Lord Balarama’s appearance day


Venue: Vrindavan,Dated- 2/8/2012, Om namo bhagvate……………what? (Maharaj says ) Vasudevaya. Who is Vasudev here? There is always fighting here some says Krishna, some says Balarama but today He has to be Balarama. We offer our ( I don’t know how humble) very very humble, not just once but again and again our obeisance unto lotus feet of Vasudev . He has to be Vasudev and He has to be also Bhagvan “om namo bhagvaate vasudevaya” Bhagvan and Vasudev at the same time, so Bhagvan is Vasudev.
In Vrindavan they don’t know this, when He went to Mathura they started “jai jagadisha hare” and He is Vaasudev meaning son of Vasudev, He is not son of Vaasudev, why is He Vaasudev because He is son of Vasudev did you get that. One is Vasudev other one is Vaasudev, Vasudev is father and Vaasudev is son, Balarama so not only Krishna is his son 8th one but prior to him the 7th son of Vasudev and Devaki is Balarama.
Jai Balarama…Jai Balarama ……………jai Balarama….. jai Balarama. Are you happy? Haribol… its happy birthday Balarama He is always happy, He is always happy that is why His name is Ram, He is Ram, Nityananda Ram, He is Balaram “ramati ramaiti ca” that is why he is Balaram He is always happy and He makes others also happy that is why He is called Balarama, He is Ram, Ramati and we are sitting here in Raman reti, where Balarama and Krishna used to do their raman, raman is happily wandering, travelling, walking through dancing that is raman.
So Krishna Balarama they have done their raman here. Ram, Balarama has done His raman. Knowing this Srila Prabhupad gave us Krishna Balarama, what is Krishna Balarama’s address? Raman Reti all over the world Krishna Balarama’s address is Raman reti ( maharaj laughs) we did not know Srila Prabhupad told us, this is His address and Lord Balarama and Sri Krishna they are always together, they are always together off course Balarama came little ahead of Krishna, how many days ahead? 8 days only has to be 1 year and 8 days not the same year. I was going by the calculation each year one son, so 7th son one more year 8th son. Before completion of 1 year it was declared as miscarriage, so Balarama wasn’t in the womb for 1 year. Ya for the general public it is good, for you you are more than general public you are from Balarama’s home town you should be knowing all this I am just a visitor, I am trying to figure it out. So Srila Prabhupad gave the whole world Krishna Balarama he was always here in his nitya lila or aprakat lila and then prakat lila for our Krishna Balarama or Srila Prabhupad’s Krishna Balarama. Well our Krishna Balarama’s birthday is not today He appeared on Ramnavmi and appearance day of Ramcandra.
Balarama appeared, Krishna Balarama appeared and there was a big grand festival as Krishna Balarama appeared we had that opportunity to witness, be there as Krishna Balarama appeared anyone else was here? 1975 Ram navmi may be some of you were not even born when Krishna Balarama appeared or took birth here (Maharaj laughs). Srila Prabhupad greeted Krishna Balarama you know that photograph Srila Prabhupad offering aarti to Krishna Balaramaa and on next day on the morning walk Srila Prabhupad was talking about Krishna Balarama making reference about what Krishna had to say about Balarama.
Krishna Balarama were wandering here right here in Raman reti and Krishna said look look all these trees they were sages before but now they are offering obeisance’s unto you Krishna said this. And look at these birds they are all glorifying you as if Srila Prabhupad was seeing and hearing Krishna Balarama wandering and talking then Srila Prabhupad said that same Balarama has appeared now and when ever you feel weak you go in front Balarama pray to him Prabhupad said you say “sir such and such is difficulty please” Prabhupad said they will take care of you. In the morning walk Bhaktivedanta Swami marga Prabhupad was walking next morning he said you could approach Krishna Balarama and “sir such and such is the difficulty please” and He will do the needful, He will do the needful. Krishna Balarama ki ………….. jai.
