King Parikshit Punishes and Rewards the age of Kali


Venue: Guayana, Guayana katha, 2006, June 29. Parikshit Maharaja Ki Jai!! Hastinapur ki Jai!

So as now king Parikshit was ruling of kingdom, one day as he was on a tour, going around checking out, how is everything working? Then he noticed, hey! What’s going on here, at a distance he saw, someone Oh! He looks like a king, look he has a dress and crown, he has sword also, but what is he doing with the sword? There is a cow near him, he is trying to hurt the cow, he is the trying to kill the cow, No! King Parikshit was very furious; he rushed to the spot towards that place. He jumped down on him own chariot, he took his own sword and King Parikshit was ready to slaughter that so called king.

He was not a real one but fake king he only looked like a king, he was only dressed like a king that was the Age of Kali, the kali had appeared disguised as a King only to kill the religion, symbol of religion that’s cow. But then this kali disguised as a king, he begged for pardon, begged for forgiveness. Please! Please! Spare my Lord, spare my life oh! Lord. No king Parikshit was still very angry ready to kill, but he kept appealing “forgiving is considered superior to killing, the act of forgiving somebody”. So King Parikshit decided to forgive ok you may go. But where could I go? wherever  I go, it’s your rule, you are going to follow me, you are  going to be chasing after me, please give me some place,  some corner in your kingdom where I could stay as  I am, the bad character as I am, the age of kali as I am.

Ok you could stay in four places, King Parikshit gave 4 places for this age of Kali to reside in. oh!  What are those 4 places? King Parikshit said “dyutam-panam striyah-suna yatradharmas catur-vidhaha” (S.B 1.17.38)

The 4 places of irreligion, where irreligion is practiced, such 4 places you could reside- what are those places? “dyutam”  Where there is a gambling, places of gambling is one place for you. “panam” please ! Tell me what is the other place? Yes, places where there drinking and smoking and chewing tobacco all the intoxication goes on that is also designated place for you. But you said 4 places, what is the third place? Third place is place where there is illicit sex. Sex outside marriage or even exercise sex in the marriage that is also the place. Places of prostitution, cinemas and these television which is all sex and violence business, you could stay in Hollywood you could stay Bollywood. Ya! these are your places. Ok that’s third and  fourth one is place of meat eating, where  there is slaughter, animal killing, meat eating, fish eating, egg eating that is also location for you to reside. So kali had these 4 places “dyutam” because in this list in Bhagavat “Dyutam” – gambling is mentioned 1st, usually we say the other way round and then finally he was given one more place also, oh! Any other place you could think of? Yes! Yes! I could think of one more place. And King Parikshit said whether is gold, the black marketing unnecessary   accumulation at the cost of others that is also your location.

So these places where given by King Parikshit to the age of Kali 5000 years ago and Kali had kind of hard time finding such places in those days. But gradually, gradually kali has worked very very hard and  has expanded his networking day and night, you  learn lesson from kali, he is very hard working determined to expand his empire and after 5000 years, he had hard time finding places of Meat eating, Gambling, Intoxication , illicit sex and now what has happened? Where are those places , where there is no meat eating? Where is that place- no illicit sex! Where is that place? Where is that country? Where there is no intoxication where is that place where there is no gambling? It’s all over everywhere this way the irreligion has been propagated spread all over the world.

As one eats meat he become merciless, this 4 sinful activities correspond to 4 pillars, 4 supports of the religion, 4 principal and positive principals of religion, correspond with the four sinful activities. The Meat eating has connection with the “Daya” “Daya dharma ka mula hai”. “Ahinsa parmo dharma” the nonviolence is supreme religion, Buddha appeared and he declared this.  So with meat eating all mercy is finished, no more compassion. With intoxication no more tapasya, no more austerities. Daya is the 1st principal, mercy is the 1st, then tapasya – an austerity is number 2.

With illicit sex no more “suci” no more purity which is 3rd principal of religion and gambling smashes all the truth, no more truth (satya) ‘daya, tapasya, suci-pavitrata and satya’. These are 4 pillars of dharma. These are 4 pillars of dharma, they are being weakened and destroyed by this 4 sinful activities of these age of kali.

And to conclude we could only say what is the solution “harer nama harer nama harer nameva  kevaluam! Kalu nasteva nasteva nasteva  gatir anytha” . Chanting of the holy name, chanting of the holy name, chanting of the holy name, chanting and hearing of the holy katha.  “Sarvanam kirtanam” chanting the glories, spreading the  glories of the Lord all over is the only solution “the only way you could defeat the age of kali, only way you could drive away  this kali from your home, from your life , from your country is  to chant out loud “Hare Krishna Hare krishna, krishna krishna Hare Hare, Hare Ram Hare Ram, Ram Ram Hare Hare” and hold Bhagavat katha preferably  “nityam bhagavat sevaya” and  eat Krsna Prasad and  be in company of devotee of Shri Krsna  and in this  way there will be “param vijayate sri Krsna sankirtanam” there will be victory.

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu sankirtanam army could be victories. So with this aim in mind aim of defeating this age of kali, kali’s forces are to be defeated. This is the purpose of the foundation of International Society for Krishna Consciousness.

Hari Haribol………..Haribol and right behind is Sri Krsna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.  And you could see the success that Hare Krsna movement is having all over the planet. Srila Prabhupada introduced these 4 principals, how many of you are ready to follow?  Prabhupada asked in New York, after he was only few months in New York in 1965 and he had some followers, they were coming to 26 Second Avenue in Manhatan, Prabhupada had his store front preaching centre.  How many of you are ready to follow 4 regulative principles?  Please raise your hands and so many were ready. American boys and girls were ready to take vows yes from this day no more meat, fish, eggs. From this day onwards no more intoxication, from today no more illicit sex and no more gambling. Americans were taking these vows and following them strictly.  And then Prabhupada moved to another country into another, into another and he came to Venezuela also traveling, travelling 14 times around the world and this elderly saintly gentleman, sadhu jetage parivrajachari he travelled 14 times around the world and during his travel he came close to this country and that was Venezuela . Where ever he went wonderful response he met persons who were willing to follow four regular principles. And it is possible to follow 4 regulative principles with the help of chanting of Hare Krsna those who chant “Hare Krishna Hare krishna, krishna krishna Hare Hare, Hare Ram Hare Ram, Ram Ram Hare Hare” and recite Bhagavat gita and Bhagavatam, maintain the company of devotees of Shri Krsna and take Krsna prasad becomes easy to follow these principles. So for past 40 years now this endeavour is on, there are all ready over 500 ISKCON temples, farms and communities and 100s & 1000s of followers of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu following these 4 regular principles chanting Hare Krishna and they are happy. So we invite everybody to join this effort for the welfare of humanity at large. There is no other way, there is no other way, there is no other way.

Nitai Guar Premanande ……………Hari Haribol.


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    Such a simple but a profound lecture.

    Feeling so fortunate that Srila Prabupada the saviour of the whole world has given us such a sublime process and the 4 regulative principles are saving us from the adverse affects of Age of Kali….

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    For explaining so nicely about the 4 sinful activities. I haven’t heard such a nice explanation about How eating meat people becomes merciless and How gambling smashes the truth.


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