Lord Rsabhadeva’s Teachings to His Sons


“putrams ca sisyams ca nrpo gurur va

mal – loka – kamo mad  anugraharthah

ittham vimnyur anusisyad ataj-janam

nayojayet – karmasu karma- mudhan

kam yojayan manujo rtham labeha

nipatayan nasta-drsam hi garte”

Venue: Los Angeles, Date – 2009 June 07, S.B 5.5.15

This morning we will read from S.B canto 5th, chapter 5th, and text no.15

TRANSLATION: If one is serious about going back home, back to Godhead, he must consider the mercy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead the summum bonum and chief aim of life. If he is a father instructing his sons, a spiritual master instructing his disciples, or a king instructing his citizens, he must instruct them as I have advised. Without being angry, he should continue giving instructions, even if his disciple, son or citizen is sometimes unable to follow his order. Ignorant people who engage in pious and impious activities should be engaged in devotional service by all means. They should always avoid fruitive activity. If one puts into the bondage of karmic activity his disciple, son or citizen who is bereft of transcendental vision, how will one profit? It is like leading a blind man to a dark well and causing him to fall in.

PURPORT: It is stated in Bhagavad-gita (3.26): “na buddhi –bhedam janayed ajnanam karma-sanginam, josayet sarva-karmani vidvan yuktah samacaran”

“Let not the wise disrupt the minds of the ignorant who are attached to fruitive action. They should be encouraged not to refrain from work, but to work in the spirit of devotion.”

“Lord Rsabhadeva’s teaching to His sons” is the chapter and he has taught lot of things so for, beginning form the very 1st verse of this chapter  “nayam deho deha-bhajam nrloke” (S.B 5.5.1) very 1st statement of Rsabhadev someone said this was most quoted verse by Srila Prabhupada. “janma karma cha me divyam” this is one of the most quoted verse, no this one but where the teaching of Rsabhadev begins, Rsabhadev uvaca, Srila Prabhupada quotes this verse again and again and again to his disciple. This is what Rsabhadev was expecting that spiritual masters would do such things, or whether they are spiritual masters “gurur va” not only guru but “gurur va” and someone else and guru or this why is or “narpo gurur va”. Whether nrpa the king is instructing putrans citizen are like his putras children, so nrpa is giving instructions “manyor sisyat”.

So Rsabhadev is giving a guideline here “etham” all that I have spoken thus far,  all the teaching that I have shared with you my dear sons, he is addressing his sons infact 100 of them but could Lord be limited to just 100 sons. He could have unlimited sons or we could say in fact everyone is his son in that setting or in that context as history goes he had 100 sons. But we are all his sons whether we are disciple whether we are citizen whether are we children whatever, fathers, mothers, daughters, neighbors, friends everybody, everybody is son of the Lord.

But all the sons, all those entities are not sitting there only 100 of them are sitting. But he says but these teaching are for everybody. So in future when spiritual masters would get on the mike they had to teach like this, I have just taught you my dear sons. So they should be teaching and that way let Krishna speak for himself you shut up, you don’t talk let Krishna speak let Rsabhadev speak for himself. So he had already spoken and but he was addressing 100 sons only what about his rest of the sons they should also get the message the instructions and that job is done not by spiritual master only, it is also duty of  the king, will be instructing his citizens. And the fathers would instruct their children and that way everyone in the audience everyone is covered, you know someone is suppose to be instructing them and at different level of their elevation in their age as they grow they go through phases or ashrams. There is someone “gurur na sasyat, svajano na sasyat pita mata na sasyat”you should not become guru “guru na sasyat” or that person is not a guru or that person is not svajan, Oh! These are my people svajana. You are claiming them to be yours but then you have obligations toward them. Pita Oh! I am a father Oh! That’s fine but you should be doing something as a father. Oh! I am a mother that’s good so you have to something as father, mother, Svajana and the guru. Also they have to do?  “na mocha yet sampat mrutyum’”.