So when ever we say or talk about Krishna Balarama (maharaj says) I always think of Krishna Balarama or Krishna Balarama mandir, Krishna Balarama it becomes easier they are of course non different from Krishna Balarama of Raman reti of Vrindavan. There are calves and cows their and every morning they get ready to go to the forest around 8.30 is their departure time. Sometimes Krishna and Balarama they have ropes in their hands to tie to the cows and the calves. Sometimes they are holding additional rope in the hands and when you see that kind of darshan you are reminded they are getting ready to go and you wonder weather you could also join them to day. They invoke such thoughts and memories remind us that we are also part of their past times and their abode and here we go, would you like to come? They are inviting us, join us.
In good old days they use to give, Balarama use to hold big club just like Hanuman’s (Maharaj laughs) then they realized no….. no ….no… not this . He does not hold club of this kind. He holds Mussal which does not have a big round. So now they have changed and there are different kind whatever this kind or that kind of club you stand before Krishna Balarama and you feel protected. Here is someone first of all He is Balarama and He has club in his hands. And He is your protector then how do you feel? You feel protected in presence of Krishna Balarama, Balarama sometimes holding his weapon. Then another time Srila Prabhupad asked he said amongst Krishna and Balarama who is stronger? Who is more powerful? ….. Balarama , there is always two opinion that time also devotees Krishna –Balarama , Krishna – Balarama, who is powerful? Krishna-Balarama, Krishna- Balarama. And Prabhupad said look at Krishna and Balarama as they were looking isn’t Balarama taking, He is holding on two clutches and He is taking some help of Krishna, even to stand up. So who must be powerful? Jay shree Krishna
“dauji ke bhaiyya ……….. krishna kanhaiyya,
dauji ke bhaiyya……… ..krishna kanhaiyya,
Krishna kanhaiyya…… dauji ke bhaiyya,
krishna kanhaiyya…….. dauji ke bhaiyya,
So this Krishna and Balarama the team is, the team of two Lords two topmost Lords. Although “advaitam acyutam anadir anantarupam” is there “ramadi murti sukla niyamen tistan nanavatar” so many forms, countless forms. But there is no form like Balarama, just right after Krishna the another personality of Godhead, Krishna is 100% God or Godhood is 100%, Balarama is 2% less, Prabhupad makes mention 98% Krishna , He is 98% Personality of Godhead, little less, little less. So no one comes closer off course “mattah parantaram nanayat kincid asati dhananjayah”, Krishna has already declared that about Himself and then talking about Balarama and after Krishna comes Balarama, He is number two Personality of Godhead.
Devotees of Vrindavan they don’t get into this technical matters who is who they know Krishna, they don’t get into this Godhood and Godhead. He may be in Vaikuntha, He may be in Dwaraka, He may be in Mathura but not here not in Vrindavan. Balarama’s appaearance day today full moon day for some reason there is rakhi, the devotees say this is for Balarama for my brother Balarama, protector Balarama. “yada yada hi dharmasya glanir bhavati bharata abhyutthanam adharmasya tadatmanam srjamy aham” (B.G 4.7) this principle is also there “paritranaya sadhunam”( B.G 4.8) Balarama is appearing “vinasaya ca duskrtam” lots of dustas, lots of miscreants headed by Kamsa, lots of them where around, he had gone all over the universe infact battling, fighting, defeating this demon that person, He had gathered big stock of demons at his disposal.
Vasudev (anyway don’t know where to start Maharaj says) Vasudev and Devaki’s marriage takes place, the procession is still going on, “the 8th son will be killing you” no…no… I can bring my son to you then what ever you wish to do with him ok…ok. Some treaty was signed then Devaki gives birth to 1st son, here is my son, promise is promise. Kamsa thought, no…no I don’t have any fear from this take him back home “Narayana Narayana” who come? Narada Muni comes – any one of the son’s could be the 8th son, you think of this Kamsa OH! That makes sense! Hye! Bring that child back he cursed him to death. Urgasena was the ruler that time and he could not stand this he could not tolerate this, he send some soldiers fighting took place between Kamsa and Ugrasena his father’s soldiers to teach him lesson, oh! You kill one but don’t kill another and he killed all the 1st six of them were killed one after the other “hatesu satsu balesu devakya augrasenina” (S.B 10. 2.4) this is Sri Suka uvaca 10th Canto. When the six children where already killed and lot of battling, fighting then of course we did not mention, Kamsa defeated the armies the soldiers of his father and arrested his father, he imprisoned his father, he became the ruler and lots of harassment to lots of people they all fled, started leaving Vrindavan and more details are there, they went to different places. “salvan vidarbhan nisadhan kusalan” (S.B 10.2.3) all these different countries they were leaving for theses different destinations for safety reasons. And what was going on here the news reached spiritual sky news reached Golok.
