Today we are getting Our Master Our Natha


Venue: Chamorshi
Dated: 15 June 2015

Lord Krsna’s one name is Jagannath, why Jagannath because He is swami of jaggat, He is our Natha- swami, also He is our master our malik. Today we are getting our master our Nath here. Are you happy you got your master?? We were anatha without natha, now we have become sanath, anath se sanath, This world is also big orphanage. But today we have got our master and we have become sanath.

Jai Jai Jagannath saciranandan …(Guru Maharaj singing ) Lord Jagannath is worshiped in the three worlds. In jagannath puri He carried sankha cakra and in Nadia He took sanyasa and He holds a danda and kamandalu.. Jai Jagannath… In treta Yuga as Lord Rama he killed Ravan “paritranaya sadhunam vinashaya cha dushkritam” (BG 4.8)

In dwapara yuga He manifested pastimes of Golok, “golokera vibhava lila prakasa karila”. Then comes Kali yuga, Lord accepted bhava of Radharani and came as Caitanya Chandra and He preached the chanting of the holy name of Lord.

Lord is all merciful.. dinabandhu, so today Lord has come here, we always hear Lord is there!! Lord is there!! But today we saw Lord and Lord saw us. And it’s our great fortune we are all present here, it’s all Lord’s arrangement. Lord Jagannath resides in Nilacala but today He has manifested here. At this time the Jagannath temple in Puri is closed after snana yatra. Lord Jagannath has fever; doctor says you need bed rest and special diet, so since that day Lord is taking rest. This year there is special festival on occasion of Navakalevaram. On snana yatra day this year was the last darshan of Jagannath after that He will be not well then He will be resting. Devotees will be hankering for darshan of the Lord.

Krishna’s pastimes are so beautiful that one who hears his heart becomes purified of all anarthas. When Lord was born everybody said “nanda ke ghar anandabhayo..” So Lord is anada He attracts us by His beauty, His love and gives us Ananda.

So when there is Netrotsava at Puri Jagannath Temple people go to take darshan of Lord and then there is ratha yatra. This year new deities will be installed in Puri and many people will go for ratha yatra to take darshan of Lord Jagannath in new form. Lord loves His devotees, He said to Arjuna in Gita “priyo ‘si me “.

Every 60 to 70 years our mother father changes, villages changes, Language changes, that all happens to the body. And we are souls, say we are souls!! Lord loves us. That’s why He comes again and again “sambhavami yuge yuge” and tell us to say Hare Krsna.

By taking darshan; by reading gita that’s satsanga so that all souls get connected to the Lord.Some people say hye!! We are poor! You are not poor, your father is rich He is Jagannath and our father says let’s go to vaikuntha. Without Rama there is no aram. So let’s go towards Lord, let’s go to temple and learn more about Lord. People say -there is poverty! We want job! We want money! But devotees say we have only Krsna Bhagvan for you. Best welfare activity is connecting everybody to Lord. Till the time we have this body we will have “janma mrutyu jara vyadhi” everybody dies, do you think rich people don’t die? Or rich people don’t get disease?? In fact they get more diseases. This life is like “kamal dala jala Jivan dalamal” In Nepal there was earthquake 10,000 people died. In Andhra Pradesh so much heat was there the farmers went to work in farm and never came back they all died due to heat –“adhidaivik klesha”.

People are killing each other, all bad news allover so we should think of moving forwards go towards Lord. Good days will come politicians say; what good days death is going to come one day. So let’s serve Lord and be happy. Prabhupada went to west and people there had lot of money but no happiness then they started chanting and became happy. Many are now becoming Hare Krsna people, what are we called? we are Hare Krishna people.
So preaching is going all over. So you also preach and achieve perfection of life.

Jagganath swami jai
Nitai guar premananda hari….haribol

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