Your disciple, your citizen, your child and you have to make sure he doesn’t take birth again. You be last father and mother of your child. He had so many fathers and mothers he had enough of it, so you be the last father, last mother and to do that you have to repeat these instruction of Rsabhadev to your children, to your disciples, to your neighbors, to your friends, you repeat say these teachings of Rsabhadev share with them, so that ‘na mocha yet sampat mrutyum’ mrtyum “ mrtyu you have to save them from mrtyu, you have to save them from death, birth and death if you don’t do then what kind of spiritual master are you, what kind of svajan  or what kind of mata , pita you are not that you may be clever I am it’s my role I am father, mother you are not unless you stop  the cycle that person dependent upon you cycle is not stopped. So Rsabhadev says “etham” thus for etham I have given some teachings and they should be shared, repeated, explained “pari prasnena sevaya” (B.G.4.34) could be there “tad viddhi pranipatena pari prasnena sevaya”. So “asisyat” this should be instructed, this should be shared, this teaching of mine should be shared. “vemanur”  Srila Prabhupada is translating “your disciples, your sons may take little extra time or something, don’t get angry “vemanyur” have some patience without getting angry you should share these instructions of mine with putran with  the children, if you are father or for someone like Sri Rama all the citizen were like His children. He looked after all the citizen as if they were part of his family; they were his children that are Raja and Praja. Praja is that of Raja, Praja you are born of, you are child of Raja, the King, all the citizens they are children of the king, he is the father, father figure. So he looks after, he takes care materially; spiritually of all the citizens this is how he manages his kingdom. So whether you are father, mother or whether you are ‘nrpa’ king then putran all your citizen, all your children or “gurur va” or if you are spiritual master, then you have sisyan disciples, they all should be instructed, etham the way I have done Rsabhadev says.

And “mal lok kamat mat anugrahat”, so instructions should benefit the children’s, sons or citizens or disciples in what way? They should be taught about arouse the desire of “mat loka” my loka,  goloka, my loka that’s my lok mat loka, Goloka “Goloka eva nevasate akhelat ma bhuta” you tell them about my loka and they should have desire “kama” mat loka kama. They should be making “going back to home” Back to Godhead as a goal of their lives. “mad anugrahata” and to give my anugraha, my benediction, my blessing- anugraha, anugrahitosmi – I am great to you sir, anugraha – benediction, special blessings vara, vara varadane, varadraj- Lord is known as Varadraj. In South India there is a deity called Varadraj not only vara, varada one who gives the benediction, special anugraha – varada. But that deity is called as Varadraj; like rajvidya – raja king of all the deities, those who give benediction. And I was there during Padayatra I was praying for benediction “Give me some service my dear Lord” my God brother, God sister are doing so much I am not doing enough give me benediction. I asked for little more knowing that He is Varadraj and offered prayers like that and Lord gave me so much service that I had to go back and enough (laughter). I had this realization it’s not a story telling I remember one time I was praying to the deity and then thing changed, so he proved I am Varadraj. I am varadraj, king of benedictory anugraha. “anugraharthah”

So whatever instruction the gurus are giving, the king gives or parents are giving the goal is “mat lok kama” “going back to home” we are going some devotees sing also, they don’t only say “going back to godhead” but they sing we are going back to home back to godhead …………..ting ting ting (Maharaja Singing) (laughter).

There is a big boat and Srila Prabhupada is the captain, join in inviting everyone please come (Maharaj laughs). So that is one part that “anusishyat” instructions should be given the way, I have given the instruction or teachings. And who gives instruction? And unto whom they are given? That is one part and the goal of those instructions is going back to home and my “mad  anugraharthah” and that is Rsabhadev, that is Supreme Personality of Godhead in that advent, incarnation mat-mat-mat “man-mana bhava mat bhakto mad-yaji mam namaskuru” (B.G.9.34) four times Lord says – remember, He does not only say remember, become devotee, worship, offer obeisance’s. He doesn’t say only that much but every time He is asking us to do 4 things but every time He says do this for me. “man – mana mat-bhakto”, you are mine give it to me, remember me, mat bhakto – become my devotee, mad –yaji you want to worship, worship me,  mam namaskuru and if you are thinking of offering obeisance’s, unto me you offer obeisance’s. not living any scope any room for any speculation or any, that could be anybody, everybody I am worshiping, I am offering obeisance’s, I am remembering, but Lord says it’s me, it’s me, it’s me four times it’s me remember me – the speaker of Bhagvat gita. And here the speaker of these teachings Rsabhadev is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. So room for no interpretation is required, you do this for me. “mat loka” there were so many lokas; this world is full of lokas, swarga loka and this loka, 14 planetary systems filled with loka.