“bhagvan api visvatma viditva kamsajam bhayam” ( S.B 10.2.6) so Bhagavan api – Lord Sri Krishna also. Viditva – knowing, kamsajam bhayam- because of fear of Kamsa lots of residents were leaving Braj Mandal, Matura Mandal Lord is preparing strategy something has to be done now enough is enough, I cant stand this now “gaccha devi vrajam bhadra gopa gobhir alankrtam rohini vasudevasya bharyaste nand gokule” (S.B 10.2.7) He called Yogamaya….Yogamaya…………Yes sir ….go, where should I go? Go to Vrindavan “gobhir alankrtam” that Vrindavan decorared with the cows and gopas and gopisto tha Vrindavan you go. “yogamayam samadisat” (S.B 10.2.6) yogamaya was instructed and what is my mission ok I will go and what do there “devakya jathare garbham mamakam” (S.B 10.2.8) already there is “Balarama sesakhyam” known as Sesa Anantsesa popularly known as Anantsesa He has already appeared in the womb of Devki you go and “sannikrsya rohinya udare sannivesaya” (S.B 10.2.8) and your job is to transfer that Sesa transfer that Balarama from Devki’s womb to Rohini’s womb Rohini Nandan ki……………Jai
So at some point Rohini had left Mathura mandal crossed Jamuna she was riding on the horse crosses Jamuna then secretly at the time of dusk when there is less light she enters Gokul and finally ends up at Nandbhavan where she was greeted by none other than Yashoda they did embraced and welcome, you please stay here, you please stay here and other 16 total 16 queens Vasudev had one was with him in the prison she is a principal queen and others have. Lord Krishna have already “ vivaresu vasantihi anyasca” and other queens wives of Vasudev are residing, hiding in different parts, in the caves here and there hidingly but Rohini is in Gokul you go, Yogamaya was told. So there Krishna’s birth place where was He born? Mathura Balarama‘s birth place? You could not say quickly you take some time I know that, we don’t think, doesn’t come our mind that Balarama appeared in Gokul He has to appear there.
Rohini was residing in Gokul so on this day, this day has been reserved for Balarama’s appearance day, Balarama Pornima Lord Balarama appeared jay Balarama ………….jay Balarama. Did He cry as soon as he, certainly not that makes his birth different from yours and mine and everybody “janma karma ca me divyam” ( B.G 4.9) not only Krishna’s Balarama’s also and appearance is transcendental Balarama had already his clothes on, I am sure He had his weapons tiny weapons on, club ready to go.
But there was this talk going on in Gokul how come, Rohini’s husband is in prison she is here and giving birth some rumors were spreading. Whose child is this so this doubt was removed none other than Vyasdeva as news spread instantly, Vyasadeva and others come to know that Balarama has appeared and they have all already arrived in Gokul Vasistha has arrived, Brahaspati is there, Narad Muni is off course first one to be there, Vyasdeva and they are very anxious to take darshan of Balarama but before that as they have arrived and anxiously awaiting darshan of Balarama. Nanda Maharaj is enquiring how come husband is there and she is pregnant giving birth to a boy and not 10 months period completed, its too early and we are not expecting her to give birth now solve this please, explain and Vyasa uvaca and Vyasdev is explaining that .Dehval is there “sundaro balakoyam na drso samaha kvacit” this balak this boy is so beautiful, Nanda Maharaj is making them more eager so that they were wanting to take darshan I had not seen child beautiful like this, yes yes but please show us where is he? we want to go see him, but I would like to know katha how did this happen? bruhi Mahamuni please explain he had already enquired. Sri vyasa uvacha “aho bhagyatum te nanda sisu sesa sanantanah devakyam vasudevasya jatoyam Mathurapure” and he explains this child appeared born first in the womb of Devaki and Yogamaya transferred him “krishneshya” and all this has taken place by desire and will and planning of Shri Krishna.
