting our master our Nath here. Are you happy you got your master?? We were anatha without...
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