“mal – loka – kamo mad  anugraharthah” Lord is asking two things should be done, in nut shell two things and He has put himself there “my abode” and “my anugraha” mad  anugraha, artha the goal should be mad  anugraha- my benediction, it’s me, without no false ego, it’s He, it’s Him. “atat jnana mudham” that is the second part. So this party is “atat jnana” or “atat jya” and it’s the plural of that, tat means that, there are 3 words small small 3 words here, atat, jya, a means no, tat-that, jya means knowledge. Those who do not have knowledge of that who is that? That is Lord, someone brought the harmonium here that said “hare om tat sat”. So that “om tat sat” is Krishna one who has written this instead of writing “Hare Krishna” he has written “Hare om tat sat”. So that Krishna is tat. Tat-that when you say that, it’s understood that means, who is that this refers to always throughout the scriptures when it comes tat, tat is that end that is Supreme Personality of Godhead. And mayavadi would like to say oh! tattvam asi, tattvam asi, this is not I am but you are.

Instruction in the Upanisads to the disciples are like that its dialogue between Guru and disciple. So one Guru says in one of the Upanisads “tattvam asi”, tat-that, tvam-you, asi-are, you are that, you are that, you are that, tattvam asi. So that is Sankaracharya and he, it is in sastras in Upanishads and he thrives of this “tattvam asi” “aham brahmasmi”. The 4 Upanisads have 4 maha vakyas and he makes that as basis of his misleading statements for which purpose he had appeared it was empowered.

kalu brahman rupina” I will appear oh! My Devi Parvarti in kaliyug I will appear as brahman rupina, and mayavad asat sastram, I will promote this mayavad which is asat sastram. Asat -no sat, it is sastram but asat sastram, before even his advent he is declaring what I am going to be talking is all asat sastram, mayavadam asat sastram and this will be cover up for Buddhism, this is part of the statement, cover up for Buddhism, only distance little bit from Buddhism; not go all the way.

So Buddha said zero and Sankaracharya, said not zero, one and then followed by Sankaracharya all the 4 vaishnav acharya appeared and they say specially Madhvacharya Aye! Two not zero, not one- two, then appeared Caitanya Mahaprabhu “you have given to much stress on this two-two… …no no they are two but they are one simultaneously. This two was stressed so much that relationship between the two loving dealings, affections, they were kind of minimized because they wanted to get rid of this, so much emphasize, communism, then capitalism, then the other extreme, they had to bring the other extreme then the communism, that also does not work. So again zero, our vaishnav acharya are fighting against, well  Sankaracharya already fought against zero and he published one. The vaishnav acharyas had to fight now against that one, establish two because they stressed too much on this two, two. The Caitanya Mahaprabhu had to come and do little refinement, little adjustment no, no not only two but they are also one “Achintyabhedabhed tatva” and that’s it no one else is going to come now to do any evolution or innovations or adjustments all done now this is set for next forever. So this tat is ‘attaya’ those who do not know tat that, that is Lord, “nayojayet – karmasu karma- mudhan

So do not engage them in “na yojayat” do not engage them “karmasu” in karma, this is karma, karma jnana karmakand, jnankand. So do not engage them in ………….activities the karmas. He is karmi we say he is karmi means he is a fruitive worker, he does karma and when there is fruit of that karma, he likes to gobble it up, he likes to enjoy fruit of his own labor. “karmany evadhi karaste ma phalesu kadacana” (B.G.2.47) Krishna said in Bhagvad gita another famous verse if any verse they know it’s this one “karmanu evadhikarasta” in fact the first part not even the second part “karmany evadhikaras te” yes we have right to do our duty the whole Hinduism is based on this. Oh! What is that, Krishna says “karmany evadhikaras te” and they become jubilant and they run. Whole impetus, it gives them boast all the activities “Krishna has stamped” “karmany evadhikaras te”. But they forget “ma phalesu kadacana” hye! Hands off you do activity but when there is a fruit don’t touch it.  “ma phalesu” “karmany evadhikarste ma phalesu” you have right to do your duty so that adhikar is also part of second part of Krishnas statement “ma phalesu kadachana” “ma adikaraha phalesu kadachana”  you have no adhikar, you have no right to go for the fruit of that oh! That’s for me “ma phalesu” do not “ma phalesu kadachana” “ma karma –phala hetur bhur” there are 3 ma’s there. One, two and three don’t s in the verse. You do this, you do your duty ok first thing is the fruit, it’s not for you “ma phalesu kadachana”  “ma karma –phala hetur bhur” do not think you are the cause of the duty do not think I am the doer.