“nandaraj tvaya drso durlabho yoginam api” and Nanda Maharaj that boy you have seen is so duralabh to have His darshan is such rare “yoginam” yogis also do not manage to take darshan of Him but you had darshan. Please now give us darshan, then please come along and Nanda Maharaj brings Vyasdev, Narada Muni, Vasistha and others to that quarter, Rohini has given birth and the child is already in the cradle and as Vyasadev and others arrive there. “drustva prankvasthitam praha” as they take darshan of the child in the palana in the cradle what else you say? swing. Vyasdev immediately throws himself on the ground with all his most humble obeisance’s “natva satyavati suta’ that is Vyasdev “deva adhi deva bhagvat kamapalna namostute” Vysadev – please accept my obeisances oh! devadhi dev who are you ? you are “devadhi dev” the dev of dev, you are the original dev.
“bhagvat kama pal” you fulfill the desires of your devotees “namo santaya sesaya saksad ramaya te namah” I offer my obeisances unto you oh! Sri Rama oh! Sri Balarama oh! Sesa oh! Ananta and he goes on. “ dharadara purnaya svadhamne” oh! How effulgent you are you are holder of the planets, universes on your hood “sahastra sirse’ and you have thousands of hoods, of course you hold the planets and you also glorify the Lord Sri Krishna with those thousand hoods “sankarsanaya namha revati ramanam tvam” you are Revati raman ok. “ baladevo” you are Baladev you are powerful or giver of bala also, you need bala any one here looking for some strength? Any one wants some strength? you are already strong ok I think you are doing ok if you wish if you pray Balarama could you lots of strength today specially He is giving gift today, showering His mercy giving us strength.
“Baldevaya acyuta agraj” you are acyuta agraj elder brother of acyuta, you take birth first and then Balarama next to follow “halauda” you are holder of plow Balarama that also as weapon, He has plow and He has club. So Balarama’s strategy when he wants to kill demons, He drags the demon with his plow gets him closer and closer when he is very close then comes the club. “halauda pralambagnha’ You are killer of pralambasura in which forest? Bhandirvan. Pralambha – long long demon he was short in the beginning but soon he became long pralambha. And Balarama with lots of strength He did little boxing and demon fell unconscious. “pahimam purusottam” please protect me “balaya balbhadraya talankaya namo namaha” Srila Vyasdev offering his prayers where is he offering his prayers? Which town? in Gokul which day? today this day he is offering his prayers. “talankaya” Balarama in the chariot there is flag and the sign on the flag is that of a tala tree “talankaya” . This pastime another demon killed in Talavan by Balarama, Dhenukasura was killed in Talavan. Balarama started shaking those trees and all the friend were picking up the fruits and they were enjoying the fruits and then comes a donkey demon (maharaj laughs) when he was walking he was shaking the earth. There is a big battle Balarama pushed him behind he went so many miles then he came charging and this time as the donkeys do with their hind legs then Balarama caught hold of those legs and the whirling he ended on the top of the Tala tree and finished ……….Haribol. so the tala tree becomes sign on Balarama’s flag.
“ nilambaraya” you are nilambar, Krishna is pitambar, Balarama is nilambar – bluish garment He is always wearing “ guaraya” Krishna’s colour is like a fresh monsoon clouds and Balaramas complexion is autumn cloud in month of sharad season, during kartik there are some clouds they are white like swan Balarama’s complexion is like that “guaraya”
“Rohinaya te namha” Rohini maiya ki ……jai, my obeisances unto you you are dhenukari – You are killer of this dhenuka and mustikari you are killer of Mustik in Mathura there are five wrestlers it appears that two were were killed by Balarama and three were killed by Krishna. So you are Kustikari and kutari also Toshal and Kutshal and so so many five names. So kut was killed in wrestling, mustik was killed also. “rukhmyari” you killed rukmi also and there are some more names, you have killed lots of demon, you are killer of demons. “ kalindi bhednosi” remember that pastime Ramghat Balarama He is only another god other than Sri Krishna who could who could do the rasa dancing no one else Krishna and only other god, Personality of Godhead who could do rasa dance and that’s Balarama. Ram has only one queen and He has even taken vow just one and others are there basically one queen but Krishna has many and Balarama also. So at Ram ghat He wanted to dance He had come from Dwaraka for two months and He wanted to dance He wanted to spend time with His gopis and dance, right on the bank of Jamuna but jamuna was not that close.
