Srila Prabhupada is Bharat Ratna of this soil


The materialism versus spiritualism, so India has always stood for the values, the spiritual values. India produces men of character and big big heros, personalities. There was a time the students, the scholars they would come to India to study different sciences. India was known for the knowledge. Knowledge is complete knowledge; our shastras are also, all aspects. Not just how to attain moksha and go beyond this existence and attain liberation. That of course, but even how to lead a practical life, a successful life, a good life, healthy life, prosperous life. How to do that, this was also taught. This education was also there. That knowledge did exist. That treasure, house of knowledge still there. We had Nalanda, you heard that name, that university? Nalanda and Takshashila and Navadvipa. The scholars came from all over the world. One scholar from China, he had come and travelled, toured all over India. And he was so impressed with the learning, the body of knowledge, all aspects of knowledge and the scriptures which contain complete knowledge. Materialism, spiritualism, you name it and it was all in there.

So I just read this, this scholar, his name is Chinese name; during his tour, he has gathered all the manuscripts which he wanted to bring back home, Back to China. (Laughter)

His home, it sounded like back to home, back to Godhead. And then, he was taking some scholars with him who would teach, interpret those scriptures and explain the deeper meanings. So as they were back home, back to China, they had to travel on the way through a boat. What ocean that could be? Bay of Bengal, some tours, Japan side, Pacific and like that they were going. So they were traveling in a boat loaded with the manuscripts from India and the scholars also. It must be some rainy season like that. Again not just India or Hindus. Because this knowledge that we are talking is a science like a physics and chemistry and other sciences. It is said everywhere, right? H2O, 2 parts of hydrogen and 1 part of oxygen and all that. KLMnO4, catalyst and what comes out is H2O. This is the same formula that is being taught all over. Then this is called scientific. In fact, knowledge given by the Lord and our sages is scientific, is eternal, unchangeable, very valuable.

So Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada ki jai!! He was that Bharatratna. You may want to call someone Bharatratna and give a title. He was the ratna of this soil. He knew the value and then he endeavored to share this knowledge, this wealth, this treasure with the rest of the world by establishing, by founding this International Society for Krsna Consciousness. I am personally very very happy. This is how Srila Prabhupada was encouraging his countrymen to step forward and understand India’s culture, India’s scriptures, India’s wealth, real wealth and be enriched, become rich in experience and make the whole world also richer. So he did a lot. He did everything possible so that, some of the Indians will understand the value of the world around all over will understand. And he was successful. We could see right here he is taking every opportunity he took talking all the time, sharing this knowledge all the time. So it was kind of disappointing in early days that just one student from Bombay joining. Of course later on some more joined and more they are joining. But I am talking of the way it started in ’71, ’72, ’73. So not only I am happy , I am happy because I know that what used to make Prabhupada happy. I am sure Prabhupada is watching from wherever and he is happy to see so many youths of India are taking keen interest in this subject matter. So it is very encouraging. So I am happy that I have the opportunity to be with you, share something with you today.

Curbing the symbol of sin, that is the whole work for us this evening. Curbing, killing, smashing, dashing and subduing the sin or symbol of sin. It says in fact, the greatest symbol of sin is the lust.
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