“ma karma –phala hetur bhur” and then “ma te sango stv karmani” so person may say ok I have no fruit for me ok,  I can go for it, but at least some name, fame you know, I did it could I at least get the name. No fruit but at least I should get the credit for doing it. No, No “ma karma –phala hetur bhur” but then why should I work, no fruit, not even name then I will not do the duty. Lord says do not get attached to not doing the duty. “ma sangastu akarmani” ma=do not, sangas=attachment,  akarmani. So that means Lord is making the circle complete by saying “karmany evadhi karaste” you just do you part ok, you just do your part and others 3 don’t do this, don’t do this, don’t do this, do not become oh! Why should I do, I would become renounced.

No you don’t do that keep doing “karmany evadhi karaste”” so that other parts missing links are there everything one goes for just “karmany evadhi karaste” they just hear the half truth and they run. Distribute books I was told and Prabhupada said distribute books, he also wanted to say something more How to distribute? And the devotees ran out of the door, distribute books. But you read my books also read my books; I have complain the only complain about my disciple what is the complaint? They do not read my books. So distribute books yes that part we were into it, but then read my books that is also there. So we kind of hear half truth and go for it. So have patience and hear the whole thing hear the truth and then act. So Rsabhadev is talking ‘ataj-janam’. So those who don’t have knowledge of that, that is Supreme Lord meaning all this ‘matlok kama’ all this kind of jnana – knowledge, direction, instructions. “na yojayati” please don’t engage them in karmasu, karma mudhan. They are already karma mudha, they are bewildered, they are illusioned so do not engage, do not talk of the karma kand sections of karma, fruitive activities. And third part is benefit and what is the lost? If you engage them then there would be big loss, they would be lost in fact “garte” in a hole in a well.

kam yojayan manujo rtham labeha” The manujas  born from Manu manujas – the human beings and if they are engaged yojayat, they are engaged in that karma furtive activities then artham what is the benefit “artham labeha kam” what benefit is there? In fact there is no benefit its only loss, what is the loss? “nipatayan nasta – drsam hi garte” fall down go deeper “nasta-drsam” they will be destroyed, finished and “gate” as they will go deeper into material existence. So we have become human being very fortunate but if you get into dark regions. So the solution is already there. Srila Prabhupada is quoting yet another statement of the Lord from Bhagavad-Gita. “josayet” this verse of Bhagavatam says “yojayet” Bhagavad-Gita.    “josayet” – dovetail, engage-dovetail, “Josayet sarva – karmani vidvan yuktah samacaran” (BG 3.26)

“ataj-janam” those who are ignorant of this ultimate reality or absolute truth that Supreme Personality of Godhead those who do not know “ajnanam karma- sanginam” same parties, karmis mentioned here. So Krishna says in Bhagavat –gita “ajnanam” here He says “ataj-janam” “ajnanam karma – sanginam”  “na buddhi bhudam janayed”. The wise do not disrupt the minds of ignorant who are attached to the fruitive actions. Then what are they supposed to be doing? Or what do they do? They should encourage not to refrain from work but work in spirit of devotion and that is devotional service. And that is this mal-loka-kamo” going back to home. “ mad- anugra- harthah” the benediction of the Supreme Personality of Godhead not just benediction of  some Demigods that is result of karma may be elevation to the higher planetary System or not just getting into merging into Brahamanda. But go forward, more forward, upward, so to be action less is not possible.