Aye! Come here I say come here, Jamuna was not in mood and Balarama took his plow, He was dragging Jamuna ok ok I come and then Jamuna comes forward and Balarama. Krishna’s favorite item to eat or drink is was? butter mukkhan and Balarama’s – varuni. So there are some differences between these two brothers, lots of similarities so lots of differences.
“brajmandala mandanaha” your presence is like decoration of Brajmandala and hence beauty of Vrindavan. “kamsa bhratu pra hantasi” Kamsa was killed by Krishna, his brothers they were 8 of them they came running and Balarama killed all of them, all the brothers of Kamsa were killed by Balarama. You are “tirtha yatra karaha” you are the one who goes on pilgrimage, Balarama went this is another difference. Krishna was in favor of battle and Balarama wasn’t so He chose to go around all over India He travelled went on pilgrimage, so He is “tirtha karah duryodhan guru” you are guru of Duryodhan He taught Duryodhan use of the club and he has some soft corner for Duryodhan also.
While Krishna was …………….that Duryodhan I have to kill him but Balarama that’s why Balarama did not want to take part “saksad pahi pahi prabhu jagat” Duryodhana says – please protect …please protect “musaline baline haline namah” wonderful prayers “musaline baline haline namaha” you are haldhar, you are musaldhar and you are baladhar or balavan, you are powerful you hold this symbols. “balamparikramya satam pranamya tai” so offering all these prayers Srila Vyasadev did parikrama. Balarama is in the cradle and Srila Vyasadev and others they did circumambulation of the cradle “satam pranamya” offered obeisance’s hundreds of time again and again and again.
“sarasvatim sarasvati suto” and then finally with great reluctance he did not want to go and finally he did leave. So that is appearance day Balarama how old is He? He is till one day, first day and then Shri Krishna joined him in 8 days you say, well Jiva Goswami says so. So when Shri Krishna appeared and vasudev brought Vaasudev outside the prison house and the very first person who was ready to greet was…. Balarama no one else, it was rainy season Balarama had come, Sesa its rainy season so umbrella is required. So His service begins although he is God himself but He serves another God his god he takes that position of serving Shri Krishna. He is adiguru that way, He is adi guru Balarama He teaches by His example how to serve the Lord. So they stayed together crossing Jamuna and they stayed in Gokul for many years lots of pastimes together they are always together they are in Gokul then together coming over to Vrindavan they were together they started herding the cows. Krishna and Balarama became vatsapal, the protectors, the care takers of calves “choti choti gaiya chote chote guaval” they were little boys then Nandamaharaj picked up some small calves. Ok you take care and they were trained, quickly they were trained how to control the cows or how to make them turn around, ok sit down, come there this way.
So here they grew up when it was time for both of them to go, take care of the calves it was considered ok for Balarama to go everyday he was considered elder and competent enough but Yasoda would not let Krishna go everyday you cant go everyday sometimes you could go, you have to grow you are still baby Balarama is your dada your bigger brother Krishna. So sometimes He was allowed Balarama would go everyday, sometimes Krishna is allowed sometimes He is not allowed. So one day it was day to stay and Yasoda said Krishna is staying behind today, so He had seen Balarama and other cowherd boys, calves leaving and Krishna was not with them He had stayed behind. So she got busy with her household duties but sometime after she saw that Krishna was running, He was trying to catch up with because He wanted to go some how He was kept behind and then Yasoda then started to catch Krishna not let him go. So at some distance away there was Balarama and some friends, cows and Krishna in the middle running towards Balarama and Yasoda is some distance behind trying to catch up, Krishna is looking behind Balarama says hey! come come stop stop don’t go don’t go tug of war going on, cowherd boys and Balarama come run run run, Yasoda no… no… stop stop and finally phone rang (laughter) its not my fault its time for me to stop probably, another speaker.