Krishna says that not even for a movement one could be free from action. “na sanam api” So active you must remain, one may be engaged now in some fruitive activities. So let them be active but somehow engage them in activity of devotional service. So that is what Srila Prabhupada has done by giving us this International society for Krishna Consciousness which is full of devotional activities, all varieties wide spectrum. So you may not be fully and quickly understand everything but just do it. If you are into just doing it, just do the devotional service (Laughs) and that’s the mantra just do it, do not even think just do it. If that is your philosophy just do it, just take Prasad doesn’t hurt just eat, the cookies, just raise your hands, oh! What for! Just raise the hand. Say Hare Krishna. What is this Hare Krishna? Doesn’t matter say Hare Krishna (laughs) Devotee laughing?

So with this karma kanda, jnana kanda goal is “vedais ca sarvair aham eva vedyo” (B.G.15.15) I am to be known. But then this karma kanda this is very slow taking stair case, gradually who knows when, you are going to be going higher, when reaching destination. But if you perform some devotional service you go throw the lift. So knowingly unknowingly you perform devotional service, devotional activity. That person in New York in the early days he came with a toilet paper (laughs) he couldn’t think of anything else to go to swamiji, so he bought it on the way toilet paper and swami ji accepted happily. So that was his participation in International Society for Krishna Consciousness (laughs). He contributed toilet paper.

So in any way I could be hooked, just the touch with the Holy Name or sankirtan party. Do we not hear, I saw a sankirtan party down town, I did not understand but I stood there. And as they stand and hear passing by the Holy name is touching their heart and soul and something clicks and it sits there for some time. It seems nothing happened but them one fine morning there is a push go this way, so that way and then one would join that boat; we are going back to home.

People taking part in ratha yatra, there is only a core group that has come to take part in ratha yatra but so many others, they were not there for ratha yatra. They just turn around and there is Jagganath, they turn around and there is cookie in their hand. What answer? Eat it, eat Prasad, hears the Holy name on the Venis beach he did not go to Vrindavan, Mayapur, he did not come to temple here but temple goes, Lord goes to them. When you are little sick you go to the doctor but when you are too much sick then doctor goes to the patient isn’t it? When you are little sick you personally go to the doctor but it you are more sick then doctor has to come to the patient. There is so much sickness, sick people so they don’t come they can’t come to the temple which is like a hospital and Lord and there devotees are like the doctors. Sometimes these doctors go to the patients, go to the patients go door to door knocking is anyone sick here (laughs) or they just go to those coming in contact and then ratha yatra like festival, people are exposed, devotees go, out and distribute books in the middle of the crowed they stand and they are making it available, here are the tablets, here is the dose “gita” “Bhagavatam” here is prasadam – govindas, here is music.

Devotees in Paris they have a metro yoga, our devotee program in Paris they have a metro yoga. The metro the trains that goes round and round, devotees jump on that metro and began chanting. And then they stop and they talk of this is a “relief program” for stress and strain this is relief program. How did you feel? How did you feel? I felt great then they more chant more, stop and talk, they hand out some invitations. In once a year the people are invited for the music festival, attractive music festival. So they handout thousand invitations, some 100 people, 150 people come and there is a music festival “Hare Krishna music”, they will talk and Prasad. So this yoga works, metro yoga is working, they are in business it’s going on. So devotes so many outlets or inlets are there through which they could come in and they don’t have to stop doing what they are doing but add Krishna and whole devotional service and carry on move on and on. Ok I will stop here.

Hare Krishna!

Question 1 : – When we are coming to the temple we take are shop forward but there is always danger of two step backward if you are associating with karmis. So I wanted if you could give some encouragement devotee are working the outside world how to avoid the two steps backward?

Answer: – But they could also step forward and be right there, others may be little slower. So whenever they thinking of going forward they will not take one, then two steps small small steps they will jump right in also. And some those who go away, not active sometime then they come back and when do they begin, here they  had left off, in few days they are on the microphone giving Bhagavatam class (laughs) they are talking Bhagvad geeta and you know it’s all there. We should certainly not like to see setbacks, we used to be worried about this Prabhupada was still with us and those day we talk of gloop, we don’t use that word so much now may be there is less glooping (laughs) or there are less to gloop, we don’t use that word so much now may be there is less glooping (laughs) or there are less to gloop, there were so many there, so there was morning glooping, some were glooping in the afternoon (laughs) during the night (laughs) numbers were bigger  so the frequency of glooping was may be. So approach in Prabhupada and his point encouraging point was “they will come back” then he would add “in this life or the next” “they will come back”.

So that was kind of relief to hear from Srila Prabhupada that they are lost forever but they would be ours very soon one of these days one of these months or as they get older they will have second thoughts and they will reveal situation and this one going that one leaving departing this makes also one think of one’s situation. So again as it is advised here in this verse and that particular Bhagavad –gita verse quoting from 3rd chapter. Not to disturb somehow engage them encourage them in devotional activities, keep them linked, this program I think its reaching setbacks can’t come to the temple. Ok so you could use your internet open your computer and take darshan of Rukmini Dwarkadhish or see the greetings, great the Lord and meet the speakers of Bhagavatam at your home. But then one should not get attached. Oh! God is everywhere or at home also I am taking darshan and that like. But it’s some kind of means provided to you to make easier that is not the standard practice, its meant for you to step forward go forward, go to the Lord come take darshan and chant and dance in association of devotees, physical association, personal association, face to face. There is some kind of impersonal could they ask questions? We should have program to reach out those prabhus, just now again there is a talk going on reuniting Prabhupada family, reaching out Prabhupads disciples where ever they may be and encourage them; remind them, so like that.

Question 2:- Arjuna is a military man and we know military man means that he kills, Prabhupada gives example of a soldier on battle field, but when you come back and kill you go to jail. I am just kind of wondering if you could say something about in reference to how Arjuna could think like this that I am killing for Krishna, I seems to be a pretty happy kind of thing to do. And other thing is what is our duty as a devotee in Krishna consciousness, what are we our be Brahmans, vaisyas or kshtriyas or sudras in order to understand how to give everything to Krishna you need to be satisfied, properly, satisfied in your life and if you know that then it seems you could give that fruit to Krishna. But if there is some confusion what you are? You don’t know how to properly act so these are confusing kind of things for a conditional soul?

Answer: – I am not Arjuna (laugh) only Arjuna could do even Arjuna was not ready; Arjuna had thoughts like you have in the beginning. He was concerned about so many things what about this drama? What about? Arjuna has come up with a small list in the 1st chapter of Bhagavad-gita, all his concerns to which Krishna address in the 18th chapter  “sarva darman parityajya” (S.B 18.66) Arjuna asking what about this dharma?  and Krishna says don’t worry “mam ekam saranam vraja aham tvam sarva papebhyo moksayis yami ma sucah” I will take care of the rest.

So all those were very extra ordinary circumstance where these instructions are given to Arjuna and he is instructed to get up fight.  And well if they are killed grandfather has to say from his experience in the Bhagavatam that all those who were killed went back home they were all liberated. Because the killing took place in the presence of the Lord, in fact Arjuna was only seeing the back of the Lord while others were seeing the face of the Lord; they were even more fortunate position then Arjuna. So as they were face to face with the Lord. Lord killed this is the time. When Sri Rama hides behind the tree and killed Bali. So that Sugriva could join, Sugriva and  Sri Rama together. Sugriva was also in trouble his wife also was in cuscody of Bali. Lord Ram and Sugriva were in similar situation. Ones wife with Ravana and ones wife with Bali . So when Rama killed get rid of this Bali. So Bali first of all thought this is not fair you are hiding you wanted to kill me or fight, you could have come face to face, what is this act? Then Lord proposed oh! I could save you, you could take your arrow, and then Bali was thinking no! no! don’t do this don’t do this opportunity like this to be killed by you, as I see you face to face, I may not get this opportunity again. Do not take that arrow out let be in there, let me die in your presence.

So some may or may not know benefits of being killed by the Lord or being killed in the presence of the Lord. So it was very extra ordinary situation in which context Arjuna was asked to do killing. The society is like a body, when the body is sick doctors comes and he does the operation for which he is not punished, there is no penalty in fact we say thank you doctor, for tearing in body apart and stiching again we thank him.