So when Krishna He got up with Balarama then He caught hold of Balarama and Yasoda also soon arrived and she was dragging Him Balarama was dragging Him helping Him to stay on finally ok ok today you go. So Krishna and Balarama they like to be together and also when Balarama is not with Krishna, then Krishna gets into trouble many times this happened. The day the Kaliya the pastime took place not far from here Kaliya dha, that day Balarama was some birthday some ceremony Balarama had to stay there were seen some bad omens all over and there must be some trouble. Where is Krishna? Oh! He has gone to forest but Balarama He is not with Him. Oh! For sure there is some, if Balarama was with Him then nothing to worry but today Balarama has stayed behind and we have seeing all these very bad signs omens.
And Krishna got into trouble that day they all came Balarama also came the day Bramha stole Krishna’s cows and friends that day also Balarama was not with Krishna that is also Balarama did not know almost for one year He did not know who are these boys? who are these cows? One day He had to enquire what is going on here. There is something extra ordinary situation the way Balarama was seeing the kind of affection the cowherd men had towards their children the boys. And the cows and the calves how they were getting attracted so much affection this was. So Balarama was come here come here what is all this?
You know that day you were not there and He started this happened that happened you know I was left by myself you know, it was time to go return. How could I come myself so that’s me all these boys that’s me and all these calves that’s me also. So Krishna has to disclose because Balarama was not there when the stealing this Bramha Vimohan Lila took place. The day well Yasoda tied Krishna to the mortar that day also Balarama was not at home and when He did return He saw His poor little brother (laughter) had been tied he cannot even move and then Balarama Hye! Who is it? Who has tied my brother come forward He is such a innocent boy he never ever looks at the gopis, (laughter) is that why everyone is thinking because He is teasing gopis is that the reason he has been tied and then Krishna says yes “at least someone understands me” (laughter) thank you no one understands me how innocent I am. So that day Balarama was furious when he saw this Krishna tied to the mortar.
So they were together in Gokul, they were together in Vrindavan together they went to Mathura in the chariot driven by Akrur together they did the killing, tighter the met Vasudev and Devaki, together they went to Ujjayan to Avantipur they were brahmacahris together in the ashram of Sandipani Muni was also spiritual master of Balarama. Together they had gone to find the lost son, killed son of Sandipani Muni and his good wife and then together they had battled with Jarasandha for 18years just two of them with small army, they where battling and 18th time together they went to Dwaraka. But then Krishna had gone alone to kidnap Rukmini, the next day when Balarama found out He also rushed then together they battled, together they returned and together they stayed. And of course Balarama’s marriage His elder brother, so His marriage takes place 1st before series of marriages (Maharaj laughs). Its just one marriage so get this out of the way He goes to have lots of affairs and lot of marriages so Balarama’s marriage with Revati that’s another story, at the time of marriage she was very tall as they stood facing each other at the time of marriage, Balaram had to look up to his wife, look up. And Balarama used his plow (Maharaj makes sound and action how Balarama pulled Revati down so tah she becomes similar to his height) ok she ok now.
So that Revati and Dauji they are in Dauji to take darshan Revati and Balarama, near Bramhanda Ghat Dauji. So then like that Krishna and Balarama stayed in Dwaraka then there and the other different outings or going to Hastinapur, going here there and most of the time they are together. Marriage of Subhadra with Arjuna one brother is in favor one is against, which one is? Balarama against Krishna was in favor. During Caturmasa, now Caturmasa is going on Arjuna had gone like sadhu and so it’s a great team and team effort, they are our Lords Krishna and Balarama ki………………………………………….jai.
So Srila Prabhupad gave us Krishna Balarama he said we could approach them saying “sir this is the difficulty please” our access to Krishna Balarama was made easy by Srila Prabhupad and of course instead of making this temple as Sri Sri Radha Shyamasundar temple he made this temple as Sri Krishna Balaram temple he put Krishna and Balarama in the centre. So on this occasion of Balarama’s appearance day we are fortunate we pray like Vyasdeva. Ok I stop here
Balarama jayanti Mahotsav ki……….jai
His Holiness Lokanath Maharaj ki…………..jai.

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