So Lord had to do that kind of operation, “paritranaya sadhunam vinasaya ca duskrutam” (BG4.8) He has made his vision very clear by this statement “I come to kill the miscreants or anyone who takes part or becomes party to the miscreants I kill them”.  But at the same time He does something “aho bakiyam” Lord is known for that, Uddhav was amazed that magnanimity of the Lord oh! That baki putra had come with intension “jigansaya api” she had intension of killing the Lord but see Lord elevated her and gave her the position of mother in this own abode. So something’s are kind of inconceivable. But we couldn’t do it you know, the army officer order shot, kill then it is done and you get award, reward for doing that but privately if you pick your gun and begin then you will be hanged or you will be punished. This is one part and the other part is who are we? And we should be situated properly before we could do something or perform devotional service. Which Varna, which ashram do we belong to; things are not very clear in this age of Kali (laughs).

It’s not a normal time again because we said that was extra ordinary time, that battle field was very extra ordinary situation,  same time this age of kali is also pretty extra ordinary it’s not a normal time. And Prabhupada says each age like a one season, four ages – four seasons. So this season is age of Kali is pretty dark and gloomy. We can’t even see who is who, it’s dark. And this darkness is because of mode of ignorance “aham ajana jam tamaha” tama the darkness is because ajnana – ignorance, mode of ignorance. So who is who? Who are you? Who am I? It’s very difficult. “Kalau nasta drasham esham” Bhagvatam in the very beginning says, people have lost the eye sight they are not able to see. Ok then I will shade some light; I will provide the light of Bhagavatam. “adhuna purana arka uditaha” Lord says “I will as Bhagavatam”, so that people could again see things as they are.

So it’s kind of we don’t know, there is whole mix up, you know. It’s kind of more distinct in the past this person is governed by ignorance, ok put him in this box called sudra box. This person is predominant in mode of goodness, ok he is Brahman. And between these two there is Ksatriya, he still has goodness but passion also. Then you go to sudra very little goodness, lots of passion but ignorance also.

So Lord says in Bhagavad-Gita there is rivalry these 3 modes of material nature kind of battling and fighting and one who comes victorious defeating the other two. Then after sometimes other two are there every dog has its day (laughs). So other modes of material nature they come at the top and sometimes you are in goodness, lot of time you are in passion and lot of time you are in ignorance.

So it’s very difficult to say if goodness then you have to be always in goodness. But that’s not the case ignorance is dominating in this age of kali.

So Bhagvatam says “kalau sattvam haram pumsam” sattavam – goodness is stolen by this age of kali. So goodness is gone and what is left is little bit of passion and lot of ignorance. And so we come from that stock, we walk out of that dark regions and then we try to find out who am I? So we are just told “jiver swarupa hoya Krishner nitya das” you are servant of Krishna.  We kind of start there and the goal is to become vaishnav. Whether we are Brahmans or sudras this that there is not much time life is short and there is “miles to go before you sleep” “miles to go before you sleep woods are lovely, dark and sleep” you heard that before.

So so many things are attracting,  distracting. So this not the time exactly to go step by step, this varna that ashram. “Hye! You disciples are in early twenties and you have given them sannyasa order of life”. One press reported questioned how come at the age of 75 onwards, he had studied somewhere at the age of 75 you take sannyasa. He was objecting young people, young disciples you have already made them into sannayasi so they are young reporter is saying not old. So who dies? Those who are old they die. They are young, old people die so Srila was questioning oh! They are young and I am old, but if there any guaranty of them not dying before I do. You say that they are young, old people die, but they could also die, there is no guaranty this is not Ramraja. In kingdom of Ram there was no such a thing that the parents, father performing the funeral ceremony of his sons. If this happened they would run to ring the bell and the king has to answer. Hey! What is my son had to die. Could any one complaint like this these days? People teenage and in twenties and thirties they are dying.

So anyways so Prabhupada was trying to impress upon, there is no time for going systematically from this to that to that Varna, ashram. So we just make the best use of the bad bargain. Get out of here, come out clean vaishnavas. So as much as possible try to follow Varna, ashram Prabhupada did talk of forming economy based on land and the cow administration. Ya! You are all ksatriya but you are also Brahmin and you are also Vaisya so like that as vaishnavas we play different roles. And sometime we act in this capacity or that capacity. But do it again ‘the goal is to work for the pleasure of the Lord. And so this is done as aradhana unto the Lord; for the pleasure of the Lord this varnashram it’s linked with the Lord.

So that aim in mind we Ksatriya or Brahamin or Vaisya or Sudra for the pleasure of Lord we act.


His Holiness Loknath Maharaj Ki Jai…………………!



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